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Guest blogging may be a powerful content marketing strategy for business-to-business and consumer companies. Guest articles, when done correctly, may help you enhance brand recognition, business-to-business referral programs, and SEO rankings and bring a lot of focused traffic to your website. Adopting a guest blogging promotion plan, one firm increased monthly traffic from zero to five figures in less than a year. 

Accepting a guest post from other bloggers can be difficult, as a host receives hundreds of emails for accepting guest postings. The subject lines and blogging email templates below are tested and proven for your new blog post outreach initiatives.

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Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities: Useful Strategies

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

Those new to SEO frequently seek how to obtain guest post opportunities. The truth is that there are numerous places to present your guest post ideas; you simply need to be imaginative about it. 

Begin with the websites and blogs that you typically read. As a reader, you’ll grasp what works and (hopefully) be able to give it. Here are some other methods for identifying blogs that welcome guest posts:

Begin With Search Engines 

When you start finding guest post opportunities, first of all, you should start finding the right blog with the help of search engines. For this purpose, you can Utilize Google’s advanced search tool to find sites in your related niche that offer guest posting possibilities.

Reverse Engineering the Competitor’s Links

You can reverse engineer the process of your competitor’s backlinks. Get help from Ahrefs or Semrush, and check the backlink profile of your competitor’s website. Take a look at the link from which they get links and traffic. 

This is where you have to contact them. You can offer those sites creative content opportunities in the form of blogs and technical help. You can also discuss with them and negotiate a backlink opportunity. Simply put, Look for places where your competitors publish and try there.

Use Social Networking Sites 

Social media websites are another useful way to find backlink opportunities. You can search through your social media accounts, and results regularly will help you find sites looking for or accepting guest articles.

Blogs Are Fantastic 

Forbes connections are not always possible, even though everyone wants one. A link from a blogger with a large audience and authority can be quite valuable. The simplest yet most useful way to get guest blog opportunities from your desired blog is to contact the blog authors, whose contact details you can find at the end of the blog.

Contribute to Your Community 

Community sites may be great place to upload material and reach a ready-made following. Even if a site does not have a large public presence, it can nevertheless have a favorable influence on your SEO. 

Finding guest post chances is a numbers game. The more work you put in, the greater the results will be. To be eligible for the opportunity, answer a few questions before sending an email to every editor, and optimize your efforts: 

  • Do they welcome guest posts?
  • Have they offered instructions for submitting guest posts? (Have they said explicitly what they will and will not publish, for example?)
  • Is the editor’s contact information or information on how to submit requests?
  • Is your content suitable for publication?
  • When contacting editors, always give their complete names wherever feasible. While locating contact information may not be easy, it is frequently achievable with enough effort (and access to LinkedIn). 

Making an effort is frequently worthwhile, in my opinion.

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How To Write An Introductory Note For A Guest Post Opportunity?

How To Write An Introductory Note For A Guest Post Opportunity

Add your unique touch while messaging to resonate with your target demographic to get the most out of the templates in this list.

Here you can know about its importance. Backlinko’s 12 million outreach email analysis shows that just 8.5% of all cold emails receive a response. Even though the research does not explain why this occurs, we may guess that it occurs for one of two reasons:

Most publishers’, editors’, and blog owners’ inboxes are flooded with outreach emails of all kinds, and secondly, most of these emails look the same and lack a human touch. As a result, it’s no wonder that most emails received daily are neglected.

With that in mind, we recommend using the templates as templates for you to customize. Make changes, personalize them, and don’t act like you downloaded a template and began sending emails.

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10 Email Templates To Streamline Your Outreach

10 Email Templates To Streamline Your Outreach

Template 1

Hello there, [Name].

I’ve been a regular reader of [site name] for a while now and love reading your site.

I was just exploring a proposal for a blog article about [subject] and realized that this might be an excellent benefit for your audience. I’ll ensure the essay is jam-packed with facts that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

What are your thoughts? Should I draught it and email it to you?

Check out some of the guest pieces I’ve done for other sites to get a sense of my writing style:

[First blog post link]

[Blog post link number two]

[3rd blog post link]

I’m hoping to hear from you shortly.



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Template 2

I observed you are quite interested in the( topic). I will not deny the fact that you’re an SEO specialist.

I was wondering if you would mind looking at a post I just wrote the topic:


Could you kindly provide some comments on the post? I’d love it if you could leave a remark.

