Best Ways to Maximize SEO and Social Media

Best Ways to Maximize SEO and Social Media

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Social media has evolved into a global digital marketplace where you can sell from a car to a needle.

With so much competition on these platforms, one needs to devise a special and customized strategy to increase the visibility and credibility of a product.

Almost everyone has experienced that when you search for something on Google, your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram show you ads for similar products. This shows that these platforms are connected, and they share data as well.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of optimizing search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, or others to show your page whenever a person searches related to a product you sell or services you offer. It increases your visibility on each digital platform, bringing in genuine, authentic, and organic traffic with a high conversion rate.

Social media has emerged as a major marketing and advertising source in the last 5 to 10 years. It is not only a place for local brands; all big brands in every niche now have their presence on social media. With such a high value at stake, social media needs a customized SEO strategy for each platform.

A typical example is shown from the page of the famous wristwatch brand Tag Heuer, promoting its watch on Instagram.

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Social Media Link Juice

Social Media Link Juice

While searching for a restaurant, you might have crossed its Facebook or Instagram page link. This shows that Google is taking a keen interest in Social media profiles and passing on the social link juice.

Although Google has stopped counting the backlinks from social media more recently in the ranking process, these links are still important in diverting traffic to the main page.

Every social media platform has a search bar where you find the information you need or require. So, the following are tips for improving your SEO on social media to get higher visibility, organic traffic, link Juice, and some real customers.

Following are the tips to improve your visibility on social media.

Attractive Profile

Attractive Profile

Your profile should present yourself most effectively. It should give clear information about your business, expertise, products, and niche. You should add the most important links in your profile because they will stay there forever.

 In contrast, links in your posts will move down as you post new stories, pictures, and videos. Hence, keep those links directly related to your business in your profile to motivate others to visit your page.

The picture below shows the Instagram page of famous cook Gordon Ramsay. A single line says all about its inclinations and the backlink to his website for the visitors.

Mesmerizing writeups

Your write-up shows your thoughts in words, so draft it carefully. Review it thoroughly when you write a post, microblog, or even blog on your social media. Research the topic for the latest information before writing; do not copy-paste things.

Use legitimate, authentic, and well-known sources for the information. Cite those sources whenever needed and check for grammatical mistakes before posting.

Copy-pasted information from illegitimate sources with grammatical mistakes can ruin your whole advertisement campaign and will move visitors to other forums. For further details on how to improve your content, kindly visit this blog.

Relevant Keywords

Relevant Keywords

The words people often use in the search engine to get information on a particular topic are called keywords, which Google well recognizes. So, one needs to add these keywords in their social media to guide the search engine towards your page.

Search engine algorithms are designed in such a way that they will look at the sites with the keywords often searched. Hence, use relevant keywords in your stores and blogs, but do not overuse them, as web crawlers are often suspicious of the overuse of keywords. These keywords should be relevant to your product and services.

Serene Pictures

In social media apps, people are not interested in long blogs; they are keener on serene pictures and infographics, as they pass on the necessary information more quickly than a blog.

The “Product Shoot” term is very common when launching a new product. Hire a professional photographer, get a 3D image of the product, and provide every detail of these products. Your post should not leave your customer worrying about the information. All information should be right in the caption of the picture.

A typical picture is shown from the Amazon, where you can find all the necessary details in these pictures and text.

Similarly, the picture below is from the Facebook page of Rosie Gabrielle, a famous traveller and vlogger. She captured this mesmerizing picture in Taiwan.

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Captivating Reels and Shorts

Reels and shorts give the information that pictures cannot. Make a 15-30-second video, as different apps allow different duration of the videos on their platform.

Focus on the product details and give your viewer a real feel of your product. Do not forget to add links to your product or page in your videos.

Grow Your Page

Grow Your Page

The more subscribers or followers are on your page, the more will be its visibility. To grow your page, you must continuously provide extraordinary and relevant content to motivate people to visit your page.

Moreover, one also needs to consider that it’s not just about subscribers or followers; the active followers and subscribers are the real catch because they bring the real business. For Example, on YouTube, it’s not just about your subscribers; the real catch is the number of views that make them famous and earn money. 

