What is Guest Posting in SEO?

What is Guest Posting in SEO

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For any website to increase its Google search engine rankings, Guest posting has become an invaluable asset. Guest posting is the best Search Engine Optimization practice for websites, whether an individual blogger or a large corporation. Growing your business by creating engaging content to appeal to your target audience in this competitive era is not a walk in the park. 

Creating potential leads through various social media platforms and authoritative websites is always essential to reap the benefits in the long run. This is where guest posting comes to your rescue. This article will guide you on the importance of guest posting in SEO, how guest posting can help you at your bottom line, and the effective ways to integrate it. 

It’s essential to understand what the term Guest Posting means. Let’s dive into it to quell your queries!

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Are Guest Posts Good for SEO?

Are Guest Posts Good for SEO

According to a recent Twitter poll, up to 44% of marketers and websites use guest posts to boost their SEO rankings. Guest posting can bring you ultimate benefits by helping you to develop your brand profile and, by extension, broaden your brand awareness.

You can establish credibility with influencers, audiences, and Google consoles by showcasing your expertise in creating quality content and partnering with reputable websites. 

Effective guest posting can lead you to create more social followers, higher rankings, new partnership opportunities, and much more.

What Are The Benefits of Guest Posting?

What Are The Benefits of Guest Posting

​​No matter what business you run, you can utilize Guest posting in your content plan to build brand awareness and grow your customer base. This is a potent marketing tool to reach new readers through established platforms. 

A guest blog is simply a post made by someone other than the blog’s primary owner. Typically, guest blogs are used by other websites to provide users with additional information that they themselves cannot offer to their audience.

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Benefits of Guest Posting and Blogging

Professionals at Dlinx Outreach regularly receive questions from clients about ‘Is guest posting worth it and how it can benefit their website.’ Continue reading to find out about five key benefits you receive from adopting a white hat guest posting strategy:

  1. Increase Your Website’s Backlinks
  2. Enhance A Websites Domain Authority
  3. Generate High-Quality Traffic
  4. Boost Your Business Brand Awareness
  5. Generate Qualified Leads

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1. Guest Posting Can Increase Your Website’s Backlinks

Before jumping right to understand the benefit of backlinks and how to win them through guest posting, it’s critical to clear your mind of what a backlink is and why it is significant to seek credible backlinks from reputable sources:

What is a website backlink?

Backlinks are a way for other websites to direct their consumers to your website. Most commonly, it is done to add value to users by helping them navigate to valuable resources so that they can resolve their search queries quicker.

 For example, You provide well-written original content with a backlink to your website placed anywhere through the post, and this post is then published on an authoritative website. Your backlink will drive organic traffic through such a reputable website to yours, leading to its exposure to a broader audience.

Why is it essential to seek backlinks from reputable websites?

Backlinks are essential for building a reputable website, as Google employs backlinks as one of the indicators to verify the credibility of a website. Therefore, every website backlink must be of high quality and from a credible source. 

If a website is to receive backlinks from an unsecured website, Google may deem the backlink to be toxic. A toxic backlink can have adverse effects on your website, such as affecting the website’s authority score, traffic, and search results ranking. 

Below, you’ll find a comprised list of some key considerations to utilize when developing a guest post backlink strategy to avoid the above and ensure you only get the critical advantages of guest posting: 

  • Aim to earn backlinks from websites with high authority scores. 
  • Broaden your research to guarantee meeting the guest posting requirements of the desired website.
  • Avoid black hat backlinks
  • Ensure your guest posting backlink approach aligns with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Regularly check your backlink portfolio to ensure up-to-date and relevant information for users. 

Why is it beneficial for a website to have a high number of credible backlinks?

The main benefit of having an extensive portfolio of credible backlinks is that it increases your chances of ranking highly within Google’s search results. This is because Google assesses your site’s trustworthiness from a user’s point of view.

 Therefore, if your website is to have diverse, credible sources referencing your information, Google will consider your website to be trustworthy and will likely rank your website higher in search results. 

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2. Improve Websites Domain Authority – DA

To begin with, it is noteworthy that the Domain authority itself is not one of the Google ranking factors, but guest posting or blogging increases domain authority to boost your SEO and positive ranking signals. 

