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Backlinks are far from obsolete and guest posting remains one of the best ways to earn them till now. In this competitive digital landscape, it is vital to identify the essentials. 

There are many instances where small businesses employ SEO practices only to stay stuck in the gridlock. The reason behind this is that they have little knowledge of techniques that can manipulate Google search algorithms into deeming their website as trustworthy and of high quality.

This is where link building and backlinks come in. 

Making a strong backlink profile can promise you faster propulsion toward top ranks in the SERPs. Many business owners and marketers are pursuing guest posting for the sake of earning backlinks for SEO purposes.

So, what are backlinks? And how do they relate to guest posts?

This article will provide you with a thorough understanding of everything you need to know about guest blogs, backlinks, and backlinks from guest blogging. Follow closely for a better understanding!

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Backlinks And Their Significance

Backlinks And Their Significance

Backlinks as the name represents, are the links that direct back towards your own domain. They are present on another website as a way to access your domain with a single click.

Backlinks are basically provided by other websites to share the link equity, link juice, and referral traffic. These work like votes from authoritative websites to Google relating to your trustworthiness and credibility. 

All links are not generated equally, and thus they differ in their quality and authority. The more high-quality backlinks your domain has, the more it builds certitude with the Google algorithms to be ranked higher in the Search Engine Result Page.  

Here are a few links that preside over the top.

Editorial Backlinks: One of the finest quality links is Editorial backlinks. They rule over the link hierarchy and make up a strong link portfolio. These are the links that emerge naturally by producing high quality content that gets recognized by authoritative websites. Many companies buy editorial links just for the sake of their power and authority. 

Backlinks From Guest Posting: Guest posts are one of the mainly used assets for producing high quality backlinks. They are easier to produce as compared to editorial backlinks and are thus of utmost importance for SEO practices. 

Acknowledgement Backlinks: Sites usually show acknowledgements when a firm makes a contribution or sponsors an industry event, and so on. These acknowledgement backlinks might lead you to find the source of your competitor’s backlinks. You can use this information to devise a strategy to get your website recognized as well.

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What Is Guest Blogging? Why People Get Backlinks from Guest Blogging

What Is Guest Blogging

Guest Posting is the approach to creating content pieces to get them published on other highly reputable domains. This method not only creates a valuable relationship with the publisher’s websites, but also you can get several other advantages.

By displaying your skills in providing great content and associating with trustworthy websites, you may develop credibility with influencers, audiences, and Google consoles. 

Whatever type of business you operate, you can use guest posting in your content strategy to increase brand exposure and consumer base. Guest writing is an effective marketing tactic for reaching out to new readers via other existing venues.

Guest blogging can lead to increased social followers, greater rankings, new collaboration opportunities, and much more.

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What are Guest Blog Backlinks?

What are Guest Blog Backlinks

Before diving into the benefits of backlinks and how to obtain them through guest posting, it’s important to understand what guest post backlinks are and why they are important.

Guest posting can very much be like getting two giggles from one tickle. They are not only ideal for content marketing but can also provide you the opportunity to build a strong portfolio of working backlinks. 

Guest blog Backlinks in SEO are the way to get referral traffic and link juice from other high-authority websites. Such websites provide backlinks to add value to their user experience by providing relatable content. That’s why getting quality backlinks from guest blogging is important.

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How Does Guest Blogging For Backlinks Work?

How Does Guest Blogging For Backlinks Work

Producing backlinks from guest posts is quite easy.

All you have to do is to reach out to the reputable website’s owner or admin and pitch them your ideas. Once you both reach a deal, You generate well-written unique content and include a backlink to your website within the piece.

The content piece is subsequently published on that authoritative website. In this way the guest post backlink will lead organic traffic to your website from such a renowned source, increasing its visibility to a larger audience.

When your website obtains a backlink from a reputable domain, the trusted domain distributes a little percentage of its authority. This is known as “Domain Authority.” The more power a site possesses, the more superiority it may pass on to your site through a hyperlink. 

There are a million guest blog backlinks examples sprinkled throughout the internet for your reference. Go through them, and create your own strategy to produce content with natural link placements. 

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Google Algorithm & Guest Blog Backlinks

High quality backlinks are well-loved by Google algorithms while spammy backlinks are highly detested. In previous years, a high generation of low-quality backlinks took the market of guest posting by surprise and Google criticized everyone generating guest post backlinks to be indulged in in black hat SEO practices. This led to the penalization of websites creating guest post backlinks. 

