How To Create Backlinks in SEO – Effective Strategies That Really Work in 2024

How To Create Backlinks in SEO

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While dealing with the competitive SEO industry, strong Backlink profiles can set you apart from other competitors. Good quality backlinks are powerful to help you jump-start your business with little to no investments. 

The basic work is simple on the outside but much more challenging when you really get into it.

Backlinks in SEO can bring countless benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss. Google algorithms are continuously evolving and their terms & conditions to deem a link trustworthy and high-quality depends on various factors you must familiarize yourself with to prosper in the marathon ahead. 

This article will guide you down the terms to understand and the paths to follow for ultimate positive results.

But, first, let’s get you introduced to the basics. Shall we? 

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What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important

Backlinks are the links on other websites that redirect search engines back to your website or page. Backlinks are also termed as ‘inbound links’ since they drive the viewers toward your domain.

Backlinks can be earned, acquired, or generated by several strategies, but the main purpose behind them stays the same. Effective backlinks can boost your website authority, traffic, and online visibility and also build trust with the Google search engine.

Google guidelines have tightened their policies to narrow down the ways of getting backlinks that are of high quality and not obtained by hideous means. If you engage in black hat link-building techniques, they might do your site more harm than good. 

For instance, if you are getting a large number of backlinks from a single domain, the search engine will deem them Spam. The best method is to find a massive number of other domains that you can link to. 

You must ensure that the backlinks you are generating follow the guidelines of Google and are placed in high-quality content trusted by Google. Only then can you expect to see a rise in your site’s ranking and authority.

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Metrics Of High-Quality Backlinks

Metrics Of High-Quality Backlinks

Generating high-quality backlinks is one of the most challenging tasks in SEO practices. It takes countless efforts and time to get your hands on considerably high-gravity backlinks. 

Proper knowledge of how to create backlinks and how to manage your link-building portfolio is vital. This is where metrics of high-quality backlinks will help you out. A backlink has some attributes to them that speak of their quality and trustworthiness. 

According to the expert advice of Dlinx Outreach SEO professionals, high-quality backlinks have the a few qualities in abundance as follows:


The relevance of your niche to the content of the referring page must be high to create a quality backlink. You should reach out to websites that tackle a similar topic or niche that you are backlinking to. 

If the relevance aligns with the search engines, only then will it deem your link worth ranking higher in SERPs.

Let’s understand it better with an example: If your website of skin care products gets a backlink from a content piece about Best car accessories, will it be relevant? There you have the answer! Therefore, it is essential to create relevant backlinks to increase your search page visibility. 


The more unique your content, the better your edge over other competitors in your business industry. When a highly reputable website backlinks to you rather than other domains with similar niches, that speaks volumes about your uniqueness. 

If you are linked to a domain that provides backlinks to other relevant domains as well, there are high chances for variables. The link will be highly relevant and authoritative, but lacking uniqueness will bring your website rankings face to face with other contenders. 


A massive backlink profile of high authority is the dream of all domains. They not only promise you a large referral and organic traffic but also help you rank high in the SERPs. 

Tip: The industry-leading websites, news, gov, and education sites tend to hold high gravity over search engines. So, winning link-building opportunities with such websites will promise you highly authoritative backlinks. 


Advanced algorithms of search engines are able to tell spammy, branded, and high-quality backlinks apart. An important strategy for link building is creating as many natural links as possible. Natural backlinks hold the most gravity out of other strategic backlinks. 

The naturalness of backlinks refers to relevance, non-promotional content, and the like. To put it simply, you will create content and place your link to blend naturally inside the context. 

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How To Find Backlink Building Opportunities?

How To Find Backlink Building Opportunities

It might seem a lot easier to spell link-building out, but the reality is much different. There are times when beginners in this industry don’t even know how to begin generating an extensive backlinks list.

In the cut-throat online industry, it is very challenging to make your mark. No opportunity will strike your door by itself, instead, you have to find them yourself. But fret not, we have got it covered.

Just follow the procedure below and you will end up with a decent backlink portfolio in no time.

Analyze best ranking contents in SERPs

First, you need to get an understanding of what people are into and what type of content is ranking highest in the search engines. To do that, you simply need to type the keyword of your concern in the Google search bar. 

Now go through each of the top-ranked pages one by one to analyze their content and the links that they are referring to. The whole process will give you a brief idea of how the industry works, who are your competitors, and how to build links to your website effectively.

You can also get help from various tools & resources like Semrush, Respona, Hunter, Ahrefs, etc to analyze the backlinks and maximize your efforts accordingly.

Create SERP-based outlines

Read through the Google guidelines and find out the SERP-based outline. On the first page of Google results, you can select the most relevant blog post to your niche and get an idea of how to create content that will attract an audience. 

Create the Search Engine Result Page-based outlines and modify them according to your niche and content.

It is a vital step since people are already interested in the content you are looking at and all you have to do is to make it more unique and relatable to attract the relevant traffic towards your content. 

