How to Get a Permanent Backlink?

How to Get a Permanent Backlink

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Living in a global village, marketing has evolved into digital, where everything is accessible with a click on a “Link”. Ads on TV during the show/drama break and in the newspapers are no longer the sole advertisements.

Since everything is available on the scroll, the product should also be readily available on your screens. No matter which app you are using, site you are scrolling and video you are watching, you will always see ads popping up on your screens, with the links like “Shop Now”, “Visit our website for details”, “Contact us”, “Details in the link”, etc.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) has emerged for the same reason: freelancers and SEO specialists work for a customer to boost his website, product and services by creating links on different media. These links are called backlinks, which direct traffic to your website. 

Backlink is one of the key strategies of SEO now, which links users from different websites, apps, videos, emails and blogs to your website, which ultimately increases your business.

More backlinks mean your website has a high ranking, which ensures the top position of your website during a search on different search engines. It acts like voting, increasing the credibility and authenticity of your website and business. 

A typical example of a backlink is presented in the picture below.

Snapshot of a review article published in the New York Times

Figure 1 Snapshot of a review article published in the New York Times website on Apple Watch

In Figure 1, a snapshot of the part of an article published in the New York Times is shown. The red-coloured underlined bold text, “Apple Watch Series 8”, is a backlink which prompts you to click and then forwards you to an Amazon web page, tempting you to purchase it. So, this is the power of a backlink, which increases the traffic from an authoritative website to your platform, thus promoting and increasing your business.

There are two types of Backlinks; permanent and temporary; where temporary backlinks stays there for a short time, whereas permanent backlink remains there for a long period, usually for years. Temporary backlinks may increase the traffic momentarily, but real momentum comes from the permanent backlinks.  Permanent backlinks are the real bonus for your business, they are not easy to get, but once you can get them, they will boost your business.

So the question is, “How to get a permanent backlink?”. There are many ways to get permanent backlinks. A few of them are explained below.

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High Authority/Ranking Website Links

Ranking Website Links

Backlinks from high authority and rating websites are more likely to stay and attract people.  A website’s ranking potential is known as Domain authority (DA) and it is formulated by the MoZ, which gives 0-100 numbers to domains, where a high-numbed website will appear at the top of the search engine. 

Similarly, domain ranking (DR), designed by Ahrefs, designates the strength of a website’s backlink profile; this also ranges from 0-100, where 100 corresponds to the highest strength.  Search engines always look for high DA and RA sites and web pages to optimize their search options. Higher DA and RA webpages will appear at the top.  So backlink on higher DA and RA websites are the permanent ones.

Moreover, engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., continuously optimise their algorithms to cordon off malicious, spammy websites and backlinks.

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Wikipedia and Wiki Links

Wikipedia is one of the highly-ranked pages on most search engines. SEO experts are very keen on creating pages on Wiki links, which obviously create a permanent backlink. This is a cheap and easy source of permanent backlinks.  There is a list of wiki links, where one can create its page in different languages as well.

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Reviews of Product/Services

Trusted businesses always attract new customers, and new customers bring in more customers. Positive reviews with the link to the product increase your DA and RA. It is now well-established that most customers buy products that have more reviews. That’s the only reason you receive a lot of emails and pop-ups for the review and star rating of the product once you purchase online. 

 For the same reason, brands send their products to celebrities for review and ask them to post a small video review on their profiles with a link to the website.  These links are permanent ones and are highly stimulating. Moreover, search engines increase the ranking whenever a review and testimony are received on your website. 

 Review of the Apple watch from Amazon

Figure 2 Review of the Apple watch from Amazon

In Figure 2, a review of the Apple watch has been posted. This is a typical example of a detailed review of a product, which pings the search engine and website upwards in the ranking.

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Press Releases

The press release is one of the oldest advertisement methods, and it has become digital now. So write a detailed review of your services and products and send it to press release websites (top press release websites), then post them online.  These press releases are branding tools that increase the credibility of your product. These interactive, engaging and properly designed press releases will attract organic traffic to your website. A typical example of a press release is given below.

A press release by the H&M

Figure 3 A press release by H&M, published on

Figure 3 is a typical example of a press release by the H&M brand for the promotion and launch of their much-anticipated products. These press releases also provide you with a permanent backlink.