What is domain authority? 

In simple terms, domain authority is a ranking metric used to predict a website’s rank and success when ranking against competitors. A vital benefit of the domain authority ranking system is that it can be used to evaluate a website’s status against its contenders’ performance. 

How can Guest posting increase a website’s domain authority?

Guest blogging is one of the best organic ways to boost your website’s overall domain authority. Each time a website receives a backlink from a trusted website, the trusted domain shares a tiny ratio of its authority. This concept is termed “Domain Authority.” The more power a site has, the more superiority it can pass on to a site via a backlink. 

Why is it beneficial to have a high domain authority?

The most prominent benefit of having a high website authority score is improving your website’s SEO and ranking in search results. This is because your website is seen as a more reputable source by having credibility cited by other websites in the form of a backlink. 

Among many other critical benefits of improving domain authority, some are given as follows:

  • Increases your sales in the domain of the affiliate.
  • Helps improve your website’s keyword ranking on the Google search engine results page.
  • Enables you to attract blog commenting and further user engagement. 
  • A website will attract an audience with relevant content.

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3. High-Quality Referral Traffic

One of the most significant perks of engaging with websites for guest posting is the quality of traffic that refers to your website. Although social media and other platforms might bring traffic to your website, they are rarely able to bring in relevant visitors. To get the most referral traffic, guest posting is the leading course.

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is a term that describes the users who land on your website without necessarily searching for you specifically. Most commonly, this happens through users following a link on another website’s article, YouTube video, or social media. 

Why is the referral traffic generated through Guest posting beneficial for a website?

A fundamental role of guest posting is that it allows you the opportunity to increase your referral traffic of specific audiences. For instance, if you run a business and establish a new product, you could engage in guest blogging to promote it on other websites that provide value to their customer base. 

4. Brand Awareness

Many websites are surfacing in the Google engines daily, and developing your brand’s awareness among the audience has become trickier. You can boost your brand’s awareness by introducing it to more audiences visiting the Guest posting sites you placed your backlinks. 

What does the term brand awareness mean? 

In short, brand awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recognize your brand and differentiate it from competitors. Brand awareness is one of the most essential factors in building a business and can be costly if done incorrectly. We have explained how guest posting provides a cost-effective strategy for your business and how to grow your brand awareness and gain the trust of your target audience. 

Why is the brand awareness generated through guest posting so effective?

Among the most promising approaches for improving brand awareness, guest posting does not stay behind any other means. By using another business’s website as a way to communicate with potential clients, you can increase your credibility and bring more traffic to your site.

 A fundamental benefit of building brand awareness through having your content on other websites is that it allows you to build customer trust extremely quickly. This plays a huge role for users who have not heard about your brand and can lead to increased conversion rates.

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5. Guest Blogging Can Generate Qualified Leads

Another paramount perk of guest posting is that it helps with lead generation. Quality lead scoring helps to strengthen the conversion rates by qualifying the prospects beforehand. You can better analyze the topics and layout your marked audience is more likely to be attracted to. 

Paid guest posting can also be extremely effective as it allows business owners to target traffic channels that provide highly pertinent visitors who align with their target audiences and are interested in their products or services. 

So long as you create quality content for guest posts, you can exploit other websites’ already established loyal communities and encourage them to yours. The traffic acquired through guest posting has an increased chance of leading to conversions as opposed to other marketing strategies.

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Are Some Guest Posts Bad for SEO?

Are Some Guest Posts Bad for SEO

Guest posts are inherently vital for SEO. Research on the Google search engine states that Google does not deter Guest posting if it informs users, educates another site’s users, or brings awareness to your brand or business. 

But some types of guest posting and methods can affect SEO ranking negatively. Sometimes, Google may issue the ‘Google penalty or Manual Action’ against a website that uses manipulative linking procedures.

Going down a path that defies Google guidelines can lead to a fall in the ranking of your website. In the worst case, your website might be omitted from the Google search console altogether. 

What are Manipulative Linking Practices?