Write Quality Content

The better your content, the more people are likely to visit your page again and again, and thus higher the chances for your website to rank in top SERPs. Although backlinks are important, they are worthless if your content quality is not up to the mark.

Good quality content is one that is unique, original, relatable, and informative to the audience. It may attract the attention of high-authority websites to provide you with editorial links. 

Editorial links are of the finest quality. Search engines can detect high-quality content and deem your domain trustworthy to rank high in the results. 

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How To Create Backlinks In SEO?

How To Create Backlinks In SEO

Whatever SEO website you refer to, you are predestined to find lengthy blog posts about backlinks, how to create them, what are their importance, and the list goes on.

It is possible to spend tremendous effort only to stay stuck. If it represents you, You need to develop your understanding of how to create backlinks step-by-step that work in 2024. 

Well, to tell you the truth, there are no shortcuts to link building. However, the route you take to create backlinks can affect your time and respective results. Here are a few backlink-building methods that you can apply to get more high-quality backlinks in a shorter duration. Let’s go through these, one by one.

Generate Guest Blogs

Generate Guest Blogs

One of the most effective ways is to indulge in guest blogging. This is the method where you create content pieces for other websites with your link placements. 

To get started, you must outreach to the authoritative websites on the Google search engine and pitch them your ideas. But how will you ensure that the web admin will read your pitched message or email?

A trick to get noticed faster is to select a catchy title to email and be precise enough to brief everything in a few lines. There is no need to write lengthy paragraphs, as they are highly likely to go unread. 

After you get a response from the webmaster, all that is left is to create high-quality content relevant to the publisher’s website and place your links naturally within them. Once the content is published, Voila! You’ve got your first high-quality backlink. 

The backlinks from guest blogs not only pass the link juice, authority, and equity from the referring domain but also enhance the referral traffic. 

Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page Link Building

Another method to create effective backlinks is to place your domain link on the resource pages. 

The resource pages are the curated lists of links, with links to many domains related to the relevant niche. You can find resource links to almost every topic that you can think of. 

When you open a resource page, you will see them filled to the brim with links that might assist people to plan their careers in various industries. To put your link among all others, all you need to do is fill out the form and you are done!

To pick up your game, you should also find more relevant resource pages to place your links. 

Wondering how to find other resource pages?

An easy way to do this is to go to your competitor’s websites and look for their backlinks source with the aid of tools like Semrush backlink analytics tool. Select the resource pages that will benefit you most and either contact the owners directly or fill out the forms as per your convenience.

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Repurpose and Update Old Content

Repurpose and Update Old Content

Repurposing and upgrading old content is a widely known strategy to generate content that is loved by the audience, bloggers, and webmasters as well.

If you come across a content piece, infographic, guide, newsletter, or any other type of publication that has grown old but contains hefty backlinks, that is the piece you will want to show your magic upon. 

Recreate a fresh and upgraded version of the old content and reach out to the backlink providers who have linked to the old content. It is highly likely that they will provide you with the backlinks as well.

This method can also enhance the chances of building business relationships with such publishers, influencers, or blogger websites for further future collaborations.

Repurposing well-liked videos or infographics into blogs or articles can also help you attract relevant audiences, thus increasing your online visibility.

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Replace Broken Links

Replace Broken Links

The links no longer alive and can’t redirect to the original referred website are known as broken links. Such links can be a valuable asset for you. 

Broken link building is an effective process of producing working backlinks for your pages. All you have to do is to find the broken links relevant to your niche and contact the webmasters to replace your hyperlinks with the broken ones. 

To begin with, head to the authoritative websites with relevant blogs and find the broken links to that content piece. If there are any, contact the web owner and propose to replace such broken links with your links. 

This method is highly efficient as compared to guest posts since you don’t have to write new content, and the already existing content piece already has a large amount of traffic that usually takes time to grow in the case of freshly published articles. 

But how will you find the broken links?

The answer is simple. With advanced software and tools, it is not a challenging task anymore. You can seek help from the backlinks analyzing tools as previously mentioned and get ready for the next step.

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Use Graphics to Earn Links

Use Graphics to Earn Links

Graphics and Infographics are by far the most used visual assets employed to earn backlinks in recent years. In this fast-paced world, there are fewer people to read through the entire content. 

However, with visual assets, people are more inclined to pay attention, and therefore placing the links over such graphics can prove to be more effective than anchor text.

You can always use other visual presentations instead of infographics like charts & graphs, Diagrams, On-page templates, free photo galleries and so much more. 

If you haven’t considered the possibility of adding kinks to infographics, well now is the right time!

Before starting something new, it is wise to look for its effectiveness and method of application. You can search other brands or businesses using similar techniques and learn a thing or two to map out your plans. 

Wrap Up

There you go! Now that you have an understanding of how backlinks and link-building work, you must know that every step takes real work. You must not ignore the value of backlinks in the SEO practices, or it will be your greatest regret in the years to come. 

If you are determined to outrank some top-ranking websites, pique up your pace. Invest your time, effort, and investment into building high-quality links that will actually matter.

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