Domain Authority: Do Backlinks Build Authority of a Website?

Do Backlinks Build Authority of a Website

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If you have been in the SEO world for some time, you would have heard much about backlinks and domain authority. But have you ever thought:

  • What is the connection between backlinks and domain authority?
  • Or is there any connection between backlinks and DA at all?

Let’s figure it out.

What is Domain Authority?

The common perception of people about the significance of the increase in DA is as follows:

Source: Aartisto

However, you’re mistaken if you think Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking metric related to Google’s ranking metrics.

Although not a search engine ranking factor, it still plays a crucial role in defining the probability of a website ranking higher on search engines.

Domain Authority is a Moz score that measures:

  • How authoritative a website is
  • The likeliness of a website to rank higher on a website

According to Moz, the DA of a site is defined as:

“Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).”

It just predicts the probability of a site’s higher ranking.

What affects Moz domain authority?

No single factor impacts a site’s DA, and various factors play a crucial role in determining the domain authority Score.

For example, let’s check the domain authority of Moz.

Moz Domain Authority checker gives an impressive DA score for the Moz website.
So, no wonder many Moz blogs perform well on the website because if you check DA online, it correlates with the high ranking of a website.
Source: NeedMomentum

However, is this Moz score conjured due to a wand swipe? Does Google show some favoritism? Or does this number appear randomly? You know the answer to all these questions is clear and loud “NO!”

Many factors come into the ring to increase a website’s DA to help the website win.

Let’s find out what is the best way to increase domain authority.

But before that, let’s find out what is DA score.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

Free DA checker Moz measures score on a scale of 1 to 100. Obviously, Moz doesn’t randomly assign DA scores to websites, and it takes on multiple signals and considers numerous factors to give a score, but just like Google, it has kept it a hush-hush matter.

On the other hand, the good thing is that we know how a website will perform with a particular score.

How does Moz DA score sound like:

What is a Good Domain Authority Score

Being in the top 80s might seem very exciting while looking at the table; it takes work to achieve this score. It is just like as you ascend the ladder with a bowl full of water, and it becomes difficult to keep climbing while saving the water from falling.

It is easier to leap to the next level with a low score than to improve your higher score.

So, work hard on your website if you are wondering seriously: How to increase my website’s domain score?

How is Domain Authority Calculated?

Now, this is like a complicated formula – hard to decode. There is no fastest way to increase domain authority because Moz considers around 40 factors to calculate DA.

IMPORTANT: That’s the point where backlinks and DA start having a faceoff.

Here are a few essential ingredients that play a crucial role in determining the score:

Important Factors That Impact Domain Authority

1.     Moz Rank

This factor considers the number of websites linking to a website and the quality of these websites.

2.     Link Profile

It includes the number of links coming and going from a site. If it gets links from a high-quality site and gives links to good sites, then it is considered a reputable site.

3.     Root Domains

Besides the quality of backlinks, Moz also considers how many websites link to a site, i.e., the website should have a diverse link profile. Many links coming from the same domain decrease the worth of the website.

4.     MozTrust

This factor focuses on the quality of the linking website. For example, if a high-quality website with a good backlink profile and high domain authority links to your site, your website also becomes trustworthy.

5.     Website Structure

How easier is it for Google crawlers to crawl a website? It is an essential factor you should consider. Your website should be structured so that Google crawlers can easily navigate the site without confusion.

6.     User Friendliness

This is a rule of thumb that your website should be made for your customers rather than for yourself, not to impress your competitors. So, websites with excellent user experience also get a high score.

Looking at these factors, you can see that out of six elements, four are related to link building, proving that backlinks play a crucial role in the link-building of a website.

Here I checked the website domain authority of Ahrefs, and it is less than Moz.

The reason is just beside the domain authority score: linking root domain.

Moz has a higher number of linking domains than Ahrefs. It also signifies the importance of backlinks for building higher DA.

If you don’t have a robust link-building strategy, it is time to start working on it.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

You can increase your website’s DA by improving the backlink profile. There are many best ways to increase DA, combining different link-building ways and improving site quality work.

Here is how to increase your domain authority:

1.     Work on the Basics of Your Site

It means checking how your website is performing for Google and visitors.

Factors that Improve the Quality of a Website

In other words, making a good website is a two-dimensional work – leaving any of it will not increase your site’s domain authority, and even if it does, it won’t be that impactful.