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Videos on Different Platforms

A small interactive, stirring and impactful short video is much more informative and flux gainer than a well-written article. In a world of “reels” and “shorts”, SEO specialists sum up the whole brand in short videos, with the “link in the description” option, attracting more genuine and organic traffic to your platform.  These backlinks have more life and will stay for a much longer time, especially on YouTube.

short video of international active wear brand Gym Armour

Figure 4 A short video of the international activewear brand “Gym Armour”, with the backlink in the description

Figure 4 shows a snapshot of a YouTube video of an activewear brand with the backlink in the description.

White Hat Vs Black Hat Link Building

White had link building technique is in accordance with the Google Guidelines. These links come from authentic, reliable and high DA and RA websites. In contrast, Black Hat Links come from a harmful and spammy website and will later be blocked by search engines.  Newbie SEO experts might get attracted to the black hat link building, as it could generate many links quickly but eventually be caught up by the search engines. Such links might then decrease your ranking.

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Social Media

Search engines pick up these social media links as well and boost up your DA and RA. Even one of the giant retail stores, Amazon, has a Facebook page with a backlink to its website, as shown in Figure 5. . You may also set up social media ads with the “Shop Now” options. This will bring more and more permanent backlinks to your website.

Amazon Facebook page

Figure 5 Amazon Facebook page, which has the backlink to their website in the right lower corner, as written “Shop on Website.”

Requesting Webmaster for a Link

There could be two ways to get the backlink by writing to the administrator of a website. You can either email him, explaining your services and directly asking for a backlink, or you may find a broken link on their website related to your work and ask them to build it to your site. This way, you may get some permanent backlinks. This might look “useless”, but it works and getting one permanent backlink from an authentic high DA website is stronger than the 100 links from a low DA website.

Outreaching Through Emails and Blogs

Outreach through emails and blogs is also a workable strategy to increase traffic. Emails should be short, concise and to the point. Rather than building stories, use catchy phrases and graphics to attract customers. Similarly, blog writing on high-rated websites by well-known bloggers and influencers is also a good way to get a permanent backlink. Please make it sure that your anchor words are properly linked and are not broken when you email or write a blog.


Permanent backlinks are real game changers for your business. These might be difficult to attain, but a strong and well-designed SEO strategy will definitely bring those for you.Dlinks outreach has a penalty of SEO experts, who can formulate a customized strategy as per your need and budget.

Our customized strategies will ensure a rise in your business. Dlinks outreach experts are always available 24/7 to help you. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our expert will get in touch with you in no time. Our portfolio is also available for your review. Let me conclude this with a quote of

 Brian Sutter, rightly said on

“Sadly, much of the content being published is simply not worth linking to. 75% of it is getting zero inbound links. So, forget the ‘more is better’ approach to content if you want links. Go with quality instead. Your content will generate links only if it is truly exceptional—’remarkable,’ as Seth Godin would say.” 

Let’s explore the other aspect of getting permanent backlinks for your website. As we know, permanent backlinks bring permanent value, sending page rank to your web pages and helping increase your website’s overall ranking potential.

But even though you have a backlink now, you will still have it in six months. How do you make sure the backlinks that you get are going to last for the long term? Here is a guide to the type of backlinks list that will most likely stay.

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Are Any Backlinks Permanent? An In-Depth Look

Are Any Backlinks Permanent

Although the backlinks pointing to your website may feel permanent right now, they will only remain so if the website linking to yours does not remove the link or delete the page linking to your website. In practice, there isn’t any such thing as a permanent backlink. However, some backlinks are more likely to stay up for long.

So when we talk about permanent backlinks, we refer to those links most likely to drive link equity to your website for years to come. The internet is constantly changing, and so will your backlink profile. That’s okay, but in your link-building campaigns, you should aim to earn the type of backlinks that will bring the most long-term value.

What Exactly Is A Permanent Backlink? Get The Facts Here

What Exactly Is A Permanent Backlink

A permanent backlink is simply an incoming link to your website that will likely remain active for an extended period. The benefit of these links is that they transfer ranking power (link juice) to your website. Furthermore, permanent backlinks are regarded as more reliable than their temporary counterparts.

