What Is Manual Link Building?

What Is Manual Link Building

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There are numerous approaches to link building; some of them will be successful, while others won’t. This is because Google and other search engines regularly alter their algorithms, which they then use to decide which websites should appear higher in search results for a given keyword.

You have control over the process and who manually receives credit when link building. (or the blame). Even though it may seem like a lot of work, if you want your website to rank highly in SERPs (search engine result pages), you’ll need to put in the necessary time and effort. There is no getting around that.

In this blog, we’ll look at the advantages of manual link building and how it can assist your company.

What Is Link Building?

What Is Link Building

Link building most commonly refers to offsite link building, whereas on-page link building is known as internal linking or linking a link within a page. Off-page link building is a manual approach used to advertise a site in various ways in order to obtain relevant backlinks from various sites according to SEO terminology.

There are various approaches available in this field, ranging from acquiring links through article submission sites to other forms of spamming. All of these spammy techniques and purchased links were once effective for ranking, but they no longer work.

Might be it sound quite simple and easy, but things have developed dramatically in the last several years due to regular Google algorithm modifications. Essentially, the most recent algorithm changes do not recognize any random form of link building. 

Google’s Penguin update has practically made it such that everything else is useless except natural links. It implies that no matter how many backlinks you obtain from thousands of different sources, they will have no effect on your ranking. 

On the contrary, there is still a chance that the site will be penalized. In conclusion, the only approaches to obtain natural links suitable for link building are to create high-quality content and to be strategic.

Automatic vs. manual link building: What’s the difference?

You may be familiar with manual and automated link building, but do you know how they differ? Let’s investigate!

Automated Link Building

Automated link building is a strategy that employs computer programmers to develop links to your website for you. This implies that the program itself will decide where these connections go and how they appear, leaving you with no control over either.

The benefits include saving time on manual content creation. Still, the drawbacks include the possibility of spam (which could result in fines) and losing control over which websites your website appears on. (since many bots are being used).

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Disadvantages of Automated Link building

The battle certainly appears to be moving towards automation, but the following drawbacks to automated SEO should be noted:

Possibility of Google penalties

Link building may be the key SEO component that individuals outsource.

It won’t be to your advantage to blindly obtain links from any kind of website, regardless of how harmful and authoritative it may be.

Yes, they show support, but search engines will notice if the links are:

  • Spammy
  • Non-contextual
  • Dense from a select few sites
  • Lack of analysis

Having access to so much data and powerful tools is fantastic, but it may also make you prone to analysis paralysis.

Tracking data and where it originates from is helpful, but overanalyzing the situation can prevent you from moving forward.

Ensure you keep to your initial strategy, and then let the tools take care of the rest.

Not fully understanding of tools.

Even while many SEO automation tools include written and video instructions, your neighbor’s hairdresser’s dog cannot use them.

Expect some initial time investment because you’ll still need to discover how they operate and what they can achieve for you.

Zero Core Competence

Working on a skill you’re good at is something I strongly advocate. (as well as passionate about).

Therefore, even if my experience has shown me that the majority of individuals can use SEO automation, that isn’t true for everyone, and you can face difficulty adjusting to a new method of working.

Require outsourcing

Considering the aforementioned point, you might eventually need to outsource your SEO, perhaps wasting the time (and money) you tried to get the automated tools to perform as you had hoped.

Although not a guarantee, you should be aware of this.

Manual Link Building

Manual link building, on the other hand, calls for effort from you. You have complete discretion over who you hire to construct links for you and the methods used to build those links. This enables individuals to choose websites that are pertinent to the theme of their website as well as certain keywords to make it appear natural to search engines. The process has drawbacks, such as the laborious nature of it, but there are also perks, such as increased control over your online business.

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The Benefits of Manual Link Building Over Automated

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the two link-building strategies, you might be unclear of which strategy is ideal for your company. However, if you consider it, the answer is rather simple.

Despite the fact that some firms might try automated link-building to speed up the link-building process, the risk involved is simply too great and should be avoided, especially by small enterprises.

Many people use automated link building when they wish to develop links to their site quickly. Numerous tools and methods are available, but none will be effective if you lack patience. The nicest part about manually building links is that you have complete control over the process and can monitor every area of your site’s performance.

Automated link building has the risk that, occasionally, these programmers may link to spammy websites or other types of websites that may eventually harm your business. Beginners who are unfamiliar with this technique shouldn’t ever employ this kind of tactic.

Try out these manual link building strategies to see if they work for you if you’re seeking a secure strategy to improve your results.

Manual Link Building Techniques in 2023

Manual Link Building Techniques

It could be challenging to start when using a manual link-building method for the first time. Fortunately, Dlinxoutreach has compiled a list of the top manual link-building strategies to help you get off to a good start.

Build Relationships

Developing connections with other news outlets (channels) is an organic technique to gain a lot of backlinks from reputable, highly targeted sources. Maintaining the relationship is crucial by providing value (such as through social media shares and comments) and remaining prominent. (e.g., linking back to their content when relevant).

They might be prepared to point their viewers towards your website if you have something to give them. In light of this, continue to be kind and lend a hand to people who might be able to assist you in return.

Writing Testimonials

Anyone who runs a business is aware of the value of stellar internet reviews. evaluations are sometimes the first thing a prospective customer reads about your company, which is why business owners will go to great lengths to obtain as many 5-star evaluations as possible.

By providing endorsements of the services and goods you have used in exchange for a hyperlink to your website, you can profit from this. The site owner will probably not mind if you put a backlink to your website in your testimonial unless you leave it on a popular website like Amazon. This is a brilliant and cost-free technique to get other business websites to link back to your website.

Guest Posting

The greatest approach to obtaining backlinks is by guest posting. However, there are restrictions, so you should exercise caution when deciding how much time to devote to guest writing. If you’re not careful, it might do more harm than good to your website.

Because links from reputable websites help establish trust with search engines like Google and Bing, guest posting is effective. By having content published on other websites, which will then drive traffic to your site or blog post when they link to it in their articles or blogs (this practice is called “guest blogging” for a reason), it also helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Network with Influencers

Finding influencers for your brand is simpler than ever in the era of social media.

Simply take a look at Instagram or Twitter to observe how many users have grown their followings significantly by advertising other businesses. On occasion, you can locate social media influencers who will advertise your company and provide a link to your website in return for merchandise or another benefit you may be able to provide. The majority of influencers, however, will charge you if you want them to link back to your website in one of their social media posts or videos.


Some people find that having total control over your SEO tactics is a crucial deciding element in how you manage your website and business.

You may prevent software and automation process failures by favoring manual SEO activities including data analysis, outreach, and manually inspecting on-page content for keyword optimisation.

Viruses, running out-of-date software, improper setup, and user mistakes are just a few causes of these errors.

Verification of process

It’s immensely comforting to manually verify that your SEO approach is working as intended, especially if you’re new to SEO or are just beginning your SEO journey.

A manual audit or review serves as an additional safety net as your site or organization expands to ensure that your SEO effort is done appropriately.

Unlimited data

Going manual has a lot fewer limitations, especially in terms of data storage. 

Making and maintaining a spreadsheet-like tool to examine the traffic to your site and other statistics is much less constrained. There are no outside forces preventing you from running as many reports or having as many rows in each report as you would want.


Without a doubt, manual link building is the best strategy for increasing your company’s online visibility. Check out Dlinxoutreach link building services if you are prepared to begin manual link building but are being held back by time constraints. You can also check our portfolio here. These services can relieve some of your stress as you watch your website traffic increase.

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