How to Get Traffic to Your Website Without Social Media?

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Without Social Media

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Social media is a powerful tool for promoting traffic to your website. Does it the only way to promote your website? Of course Not. There are also many other ways to attract people from different walks of life to visit your website.

The importance of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc., can not be ignored; instead, they are part and parcel of search engine optimization (SEO). But ignoring other media is not a smart option.

In search engine optimization (SEO), different strategies are used to promote a business. An augmented approach with an optimum share of each media will always bring organic traffic to your platform.

What is the real problem here; one has a website and wants to appear at the top of the “Search Engine Result Pages.”

Being at the top guarantees high traffic on your website, and high traffic, in turn, gives a high business. The following picture shows Google’s response to the search for “Best Badminton Shoes.” So all SEO strategies are focused on bringing a website to the top.

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Google SERP

In order to get to the top position, one needs to understand how a search engine decides to position a website. Google has clear guidelines in this regard. Apart from links from social media, Google has many other factors to determine the SERPs, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Number of backlinks
  • Quality of Backlinks
  • Response time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cyber Security
  • SEO friendly
  • Visitors Response
  • Update time

One can not wholly ignore social media; sidelining other ways will also negatively affect the business. So what’s the catch in it? It’s elementary to devise your strategy so that each media contributes towards the link- Building and bringing organic traffic.

Let’s discuss what could be the other contributor to gain organic traffic to your website.

13 Working Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website Without Social Media in 2023

There are multiple ways to get traffic on your blog, business, or ecommerce website without any social media platforms, like Facebook, Threads, Twitter/X, Pinterest, Instagram and there are more platforms. So, let’s know about the ways to get traffic on your website.

Guest Blogging – Safest Method to Get Traffic to your Website without Social Media

Guest blogging naively can be defined as “Publishing your write-up, blog or article on someone else’s domain.”

Writing blogs on your website on diversified topics in the same niche is a good traffic source. The process is straightforward; one may allow the guest bloggers to express their thoughts, opinions, experiences and expertise on different topics, and in return, the website gains traffic.

So it’s a win-win situation for both; the blogger publishes its article and the host gets the organic traffic. In this way, you get backlinks, expand your network, attract new readers and ultimately increase the traffic.

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Broken Backlinks

Webmasters keep on working on their content, upgrading blogs, removing old and obsolete blogs and adding new articles. So the links, which were active a couple of years ago, might be broken now.

So search high DA and DR sites for broken links, and email the webmaster an active link to your site. The link you want to add must be updated, authentic and relevant to the broken link.

Email Outreaching is the Best Way to Get Traffic to Your Website Without Social Media

Emailing outreaching is an effective way to get in touch via Email with other people for multiple reasons. These reasons could be to ask for a backlink, promote your services, brand or business, collaboration and partnership. One might have noticed that his spam folder is filled with such emails, but this still works.

While emailing, be mindful that Email should be short, precise and to the Point. Lay focus on your product and give value to your customers. Add a catchy backlink to your site and send a polite follow-up email. Below is an Email from AliExpress, promoting its product.

Email Outreaching

Look out your competitors.

Be aware of the strategies being used by your competitors. Devise your approach, considering the pros and cons of your competitors’ business and SEO strategies.

Try to reach your competitor’s customers more effectively with a better and cheaper option. Your strategy should be such that your customers should not think of your competitors.

Meanwhile, your competitors’ customers should be made curious about similar products. E.g., if you search on Google about the Activewear of Addidas, you will be surprised to see the ads of other brands like  Nike, Puma and under armor on your social media.

Upgrade old Blogs

In the 21st century, technology has evolved quickly;  in our life span we have seen audio caskets converting to CDs and DVDs, and now everyone is listening to music on their cell phone on Spotify, Video caskets have also transformed into DVDs, and now movies are available on Netflix and Prime.
So the blogs which once were excellent might now be outdated.

So, if your website still has obsolete content, then your traffic will decrease drastically. Keep replacing your old blogs with new ones and provide your visitors with modernized and rejuvenated information.