Now the question arises if guest blog backlinks still work.

Absolutely! Google’s attempts to stop the guest post backlink creation weren’t to sever this practice overall but to prioritize high-quality guest post backlinks to clean up its SERPs. 

According to a recent Google guideline: As long as the content is relatable, unique, informative, and highly regarded by the audience, the backlinks from such blogs are considered of high quality and trustworthy. 

SEO Strategies To Get Guest Post Backlinks

SEO Strategies To Get Guest Post Backlinks

Backlink building can be quite challenging, especially if you are a novice in the industry. If you want to diversify your backlink profile effectively, Dlinx Outreach is excited to provide assistance, here you can get effective white hat backlinks from guest blogging.

We have developed thousands of guest post backlinks in the last several years as a link-building powerhouse. All you need to do is make a contact and we will be at your service. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can employ for getting the most credible backlinks list that has the potential to convert.

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1. Create informative linkable content for your website

Create informative linkable content for your website

The journey to backlink building is a tough one that demands extensive research before beginning. The first step lies in ideating the piece of content that will serve as the vessel to hold your backlink.

It is essential to note that the content must be unique, informative, and relatable to the audience. If your content resonates perfectly with your audience, there are high chances of it being shared among various platforms. Sharing equals more organic and referral traffic, thus enhancing your blog’s online visibility.

Therefore, the first thing to ensure is that your content quality is up to the mark.

You can start by searching the relevant topics on the Google search engine that are top-ranked and use the references to create a fresh piece.

You can also utilize some of the SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs for extensive keyword research, organic traffic, and data-backed content suggestions on relevant blogs. Once you have all that knowledge, it would be easier to come up with a content topic that is increasingly provoking discussion.

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2. Search For Guest Posting Opportunities 

Search For Guest Posting Opportunities 

After devising the plan for linkable assets comes the tricky work of discovering guest posting opportunities. Search engines worldwide hold several million blogs and blogging websites. Finding the right one relevant to your niche can be quite complex but accessible. 

Google is your main force to search for such opportunities and get their privilege. 

Start by searching the highly reputable websites relevant to your niche and find out whether they are accepting guest blogs.

Take Advantage of paid guest posting

Several websites are now accepting guest posts by getting paid per blog they publish. If you find any authoritative website offering such opportunities, don’t let them slip your hand. 

Remember that finding possibilities for guest blogging revolves around statistics. You have to be deft and quick to respond. Many sites receive a flood of requests for guest posts, so they can’t respond to each one individually.

You must ensure that your pitch is attractive enough to grab the attention of the web admin. The best method is to list down at least 10 websites and send them individual proposals. 

Tailor each proposal based on the guidelines provided by respective websites to enhance your chances of striking the deal.

Write For Us

It greatly helps that most blogs offering guest posts advertise the opportunity. Spotting such advertisements is very easy. All you have to do is give Google your query of ‘write for us’ with ‘your niche’ and you’ll get a long list.

It is crucial to remember that such websites are already receiving thousands of emails per day. You must think about what will put you in the spotlight among all those competitors. 

A good pitch with high quality content samples is your way to go. 

 So, find the opportunities, be polite about proposing the deal, and pay attention to their requirements and you are all set!

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3. Pre-Qualify the Metrics Of Guest Blogging Sites

Pre-Qualify the Metrics Of Guest Blogging Sites

To qualify the guest blogging sites relevant to your niche, you must pay attention to their metrics before making the deals. It is of no use if you have no idea whether a site will be worth spending your time or not. The SEO analyzing tools, SEMrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, etc will be your magic wand in this task.

All you have to do is run these tools over the websites you have researched and they will provide you with all the metrics worth mentioning. The most valuable parameters are as follows:

Relevance of Content

Relevance plays a vital role in increasing your rank in the SERPs. Therefore, ensure that the content of the blog or website is in line with your niche and SEO keywords.

Quality Of Content

The quality of content on the blogging website will provide you with a basic understanding and outline of how to write the content yourself. You must analyze the accuracy, depth, originality, and authenticity of the blogs already published along with their language, tone of speech, and overall composition.

Domain Authority

Find out the Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), and overall domain levels of all websites including their corresponding backlink profiles.

