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Content and backlinks are the two most important parameters that help you to get a high ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. Guest blogging or posting is one of the most effective ways to generate content and earn a backlink.  A study conducted by SEMRush suggests that 53% of marketing experts believe that guest blogging is the most effective way to get links.

Guest posting is a win-win situation for both sides, as the publisher gets a free-of-cost article that helps him to pull some organic traffic and in return you get relevant backlinks, increasing the authenticity of your website.

Earning backlinks organically is a hell of a job, which requires enormous and laborious efforts. So, one needs to explore all the possible avenues to earn these links like social media, outreach, involving influencers, guest posting, and many more.

In this article, we will discuss how one can find opportunities to earn backlinks through guest posting.

What is Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a sort of content marketing, in which you publish your article on other, preferably relevant websites. These articles are often published with your name or as a ghostwriter. You may get a monetary reward and a backlink or just a backlink in exchange.

So, this is a beneficial deal for both, as you get powerful links because guest posts are considered genuine and organic and the website gets content that could make its readers more interested and also enhances the user experience. This is purely a white hat strategy for the link building.

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Benefits of Guest Posting

Following are some of the benefits of guest posting.

  1. Guest posting is an organic way of earning links, which is vital for ranking.
  2. Guest posting also earns organic and convertible traffic on your website, which is also important for the ranking.
  3.  It diverts the traffic of other websites to your website.
  4. Most of the guest posts are do-follow tagged, which is vital for SERPs.
  5. It increases your brand awareness and gets some visibility.
  6. It enhances your SEO performance for better results.
  7. Gives you relevant, organic, and authoritative backlinks, enhancing your credibility and authenticity.

Drawbacks of Guest Posting

Following are some of the drawbacks of guest posting.

  1. Your guest posting does not last forever, rather it will taken down as soon as your content becomes old.
  2. It is a never-ending process, you have to keep writing again and again.
  3. It is not a straightforward process; it requires some consistent efforts to find opportunities.
  4. People often get trapped in spammy and irrelevant sites for posting, which brings more bad than good for your site.
  5. Some websites use PBNs for guest posting, which is also detrimental to your website and might hurt your ranking, as Google is strictly against such practises.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Finding blogging opportunities is not hard, but finding these opportunities in the relevant niche and high DA sites is difficult. The following are some of the ways to find link-building opportunities.

1. Google Search

The most widely used option to find opportunities is to search on Google. You can search terms like “guest post”, “guest article”, “guest post opportunities”, “sites that offer guest posting” and similar keywords.

Google Search

You will find abundant options on Google by searching these keywords. For example, the following is the result when the keyword “guest post opportunities” is searched.

There will be a penalty of options on the Google search. Now the next task is to narrow down these options. Find the relevant and authoritative website among the given options.

It is a good practice to select a good mix of websites that offer guest posting.  Look for the relevance of the keywords on the selected sites and outreach them with the topic in hand, showing your skills and portfolio.

2. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Another way to find the link opportunities is by analyzing the links of your competitors. You can use SEO tools that will provide you with a details detailed analysis of your competitors.

Look at their backlinks and the sites from where they are getting links. If a site provides a link to your competitors, then it can also provide the link to you.

So, outreach these sites for guest posting. Please make sure that your article adds value to their site and that it should be better than your competitors.

You may also find the broken links on these sites and offer them similar but updated content in replacement.

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3. SEO Tools

SEO tools can be of a great benefit to find the opportunities. Google search operators are one of the options for finding these opportunities. One can also use other SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush to find these.

Here we explain the procedure of Ahrefs.

  1. Open the content explorer of the Ahrefs.
  2. Then add the relevant keywords in that in its search option. It is recommended to use the long tail keywords for better results.
  3. After that select the title and click the search button.
  4. So you will get thousands of options and even more. So, it’s time to narrow down the list.
  5. Choose an appropriate domain rating for example 50-70 or 40-60.
  6. You can apply filters like one page per domain, and exclude homepage and subdomain.
  7. So here are your results for the potential guest posting.
  8. You can repeat the procedure with different keywords as well for more options.