What are Manipulative Linking Practices

The manipulative linking methods include the following but are not limited to these:

Excessive Guest Posting

It is an excellent practice to go through all the guidelines on how to do guest posting before diving deep into this front. Sometimes, some businesses indulge in excessive guest posting that harms their website ranking instead of boosting it. In particular, when a brand gets links from as many sites as possible, it usually leads to poor-quality content that Google detests. 

To detect excessive guest posting on a website, the most common indication is copy-pasted guest posts on multiple sites. The issues of plagiarism will raise red flags for your business besides the low-quality work that is not informative and just filled pages for the sake of the show. 

Another excessive guest posting practice includes a large number of unnatural links to a brand’s site. For instance, numerous links to a gymnasium page using the text “best gymnasium in Australia.” The links are placed on improving google’sGoogle ranking, but instead, the SEO efforts of such websites backfire. 

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Failure to no-follow guest post links:

When backlinking to your site via a guest post, Google has stated the terms to set that link to no-follow, which means that you instruct Google to excuse the link for SEO purposes.  

You can no-follow a link by attaching the rel= “nofollow” attribute to the link’s code. But failing to do so can negatively impact your website and brand on the search engine. 

If you do not no-follow your guest post links, Google detects it and reserves the right to issue a penalty against your website.

Failure to disclose guest posts:

When you are Guest posting, it should be marked respectively. When you opt for paid guest posting, it should be transparent before the readers on the host website. 

All of your sponsored posts should be clearly labeled.

How to Start Guest Posting?

How to Start Guest Posting

Many blogging websites have developed platforms to attract audiences by creating engaging content and services. Guest posting is the weapon to benefit from their efforts in one fell swoop.

But how does it work, and how can you start doing it? Follow the article to get the best ideas for creating an effective guest post that improves conversion rates. 

Find Guest Post Prospects

The principal target is to find the prospects and websites where you want to publish your content and backlinks through guest posts. It is the most challenging step, as finding a reputable website to improve your Google ranking is tricky. 

There are some tricks and hacks to narrow your research among a sea of websites on the Google Console. Let’s get down to them one by one.

1. Google Reverse Image search

The most common and easiest way to find websites for guest posting is by using the Google reverse image search. Pick your favorite guest blogger that excels in your niche and copy the URL to their headshot that they use for their author bio. Now paste the link on the Google search bar and boom! 

There you have all the websites that they have posted their blogs on. 

2. Twitter Search

Twitter is a goldmine for brands to prosper and the perfect platform to find opportunities for guest posting. Head to Twitter and search for a basic guest blog search string and skim through the results to find your targeted Guest posting target websites. 

3. Alltop.com

If you are finding a platform that lists all the best blogs on the internet, Alltop.com is your answer. The best blogs are usually posted on authoritative websites; therefore, finding the best blogs will lead you toward the potential sites for publishing your guest post.

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4. Pitch Guest Post

The next step is to create an idea for your guest post and pitch the selected websites. Every blog owner wants the best for their website and finds potential partners that can boost their rankings. So, pitching your guest post is a vital step that can be a deal-maker or breaker. 

Start with something specific that their website excels in, then add some touches to your published work to finish the Email. 

5. Write Guest Post

Now that a blogger has accepted your pitch, Congratulations, you can start writing your guest post. Stay within the niche and write quality content that attracts an audience. The guest post that does not appeal to the audience is nothing more than an empty vessel lying around worthlessly.

Revolve your content that changes the reader’s minds and sparks conversation topped with call-to-action phrases. 

6. Promote and Monitor

Guest posts are worth more when you regularly promote and follow them up. The most common way to follow up is by replying to the queries and sentiments of people as they roll in.

 Next comes promotion; the ultimate promotional approach is to be active on social media platforms. Throw a nice infographic or attractive graphics with a direct link to your guest post in the caption, and Voila! Count the reaped benefits later. 

Final words

Now, keep in mind that good guest posting can bring unlimited benefits to your website, while a wrong selection can lead to penalties from the Google search engine. Therefore, ensure that your content is up to the mark and there is no link saturation within one post to reap the maximum benefits out of it. 

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