This is because they have a much longer lifespan and are more difficult to obtain. Search engines place a high value on permanent backlinks, particularly those from sites with a high PageRank. So, if you want a piece of Google’s traffic pie, it’s well worth pursuing a long-term backlinks list.

Do You Need Permanent Backlinks? Here Is What You Need To Know

Do You Need Permanent Backlinks

Search engines interpret permanent backlinks as a vote of confidence from another webmaster. Incoming links from these sites indicate to Google that your site is worthy of more attention.

Higher rankings are an obvious advantage of acquiring permanent backlinks, but there are other advantages.

For example, obtaining links from a high-page-rank website will increase your exposure to potential customers while building trust.

Trustworthy backlinks sites generally have a higher page rank than untrustworthy sites. Working to obtain these types of backlinks can help you build your brand’s reputation.

Keeping your backlinks up to date: why do you need them?

If you’re a webmaster who chooses to buy backlinks from a low-quality provider or freelancer on Fiverr, one potential consequence is that the link may only last for a while.

Link farms or low-quality SEO companies may sell you backlinks that only last long enough to see some initial change in your SEO performance for 3-6 months. Then, those backlinks can disappear, removing any impact on your site’s authority or search engine performance.

Different Types Of Backlinks That You Need To Avoid

Different Types Of Backlinks That You Need To Avoid

It would be best if you avoided some offerings to purchase a permanent backlinks list. You only want to pursue backlinks that come through white-hat link-building strategies. Here we have mentioned the possible types of permanent backlinks that one should avoid to make your website safe.

PBN Links

The term “PBN” stands for “Private Blog Network.” PBN backlinks come from a network of related blogs and websites, usually owned by the same person. These webmasters will often sell backlinks because they can easily place them on existing blog posts in their network.

However, adding a backlink to an existing blog post is not considered a white-hat link-building strategy. Also, PBN backlinks are quickly flagged by Google because they come from websites with little organic traffic or no real relevance to the linked-to website.

There are more effective ways to improve your search engine ranking than buying PBN backlinks. These types of backlinks would be considered “black hat” SEO.

Unnatural Links

Any unnatural link is less likely to last for the long term because its primary purpose is to manipulate search engine rankings. What qualifies as unnatural backlinks? PBN backlinks for one, but also niche edits, links with irrelevant or explicit anchor text, or edu links purchased through a link farm.

If your goal is permanent links, any unnatural link is something other than what your brand or website should pay for.

What Makes a Backlink More Likely to Last for the Long-term? Uncovering the secrets

Although there is no guarantee of a permanent backlinks list, certain qualities make it more likely for you to keep backlinks in your link profile for the long term.

High-Quality, Reputable Linking Site

A link from a popular top backlinks site with a strong reputation and higher Domain Authority score will likely last longer. Why? Because reputable sites have active web admins who keep their pages and links up-to-date. They also have lots of web traffic, showing users find their content valuable.

High-quality websites are more likely to repair broken links, keep their content up-to-date, and refresh rather than delete their landing pages to maintain their existing PageRank. You can use the backlink researcher in SearchAtlas to discover high-quality link-building websites. Ensure any links you earn from those top backlinks sites come through white hat link-building strategies.

Up-To-Date, Relevant Content

If you earn a backlink to one of your web pages, the linking domain likely finds your content valuable and relevant. But over time, your landing page may lose its relevance. Information may become outdated, wrong, or irrelevant and may only be helpful if you take the time to update it regularly.

If you don’t take time to refresh or prune your content, other web admins linking to your content may choose to remove their links because they no longer see your content as valuable to their audience.

You are updating your content benefits in all areas of your content marketing, particularly your link profile. You can use an SEO tool like the SearchAtlas Content Assistant to ensure your pages include the most relevant, up-to-date information.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the better ways to get long-term links because guest posts provide relevant, valuable information to audiences and tend to rank well in the SERPs. A guest post is an original piece of content that is published on another webmaster’s website.

These posts will bring value to the webmaster’s target audience, have industry relevance to your website, and include a do-follow backlink.