So, to make your page famous, provide updated and fascinating content, share your page on every platform, and ask your peers to share your page on their walls. Try everything to grow your page, and have patience as it takes time to grow.

Celebrity Reviews

People give importance to the  “Stars,” and these stars could be from movies, sports, athletics, and even national heroes. Try to add reviews from these stars, as people value their recommendations and suggestions highly.

A great strategy should be to add reviews from those stars who are currently in the news, e.g., if a movie has been launched recently and is the talk of the town, it would be great to add reviews from their actors.

Moreover, there should be a mix of reviews from famous personalities from different walks of life, as it would attract a broad range of people to your brand.

Keep Updating

SEO is a continuous process; you can not rest in it. You must keep updating your page with information, new products, launches, sale items, etc. Similarly, if you run a guest posting platform, keep updating your content.

Make a schedule for your posting to avoid wasting your followers’ time. Give them the best and expect the best from them.

Reply to Comments

Reply to Comments

Do not just post and sleep. Interact with your followers; the best way to interact is in the comments section. Reply to them whether it is a positive or negative comment. Be soft and gentle and listen to their voice to make them feel that their comments are important to you.

Thank them for the positive feedback, and try to settle their grievance. After-sale services must be improved by interacting with them.


Backlinks are a vital part of SEO; add these links in your profile, stories, posts, mini blogs and even in the comments section. Though Google does not consider their link juice, these backlinks pass some real convertible traffic to your main page. So, your posts, reels, shorts, reviews, and blogs should have backlinks to your main platform.



Hashtag has recently emerged as search tools for a particular topic. One can add a handful of hashtags in their posts to let the app search feature know the post’s topic. More recently, this has been widely used to increase the visibility of your product.

It has also been seen that people are overusing them. They added all famous hashtags of that time in their post to get visibility and ended up losing their credibility. It is technically wrong, as you are misguiding a visitor to your page and getting nothing but a loss of credibility.

The picture below shows today’s trend of Twitter in the USA. You need to click on the trend, and all those tweets that have used the # symbol plus this word will appear. This is so handy in finding a tweet related to a particular trend. Hashtagging works the same in other social media apps as well.

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Transactional Content

Transactional Content

After all, it’s all about the money, and if you have not provided the transaction information, you lose the customer. It would help if you mentioned the price at the bottom of your product.

You should add a “How to make payment” section in your platform and the frequently asked questions. Try to add all the best options available in that county; this option could be to use credit or debit cards and cash on delivery.

Try to get it secured by the best service provider so that hackers can not get the information on the customer’s credit and debit cards. People fear information leakage, so they opt for cash on delivery. So clearly mention the security feather of your transaction. Moreover, add a detailed breakup of charges during the purchase process, leaving no confusion in the customer’s mind.

The picture below shows the transaction method from AliExpress. You can find the detailed breakup of the total cost of an item. All kinds of prices are mentioned on the page, and no hidden charges exist. 


Social media is the real catch in the present world. You can get famous with the right SEO strategy to get the visibility of your product or page. These strategies include high-quality writeups, mesmerizing photos, captivating videos, and relevant hashtags.

Moreover, adding celebrity reviews, interaction with followers and subscribers, and a secure transaction platform would be highly beneficial.

It is highly detrimental for your business to overlook the SEO in your social media, especially in the competitive world. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that takes the pain on your behalf to promote your business on social media. Each social media requires slightly customized efforts for promotion. Our experts have plenty of experience in all social media platforms and can help to increase your visibility and business. Please feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO important for social media as well?

Yes, it is more important than the other platforms, as people are keener on using social platforms than visiting your page.

Is social media reliable for the purchase?

Well, there are scams on social media as well. So, proceeding further, please check the comments section of that page. You will have a clear idea from that section.

Is it safe to make transactions on social media?

Well, it depends on how secure their transaction method is. Please have a look at their security features and decide accordingly.

Is hashtagging should be a part of SEO?

Of course, it should be part of your SEO, as it increases your visibility.

Does Dlinx Outreach work in social media?

Yes, Dlinx Outreach has plenty of experience in social media and works across all social media platforms.

What are the payment plans of Dlinx Outreach?

Plans information is available on our website; feel free to contact us for customized plans.

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