How to Write an Engaging Blog Post [7 Easy Steps to Manage a Perfect Post]

How to Write an Engaging Blog Post

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You may find it harder to write engaging content for your blog post. But it is not as difficult as you may think. You must follow a few steps to make your blog post amazing and attract the reader’s attention. 

Well, we are here to tell you these magical steps you should follow while writing a blog post. Let’s start without further delay. 

Bring About Certain Ideas For Your Blog Post

Bring About Certain Ideas For Your Blog Post

Choosing a perfect name idea for a blog is not an easy task. Creating a blog name idea depends on different factors. Start the name of your blog with your niche, goals, and target audience. 

It would be great if you started it with creative thinking.  You may have abundant topic name ideas, but always choose informative topics that grab the reader’s attention. 

Choosing the right name for your blog requires careful research. A good blog post name has the following qualities:

  • The blog name relates to the product and business.
  • A good title gives the most important information about the topic.
  • A good title increases the interest of the reader.
  • Make it distinct from other blogs.
  • A memorable name and ready-to-call-out blog name are always attractive. 

The other effective method to choose a name for your blog is to discuss different name ideas with your team members, friends, and colleagues. 

You can also note these name ideas on your notebook or notepad after targeted days of research and pick up a unique name for your blog.

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Pick up a Topic for Your Blog Post

Pick up a Topic for Your Blog Post

Choosing a blog name depends on the topic you are writing about. The topic for the post is the title you must explain in your blog. 

The heading of the title must be informative and capture the reader’s attention. 

For example, when you ask the question in your blog post name, answer clearly and add all details and information with facts. 

When you write about anything, enlist. Then put together all the enlisted things.

When you are writing about tips, then share the details so that readers may get help.  

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Write a Post

Write a Post

When you have to finalize the topic, start writing on it. Write in a flow and sequence. Pick up the conversational style in your post.  Always follow the conversational style in writing; here are the tips:

  • You should always write your content as you are in conversation with your readers.
  • Address the reader using “You.”
  • Use short sentences and simple words.
  • Don’t use phrases.
  • Use contractions like you’re, you’ll, and doesn’t, etc.
  • Use sensory words, as you can’t use gestures but show emotions in writing.
  • Use interjections like Yay! Wow!. 
  • Use Active Voice.
  • Engage the reader with questions related to their pain point.

The conversational style makes your post unique, and your audience always keeps your blog in mind. 

For writing a post, follow the following pattern:

  • Introduction of post
  • Body of post (include additional information, fun facts, values, and images )
  • Final words to conclude all your informational data.

The easy outline will make your post way more attractive and engaging. 

The introduction of the post is the most crucial part. The first graph of the post grabs the readers. They should believe it is the place that they were looking for.

The body of the post must include all possible pieces of information. Write it in a short story style and then set out the tone in a way that is what you are going to tell next. 

Here you can draw a summary and then fill the body of your post with all the possible outlines.

It should be clear and avoid repetition of the same information, as it can irritate the reader.

In the conclusion section, you can conclude all your information. So it is a way to wrap up your whole article. 

But remember, the conclusion part is not always necessary to add.   

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Hit Target Audience

Hit Target Audience

You need to define your target audience and always target an active audience. Then write according to it and solve the problems of your audience. 

First, learn how to find your target audience; it will greatly help you. You will not waste your time while posting a blog. 

Always show your audience you are here to solve their queries and the challenges they face. 

Do you know how to find your target audience for your blog? You can find them on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, tweeter, and hashtags. 

Add Images to Your Post

Add Images to Your Post

A blog post without graphics is incomplete. A picture tells us a story, and your post looks more appropriate when you share your blog post.

Adding images to the blog post is a basic step; it enhances the visual power of your audience; without integral images, your blog will not work the way it should. 

There are lots of benefits to adding photos to your post. Including;

  • A good picture engages your blog 10 times greater and conveys the concept of your writer directly.
  • The human brain responds quickly to an image. So, with the colored image, you can transfer your main idea to your community. 
  • A picture is worth thousands of words, which is why it increases the audience’s experience.
  • A picture is also a powerful tool to rank your blog post in SEO Ranking

Although the text in your post plays a most important role, the image is your post’s skeleton, strengthening it and adding more value to your post. 

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Add Value Ingredient in Your Post

Add Value Ingredient in Your Post 

If you are writing educational blogs, adding virtual values is necessary. Like images, values also attract readers, and they can compare past and current values.

Try to add values from the authentic website, and all this requires a lot of research. But you always know that your blogs are the source to help the audience. 

So, use all possible ways to engage your content and make it more demonstrative. Take this step seriously; visual values distinguish your post from others’ blog posts.

Read Your Content And then Post

Read Your Content And then Post

Last but not least, the most important step before posting and sharing your post with your target audience is to ensure the following steps are followed.

  • You have touched on all the main points you want to deliver.
  • Free from grammar mistakes.
  • You have added all the relevant images you designed.

If any task is left, edit your blog post, and if you are happy with your writing skills, share it with the audience.

Aim to stay organized in your routine to produce more engaging blog posts. Your audience always expects quality content. When people find it worthy, they give more value to your content and expect more quality content from your blogs. So, make it a habit to publish your blog posts once a week or once a month. 


It will not interest the audience if you have quality content but do not put it together in sequence. So, always follow the steps; a great sequence will give your blog post an attractive shape. If you are looking for engaging blog writing services or ghostwriting services, you should consider Dlinx Outreach. We are a team of experienced digital marketers and content writers who help hundreds of businesses increase their organic traffic.

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