How to Get Natural Backlinks for a Website? 8 Useful Ways

How to Get Natural Backlinks for a Website

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How to get natural backlinks? This question always bounces on every person who enters the world of SEO.

Backlinks have always been a huge part of increasing the visibility of a website because backlinks are considered signs of a site’s worth.

Link Building

Why are Backlinks Important?

Rising, thriving, and surviving in the online world is not an easy feat. Just making a beautiful website doesn’t help you anyway.

You need to take a leap and play multiple tricks to bring your website to the first page of Google.

Why? Because if you are not on the first page of Google, nobody will bother you.

Credit: Ahrefs

According to the research, most web searchers stick to the first page and don’t like digging down Google.

And backlinks play a crucial role in pulling a website to the top. So, it is important to know how to get natural backlinks.

However, not all backlinks are the same.

A backlink consists of four important parts:

  • A website that is linked.
  • A website that sends the link.
  • A link that takes link juice from the linking site to the linked site.
  • How the link is taken

So, most SEOs target backlinking as one of their goals.

Credit: DataBox

That’s where natural backlinks jump in. You can also build white hat backlinks that are acceptable according to Google’s guidelines.

But isn’t it better to get a backlink without asking for it? Let’s find out how to get a natural backlink.

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What are Natural Backlinks?

If you have a website and you want to turn it into a goldmine of qualified leads, the first step is to rank your website.

Now, you might be wondering how to rank your website. First, you can’t bribe Google. So, if you have any fishy idea in mind, drop it.

The second and last option is to follow the rules, get backlinks, and rank better (but don’t forget that backlinking is just one method — there are many more steps!).

So, what is a natural or editorial backlink, and how is it different from white hat backlinks?

A natural backlink is one that:

  • You get it from a website without asking for it
  • Is organically placed within the content
  • Comes from different domain sites rather than one
  • Is surrounded by relevant content
  • Adds value to the overall content structure
  • Have a relevant anchor text
What is a Natural Backlink

The main point in natural backlinking is: the linking site itself links to the site without that site owner asking for the link.

Now, why will a site link to your site? Obviously, nobody is sitting online to do some charity work.

Your site should have something worth linking to.

Here are a few things that make your site a cherished asset to fetch a natural link:

  • Something that adds value to the content
  • Anything useful not available on other sites
  • A novel thing that is unique and interesting
  • Something informative that informs and educates

So, natural or editorial backlinks win this game when it is about backlinking.

How to Get Natural Backlinks?

Different Types of Link Building
Different Types of Link Building

Here are a few tried and tested ways to get editorial backlinks:

1.    Write Quality Content

If you have heard ‘Content is King,’ you have heard it right. Quality content writing gives multiple benefits to your website and link-building strategy.

Now it is not about writing spammy content but about writing quality content that wins people’s and Google’s hearts.

Here are some important questions that help in finding the attributes of quality content according to Google guide:

Credit: Google
  1. Content should be original, informative, and analysis-based.
  2. Cover all aspects of the topic.
  3. Provider unique, not obvious, content.
  4. It shouldn’t be overly exaggerated.
  5. People should love to refer to it.
  6. It should sound like authoritative and expert content.
  7. Written for people, not search engines.

People will love to link to your site if your content follows these guidelines.

You wouldn’t have to beg for the link; it will come running your way.

2. Do Some Research or Breakthrough Work to Generate Automatic Backlinks

Nobody would like to create a website with the same run-of-the-mill content. So, create a particular content tone and style that gives your site a unique touch.

Besides distinctive content, give people reasons to link to your side. In this respect, research and unique work play the role of link magnets.

For example, people would definitely love to know what Google’s recipe is to rank a site. Brian Dean found this need and hit the hammer right on the nail.

He created a blog: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List. It was an instant hit.

Credit: Backlinko

It has more than 10K backlinks, and these links keep on coming.

I find it the best formula: analyze your industry, find content gaps, find people’s needs, and create something that catches your eye instantly.