Links in guest blogs are more likely to last for the long term because they bring value to all parties involved: the webmaster, website visitors, the linked-to site, and Google crawlers, who only want to promote high-quality content to searchers.

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301 Redirects

As you add or delete pages or change URLs, you can quickly lose your Page Rank if you do not use a 301 redirect. Although Google doesn’t want to see excessive redirect chains on your website, a 301 redirect is the best way to maintain the value of any do-follow backlinks you’ve earned to your landing pages.

If you add a new URL to a page or move it, your backlinks lose their permanence unless you properly set up a redirect. Suppose you need more clarification or be made aware of how to handle these situations. In that case, an SEO expert can help you manage your website to maintain link equity.

What Is The Best Source Of Permanent Backlinks List?

 Best Source Of Permanent Backlinks List

There are all sorts of link-building techniques, but link-building through original content is undoubtedly the most effective way to earn permanent backlinks that last. Google, Yahoo, and Bing always look for unnatural links that attempt to game the system.

As a result, they’ve gotten quite good at detecting low-quality links and will penalize websites trying to steal their idea to reach the top ranking.

This is why it’s critical to use white hat links and SEO techniques and avoid anything seriously unethical (black hat), such as PBNs.

Now Build Permanent Backlinks: The Key To Unlocking Your Seo Potential

Now Build Permanent Backlinks

The next thing that needs to be considered is learning the strategies various companies use to generate permanent links. We have summarized the methods you can use to create excellent content, along with the links. 

Press Release Method

This is a tried and true method of link building. Please write an article about your company, products, or services and submit it to online press release distribution sites. There is usually a fee, but it can be well worth it if you need to build links quickly. We use HARO (Help A Reporter Out) for our press releases. 

Link Requests by Email

Email writing is the most convenient way to obtain links from other websites. Find web administrators with similar sites and ask them politely if they can link back to you. Some will, some will not, but you’d be surprised how many do.

Creating Good Infographics

One can love visualizing images and videos rather than reading words. Infographics are an aesthetically beautiful technique to summarize facts and convey knowledge to viewers more captivatingly and engagingly.

They may present an idea that grabs readers in a manner that written content alone cannot. Infographics are an excellent way to obtain long-term backlinks. People adore them and will gladly share them with their target audience. The more people who share your infographics, the more links you’ll get back to your site.

Wiki Profile Links

Wikipedia is entirely free to use, and anybody with an Internet connection can view material on hundreds of thousands of topics. Wikipedia is an excellent platform for starting research since it provides essential knowledge on your topic and potential keywords that can help you perform deeper investigations elsewhere. This is a great way to get permanent backlinks if you have a Wikipedia page. Google ranks Wikipedia pages highly, so if your site is listed with an incoming link, it will significantly boost the SERPs.

Guest Posting Or Blogging

Guest blogging is considered one of the most effective ways to gain exposure and attract new customers while building links. Using an array of guest bloggers will help you gain new followers. The goal is to keep people revisiting based on the quality of your material.

The best approach is to find a relevant blog and pitch your article there. If they like it, they’ll give you a link (which may sometimes be in the author byline/profile section).

Link Building From YouTube

Link Building From YouTube

Because YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, it’s a good idea to use this platform to acquire links. Make use of video marketing to promote your website. If you have a product or service to demonstrate, this is the best way to get links from YouTube pages while building brand awareness.

The Skyscraper Backlink Generator

The skyscraper technique is a very effective way of generating high-quality backlinks without breaking the rules. Because it is based on competitive analysis, determining which sites already have authority in your niche is the first step.

You then create content superior to everything else on the internet and conduct cold outreach to sites with a link request. If they like your content, they’ll put it on their site and give you a do-follow backlink. If you can create something unique here, you will receive many high-quality links from other places in your niche.

Bottom Line

At Dlinx Outreach, our link-building services follow white hat techniques and help improve your search rankings through original content published on high-quality websites. Permanent backlinks are unquestionably the way to go if you want long-term results. They take longer to build up than their temporary counterparts, but the benefits outweigh the time investment. Dlinxoutreach specializes in white hat link-building techniques guaranteed to get your website the link juice it deserves. So, what are you holding out for? Begin creating permanent backlinks right away! If you need link-building campaign assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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