Viewer Engagement

Analyze traffic to determine the number of readers for each post and their engagement rates. The more audience volume, the better it will be for you. 

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4. Classify The Guest Blogging Sites

Classify The Guest Blogging Sites

With diverse blogging and business websites throughout the internet, it is very difficult to tell apart their statistics and SEO metrics. It is always best to make a list of all websites corresponding to their metrics and then classify them according to their tier. 

This practice will make it easy for you to strategize your guest posting efforts. After finding all the parameters mentioned above, the next step entails classifying all the websites within their respective groups.

High-Authority Sites

The websites that have DA scores of more than 60 are considered industry-leading and highly authoritative in the eyes of Google search engines. These sites have a high number of audience engagement and therefore, they might be the best websites to link to. 

However, higher authority comes with high quality content and strict publishing guidelines. You might also have to deal with higher guest bloggers competition.

Mid-Authority Sites

The websites with a Domain Authority between 50-60 are called mid-tier sites. They have a high possibility of ranking among the high-authority websites in the future and thus make a valuable opportunity for guest bloggers. 

Unlike the superior content and publishing requirements of high-authority websites, the mid-tier conditions are somewhat more assuring and decent. 

Low-Authority Sites

Low-authority sites are also decently authoritative with DA ranging between 40-50. These are standard sites that are average in all the SEO metrics. If you want to develop high-quality backlinks, these domains might not be of help. 

5. Prioritize Content Quality Over Links

Prioritize Content Quality Over Links

The quality of content affects the SERP rankings of your blog a whole lot. With advanced search engine algorithms, there are tight guidelines on the production of content that is unique, relatable, informative, engaging, and original. 

To think about it, the quality of content refers directly to the quality of the guest post backlinks that you are building. The better the content, the higher quality backlinks you will get, and vice versa.

It is a common misunderstanding that only the links are vital. While link development is the ultimate aim, the content itself should be everything but backlink-focused. To develop high-quality content that will acquire authority guest post backlinks, set aside your link-building objectives and instead focus on polishing your content value. This way you can easily get backlinks from guest posting.

6. Naturally Place Backlinks in Context

Naturally Place Backlinks in Context

Owing to the previous controversies about black hat SEO techniques and excessive use of links, the Google search engine despises the manipulating practices today. Even if your content is of high quality, it wouldn’t matter if backlinks are not natural.

In certain cases, the promotional backlinks also lead to Google penalization. To spare yourself and your website the trouble, you must ensure the natural placement of the backlinks that don’t seem promotional or out of place for Google to deem as spam.

It is also crucial to remember that only one and a maximum of two backlinks per post are considered acceptable by Google. 

Are Guest Post Backlinks Bad For SEO?

Can Guest Post Backlinks Bad For SEO

Guest articles are essential for SEO. According to Google search engine research, Google does not discourage Guest blogging if it informs, educates, or raises awareness of your brand or business. 

However, certain types of guest posting and tactics might have a detrimental impact on SEO rankings. Here are two manipulative link-building processes that you must avoid at all costs:

Failure to “Nofollow”

When you backlink to your site through a guest post, Google has established the terms to set that link to no-follow, which means you direct Google to disregard the link for SEO purposes.  

If you do not NoFollow your guest post links, Google will identify this and may levy a penalty on your website.

You can make a link ‘NoFollow’ by adding the rel= “nofollow” attribute to the link’s code. However, failing to do so might have a detrimental influence on your website and brand’s ranking in search engines.

Excessive Guest Posting

Before digging deep into this front, it is a good idea to read over the entire criteria on how to perform guest posting. Some firms engage in excessive guest blogging, which backfires on their website ranking. When a brand obtains connections from as many sites as possible, it frequently results in low-quality material that search engines dislike. 

The most prevalent indicator of excessive guest blogging on a website is copy-pasted guest articles on several sites. Plagiarism has much more impact on your website’s prosperity than you might think. In addition to, low-quality content that is not engaging and is simply there for the sake of filling out the pages will raise red flags for your company. 

Bottom Line

Guest posting is still high and rolling, and the backlinks generated from them are of high quality having the capability to increase your Search engine ranks. Guest blog backlinks not only enhance your portfolio but also lead ways to build relationships with other influencers, bloggers, brands, and businesses. 

If you are committed to prospering in your efforts in the long run, Now is the perfect time to get started, Contact us today for the working and effective white hat backlinks from guest blogging.

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