3. Build Relationships within Your Industry

The relationship-building formula never goes wrong, no matter in which industry you work.

Thanks to the internet, now relationship building has become a lot easier.

Here are a few tips for building relationships:

  • Start following the prominent people in your industry
  • Like and comment on their posts
  • You can also DM a nice message to get more attention
  • Email some content and share your reviews about their content
  • Ask them their reviews about a matter and start a valuable conversation

When you think you have built a strong relationship, you can ask to link to your content.

Or if they read your blog, they can automatically link to your well-researched content.

Here is an email template to ask for a link:

Hey [Name],

Hope you are doing well. I read your article on [Insert Name], and it was an amazing read.

The best three points of your blog were:




They really blew me up.

I also wrote an article on [Name of blog].

Looking forward to your honest review. Thanks!



You can mold this template according to your requirements, but this template does four things:

  • Tell them that you read their articles.
  • Show that you were really into the article.
  • You subtly put forward your blog.
  • Leave the email at an open end for review.

It can open up a jackpot to get quality links.

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4. Make a Tool or Useful Software

The other way is to build a tool, plugin, or software that solves an important need of the people.

You would have seen many big sites give different services, but they also offer freebies.

Classy Schema offers a Structured Data Viewer to check if your structured data/schema markup is structured properly.

These free tools and software bring traffic to their site and start increasing their popularity and backlinks.

So, come up with an idea that is unique and fulfills the needs of people. You will get the following:

  • Traffic
  • Links
  • Traction
  • Brand attributes

A jackpot!

5. Give Interviews

This point works when you have attained a high position in your field. Different websites ask you to give an interview, and you get back a link.

It is as simple as that.

For example, here is an interview with Brian Dean:

A lot of useful thoughts, mindful tips, and a lot more.

Guess what? The post is linked to Brian Dean’s blog. And this will not end here.

Your one valuable interview can become a slot to get multiple backlinks because different sites publish your quotes to give value to their readers.

In return, you get a backlink. Simple and easy!

You can get so many links by doing what you love: talking about your favorite topic. Amazing, no?

6. Link Out to Others

This is a simple rule: Give a favor, get a favor.

If you have used…

  • Infographic
  • Quotes
  • Research findings
  • Graphs
  • Images
  • Screenshots
  • Content extract

…from any other website, link out to them generously.

It creates a goodwill gesture, and the other website owner also tries to give back this favour in the form of a backlink.

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7. Guest Posting on Other Sites

Do you have the ability to write? Great!

Use it as much as you can. Don’t constrain it to just your blogs. Start writing for other blogs.

If your content has the kick, there is no way that the other blogger will not appreciate you becoming their guest blogger.

Here is an example. Biggies of the industry have also taken the help of guest posting to ride the ladder to the top.

For example, Neil Patel used to do guest blogging on ProBlogger.

Getting mentioned on a site high DA site and fetching a link gives you the limelight that puts you on the pedestal of fame.

Nothing else is needed, meh!

8.    Become a Guest on a Podcast

The good thing for SEO experts is that technology is going in their favor.

The emergence and popularity of guest posts have also played a great role in the natural backlinking process.

Become a guest speaker at a guest post, tell people your views, and… get a free link.

Here is a great example. Brian Dean appeared as a guest post on a podcast.

…and, in return, got a natural link.

It is a double jackpot. You:

  • Establish your authority as a speaker
  • Get traction and many eyeballs
  • Propagate your stance
  • And get a free backlink

So, it is my favourite way to get natural backlinks. Try it — you will not regret it!

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Conclusion – how to get natural backlinks?

Let’s admit that SEO is not an easy feat. But it is also not impossible.

The key is to understand to make a robust SEO strategy that clearly defines the following:

  • Possible SEO tactics
  • How to execute them properly

Once you know this, then backlinking also becomes easier.

Some methods are less time-consuming, while others need effort. But whatever the case, execute the process following the right path.

One natural backlink is better than 1000 spammy backlinks that can land you in trouble.

Follow the methods above, and let the links flow naturally to your content — all good!

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