Therefore, to increase DA, trigger the following strings for better results:

  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Increase the speed of your site
  • Your website should be easy to crawl for crawlers
  • High-quality content that engages and hooks is a must
  • Decrease the bounce rate of the website
  • Build a mobile-friendly website
  • Never forget internal link building with relevant text to create paths

All these factors improve your site’s performance and act as green flags for Moz to assign your site a good domain score.

Once the basics of your website get back on track, it is a sign that your website is good to go.

Next, you might think I will discuss the backlink profile, as it is crucial in increasing DA.

However, before that comes another essential point that most people miss out on competitor analysis.

1.     Conduct a Proper Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a free way to find opportunities, i.e., where you can pitch for backlinking.

Here, Ahrefs play a very crucial role in finding link prospects.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the content explorer at the end of the menu bar.
  2. You will be taken to another page where you can place your website’s link.
  3. You will see which websites link to your competitor within seconds.
  4. You can pitch those sites without exploring any websites on your own.

1.     Build High-Quality Backlink Profile

Once you know what your competitors are up to, start building your quality website. Building high-quality link profiles takes work, and you need much to put into the website to cast impact.

Here are a few tips to increase high-quality backlinks:

  • Build high-quality content so that people like linking to your site.
  • Pitch others and promote your content to gather eyeballs
  • Make sure to have a diverse link domain, i.e., links from different high-quality backlinks
  • The linking websites should be coming from a quality site
Build High-Quality Backlink Profile

On top of that, link building plays a vital role in the search engine ranking of a website. So, most companies have started focusing on building high-quality links.

Even though link-building is considered necessary, it doesn’t give identical results in all industries. For example, getting links for science or technology content is difficult.

Although getting quality backlinks might be difficult for some niches, that’s where the real game begins. Put your foot on the paddle, and you will definitely find quality websites worth linking to.

1.     Do Backlink Audit

Like the term’s meaning, a backlink audit means measuring the quality of backlinks on your website. It means to find:

  • If a poor-quality website is linked to your site
  • If a malicious link is present in your link profile
  • If your link profile contains spammy links

If your website has any of these links, your backlink profile is on the verge of getting hit by Google. Before that, spring to action and remove these spammy links.

You have three options:

  • Manually remove them
  • Ask the site owner to remove them
  • Disavow them through Google

After going through these steps, check DA Moz, and you will find a massive difference in your domain authority.

Now you know how to increase the DA of your website. Once your DA increases, your brand reputation and exposure also increase.

How Domain Authority Increases Brand Value

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase my domain authority?

There are five basic ways to increase DA:

  • Improve the number of referring domains
  • Improve the number of linking and linked links to the page
  • Increase the number of website backlinks
  • Linking websites should be trustworthy
  • The website should have a good structure and be user-friendly

What do backlinks do for your website?

Backlinks are links coming from another website to your website, so they are an important trust factor. The quality and quantity of backlinks are important in ranking your website in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Moreover, they also improve the DA score of your website.

How many backlinks for domain authority?

A website’s DA increases with an increase in the domain power score and PageRank score. So, besides the overall links coming to the website, the pages of a website should also receive quality backlinks. The number of backlinks required to increase the DA depends on how many quality backlinks are pointing toward your website and inner pages. If backlinks come from high authority, stable sites, 40 to 50 backlinks can also impact a site’s DA.

How hard is it to increase domain authority?

People asking questions about how to increase domain authority – DA mostly think that getting a few backlinks and tweaks can skyrocket DA, but it is not valid. It is not a one-night show. Increasing a website’s DA with a low score is comparatively more manageable, but increasing it becomes difficult with an already high DA.

Does SEO affect domain authority?

Yes! SEO not only increases the site’s ranking, but it also increases the DA. Getting quality backlinks, optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, creating quality content, focusing on the site’s structure, and user-friendliness affect the DA positively.

What causes domain authority to decrease?

A decrease in DA can be due to a few factors, such as adding new content on your site that Google has yet to crawl, duplicated content or getting a link from poor-quality sites.


Although domain authority is not Google’s ranking factor, a high DA score does reflect the probability of a website ranking higher on search engines.

A lower score means that your website might not rank higher; a higher score shows that the website has the potential to rank higher on the website. Use the DA checker to find out the DA and use all SEO factors to increase the DA.

Surprisingly, the DA score increases with all SEO improvement criteria because higher DA correlates with a site’s better quality.

So, if you want to increase the DA of a website, work on your website’s SEO. The domain authority will automatically start increasing. Secret revealed – happy DA improvement!



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