In any case, keep up the good job!



Template 3

Hello [Name],


I am (your name), and I post my content on ( your Website)

I came across your website [Their Website] this morning while looking for information on a [Topic].

And, I must say, it’s fantastic.

However, I write about [Topic 1], [Topic 2], [Topic 3], and other topics that would be appropriate for a guest post on your website.

Here is an example of my work: [Your Favourite Post Link]

I haven’t begun writing yet, but after you choose a topic from the list below, it will take me 1-2 days to finish and deliver it to you.

Here is a list of subjects on which I can write an excellent article:

[First Topic] [Second Topic]

I’m happy to hear from you on one of the themes above.

Thank you, and best wishes,

[Your Name] originating from [Your Website]

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Template 4

Hello there, (Name).

[Your Name] is a representative of [Company Name]. We are [ Brief Description] and [Your Work].

I hope you will find this email epistle in a good mood. We’ve been watching your work and observed that you’re doing an amazing job with [Topic of Interest].

I liked what you said recently on [Channel] on [Topic].

It’s also fascinating to see how rapidly people are liking your content.

We’re looking for people like you to help us spread the word about [Company Name

Please let me know if you are interested we can set up a phone call to review it more.


Template 5

Hello there, [Name].

[Your Name] from [Company]. I’m writing to see if you’d like guest bloggers on your website. We have discussions on [issues] in our workplace. I read some of your blog content and have ideas to complement your site nicely.

Based on your blog material and what I expect your visitors would love, here are a couple of blog ideas:

[First Idea]: [Brief Description]

[Brief Description] [Idea 2]:

Hope to hear back from you soon.


( Your name)

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Template 6

Hello [Name],

This afternoon, I was studying [subject] and came upon [Blog name] – a fantastic compilation of high-quality content.

I’m writing to express my desire to contribute a guest article to your blog. The following are some ideas for well-researched posts:

[Topic 1]

[Topic 2]

[Topic 3]

I swear that I will fill the piece with useful information and advice. I often contribute to sites such as [blog 1], [blog 2], [blog 3], and many more.

So, which of the themes listed above do you think I could write about? Please let me know, and I’ll give you the draught soon.

I’m hoping to hear from you shortly.


Template 7

Greetings, (First Name)

Write [Your Name] with [Blog Name] here.

I’ve been reading your site for a while now and just wanted to express how much I enjoy your writing style.

I particularly liked when you mentioned

Insert Excerpt Here

I thought we should meet because we’re both in the industry of generating and releasing material online. Thanks,

Template 8

Hello [Name],

Write [Your Name] from [Company] here. I was wondering whether you were taking new guest bloggers right now. Our firm publishes articles about [themes]. I read your company’s [insert information] blog article. I liked what you said about [insert information], and it generated a terrific idea that I thought you’d like.

Here are some prior blog entries I’ve authored for our company:

[Link 1]

[Link 2]

[Link 3]

I’d want to go over the initial concept I developed in further depth. Please contact me if you are interested in this form of engagement.

Best wishes,

[Name] is a [Company] employee.

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Template 9

Hello there, [name].


I know you probably get a lot of emails from visitors to your blog [website name] every day. So I’ll make it basic and brief…

You write pretty fantastic information on themes such as [Topic 1] and [Topic 2]. I’m working on a well-researched blog article about [Blog article Title] that would be a terrific addition to your blog.

Here are the links to my most recent blog posts:

[Link #1]

[Link #2]

Do you mind if I email you the draught so you can post it on your blog?

I eagerly await your response.

Thank you, and best wishes,

[Your name]

Template 10

Hello, First Name,

[Name] from [Company Name] here. [Description] and [What exactly You Do] are who we are. We’ve been watching your work and noticed you’re doing an excellent job with [Topic of Interest].

I enjoyed what you stated about [Topic] lately on [Channel].

It’s also fascinating to notice how quickly your internet following is increasing.

We’re searching for folks like you to join us in spreading the word about [Company Name].

Do you think you’d be interested in anything like that?

Please let me know how it sounds, and we can arrange a phone conversation to review it more.



Final Words:

When creating a guest post or an article for your organization’s blog, you should always keep content quality in mind. The step-by-step guest blogging technique is intended for individuals who have significant thoughts to offer to the world, not for those who are openly trying to build backlinks. It is intended for people willing to devote time to investigating issues in depth and reflecting on their discoveries.

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