Also, remember that this is a never-ending process, as you need to keep adding new content and blogs to keep your readers motivated so that they keep visiting your website. Below is the picture from New York Times magazine’s travel blogs; their key to success is to keep adding more blogs. The phenomenon frequency of their blogs earns them a huge business.

Upgrade old Blogs

Newspaper, Magazines and Digests Ads

People might think that print media is no more an advertising medium. Well, that’s not true. People still read printed newspapers, digests and magazines. If you are travelling in the Metro or subways in the USA, England or Japan, you will see a bunch of people reading Books, Newspapers and Magazines.

Their value has decreased since the inception of social media. Nevertheless, they are still a good source of advertisement. (Figure source )

Newspaper, Magazines and Digests Ads

Be Google Friendly

Google is the most-used search engine. So one must understand how Google’s algorithms work to find the Search engine result pages. So you need to optimize your website as per Google’s algorithm so that Google recognizes your website and updates the ranking.
Google considers both on and off-page factors to measure a website’s ranking. Moreover, it gives a high weightage to the response time of a website and how users react to it. Further details can be found in this article.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile and tablets are part of every house. From kids as young as five years old to a man in the 80s use mobile for information, purchase and pleasure. If your website is not mobile-friendly and visitors have to scroll up and down repeatedly, there are chances of being fed up and moving to your competitors’ websites.

So if you want to keep engaging your visitor and increase their time of stay, then it would be essential to keep your website more mobile-friendly. All information should be available on their screen readily and accessible.

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Ads on Tv and Movie Breaks

One needs to use every forum to promote itself. So Tv and movies are also good sources of advertisement. Beautifully crafted and curated ads, which captivate its viewers and force them to open their mobile and search for your website, would be hugely beneficial for pulling organic traffic to your site.

Comments on Blogs

Find famous blogs with high traffic and an open comment section. Please give your feedback there with a backlink to your site. Visits on those famous blogs do click those links out of curiosity and in return, you get the traffic.
These comments should be relevant, encouraging, and entertaining; otherwise, the webmaster will moderate them and even remove them.

Paying Celebrities or Influencers to Promote

Celebrities, influencers, Sports personalities and actors are the ones who could tailor a commoner’s thoughts, as people idealize them, listen to them and follow them blindly. So promotion through them is suitable for your business.

Just imagine if Michael Jordon of Basketball in a Super Bowl game, Cristiano Ranaldo of football in a Eurocup, Shoaib Akhtar of Cricket in the world cup and Lee Chong Wei of Badminton in the world championship is promoting your brands. Would you be able to get the traffic? Of course, yes, and it would be huge.
Remember the incident when Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola from the front desk during the Press conference, which cost the company a huge setback. (Picture Source)

Paying Celebrities to Promote

Internal Linking

Internal links are essential in creating networks. These internal links motivate the reader to navigate to other pages relevant to the one they are reading. Staying more on a website shows the visitor’s trust in a domain, thus increasing a site’s rank.

Internal links are easy to manage; use them where necessary but do not overuse them, as Google’s spy algorithm also keeps watching this one.

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Billboards – A Traditional Way to Get Traffic to Your Website Without Social Media

While traveling on highways, do you not see billboards promoting a brand? Yes, you do. This is one of the cheapest ways to encourage watchers to visit your platform.

Get a fancy, catchy, attractive and captivating printed ad, find a billboard on the busiest highway, the top of the market or the most famous bazaar of your city and attract and motivate people to visit your platform.


In the era of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and many more social media platforms, people have started to believe that other medium of advertising and attracting people to your platform has gone by. That’s not true, and you can still get traffic to your website without social media by doing proper digital marketing of your website.

They are still there and playing their role in boosting your businesses. So a strategy with all the necessary advertising ingredients must comprise social and non-social platforms.

Dlinx Outreach is such a company that never back off from the other platforms and gives them due importance in their SEO strategy while remaining within the white hat. Dlinx has already completed many projects with its well-versed, lucrative, informative and updated advertising strategies. We are a team of specialists, and everyone is a master of their own field. Contact us for further details. Have faith in us and see the results.

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