4. Social Media

Social media is the most effective medium of marketing and most of the businesses, that are using guest posting ,are marketing their guest posts for promotions on social media. So, follow your competitors and content writers and look at where they are publishing.

Social Media

From their feed, you get the opportunity to find the guest posting sites. Apart from these, you can also search on different social media for guest blogging sites. Following are the results of Facebook, when I searched “guest posting services”. Similarly, one can also explore Twitter, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

5. Forums and Communities

Join online forums and communities of your niche. People mostly promote their articles in these forums and communities, which can help you find the relevant websites that offer such services.

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6. Prolific Guest Bloggers

Prolific Guest Bloggers

Most of the guest posting sites publish the details of the writer at the end of an article. So, try to follow these writers by searching them on Google and social media. So, make a list of the websites, where they are publishing their articles. Make a list of these websites and try to publish your articles there.

Outreaching for the Guest Posting.

So after finding and narrowing down the websites for the guest posting. It is now time to outreach them. You can lose an opportunity to guest posting by not properly pitching your idea and might also get blocked for further interaction. So following are some of the points that must be kept in mind for reaching.

  1. First of all read the guidelines for the guest posting. Look for what the webmaster demands from you. Does he want to just send a title, abstract, or the full text of the blog?  In short, scan every detail of guidelines and abide by them in full spirit.
  2. The next step is you write an Email. Do not start with Hello or Hello madam or sir, rather than go through the contact details and use names like, Hello David, Hello Angelina, etc. This personalization gets the attention of the reader.
  3. In the Email, give a one-liner introduction of yourself self, and do not forget to add the link to your portfolio in it.  This will show your expertise in the field.
  4. Next add the abstract of your blog in the Email and attach the full blog, if they require so. Do not type the full text in the Email, as it will become very long and the reader might not be interested because of its length.
  5. Conclude it with sentences like, “Looking forward for positive response” or simply write “waiting for your prompt reply”  and finish the email with a greeting and your name at the end.


Guest posting is undoubtedly the most effective way of getting backlinks, brand awareness, and digital visibility. It helps you to get better ranking and traffic. The best part is, it gives you’re the organic and convertible traffic.

Following are some of the opportunities that can be availed for guest posting.

  • The easiest way to find these opportunities is to search on Google. This will give you a detailed list of different sites and you can find your relevant sites from them.
  • One can also use SEO tools to find link-building opportunities by searching targeted keywords and applying some filters.
  • You can also get help from the backlink profiles of your competitors and find the relevant site that could provide you an opportunity for link building.
  • One can also use social media to find guest posting opportunities by looking at the feeds of famous content writers.
  • You can also join communities and different online forums, where people promote their articles, which helps you to find opportunities.

After finding these opportunities it is time to outreach them through their Emails. Write a precise, to-the-point, and relevant Email with minimum but informational sentences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is guest posting?

Ans: Guest posting is publishing your articles on other websites, with the backlink to your website,

Q2: What are the benefits of guest posting?

Ans: Guest posts give you organic backlinks, which are very hard to earn. It increases your ranking and gives you a good flux of traffic as well.

Q3: How we can find guest posting opportunities?

Ans: These opportunities can be found by;
1. Using the Google search option.
2. Using the different SEO tools.
3. Analyzing the backlink profile of your competitors.
4. Searching on social media for the targeted keywords.
5. Joining the relevant forums and communities.
6. Following famous content writers and bloggers.

Q4: How to pitch your idea for guest posting.

Ans: Write a precise, to-the-point Email with the abstract of your blog to the relevant person.

Q5: Can Dlinx help in finding guest posting opportunities?

Ans: Yes, Dlinx is an SEO agency that can help you not only find guest posting opportunities but also create content for guest posting and link building,



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