How Much Does Link Building Cost?

How Much Does Link Building Cost

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The perks of purchasing link building packages for your website are well-known—investing in your off-page activities leads to more daily visitors.

The higher the PageRank, the better it will help you come up with the  brand awareness and higher revenue, irrespective of the sector you’ve been in.

However, numerous variables influence the cost of backlink building, causing it challenging to calculate costs and expenses.

In 2023, the fee for establishing link-building will be impacted by multiple variables, including the standard and number of backlinks acquired, your sector’s size and competitiveness level, and the affordable link building services employed.

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Uncovering The Cost Of Link Building

Uncovering The Cost Of Link Building

According to Hubspot, 54% of businesses invest over ten thousand dollars monthly on link development. An additional 32 percent spend $2,500 or less on link building.

The cost of developing links may differ depending on the company you employ and the aims that you have in mind. Overall, single initiatives can range from five hundred to five thousand dollars, while annual campaigns can cost anywhere from one thousand to over twenty thousand dollars.

Exploring The Factors That Impact Backlink Building Costs

Factors That Impact Backlink Building Costs

Many factors will affect the cost of creating backlinks. We have mentioned a few of them in this guest post. 

Creating Unique Content

Top-notch material is required for successful link building campaigns. To produce high-quality content that will benefit link-building tasks, content writers must possess excellent writing skills and thorough knowledge regarding content promotion and search engine optimization (SEO) standards of practice.

Professionals Who Provide Outreach

Whether you rely on an SEO link-building agency or create backlinks independently, you will need at least one individual to manage the entire procedure. This involves tracking link-building activities, investigating possible sites for link placements, and requesting links via mail or other form of communication.

Software & Tools

To build links productively, you’ll require access to various resources and technologies, such as website evaluation tools and keyword research tools, including a web crawler or hyperlink detector tool.

Publication Placements

Article placements, references to brands, and different kinds of promotion of links are all paid for by the Huffington Post, the New York Times, and other high-authority media outlets.

Quality Assurance And Management 

Every link you pick up needs to be examined to guarantee that it satisfies search engine expectations and adheres to the most effective practices for SEO. When you generate a guest post, you must ensure it is placed on a reputable and relevant site. The process itself can be time-taking, which makes it costly as well.

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Is Link Building Actually Worth It? A Closer Look

Is Link Building Actually Worth It

The return on investment (ROI) of establishing a link is mainly determined by where the links you create come from, whom you engage in handling your advertising effort, and the degree to which your links are focused and relevant.

A well-executed link-building strategy may create leads and enhance organic search ratings, making it worthwhile for numerous companies.

However, caution exists: proper link-building takes patience, diligence, and assets. Businesses that attempt to cut corners with link building are at risk of being fined by Google and other search engines. This link-building should be approached intelligently while keeping a long-term strategy in mind.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) might not constitute the primary source of leads converted for every company (PPC, networking sites, and so on), it is expected to be highly profitable.

Ranking on the top page of an internet search engine in terms that consumers are on the hunt for when they are prepared to decide on an investment choice may yield significant income.

What Factors Influence The Cost Per Link? A Comprehensive Analysis

What Factors Influence The Cost Per Link

The expense of each backlink for the campaign you are running may differ significantly depending on various parameters.

Quality of Links: Acquiring links of excellent quality from reputable websites may require more effort and effort. Low-quality links from fraudulent pages will be less expensive, but if Google recognizes them, they could end in an administrative penalty or disciplinary action.

Placement sites: Websites like the Associated Press, TechCrunch, Forbes magazine, and will be expensive for advertisements. Niche promotion sites like industry blogs and forums generally provide minimized price per link. Nevertheless, this also relies on several factors (more information afterward).

Approaches for Link Building: The actual link-building tactics you employ are incorporated into the overall price of developing links. Directories proposals, guest blogging, material creation, and outreach are among the services provided.

Each of these procedures demands a particular amount of talent, duration, and physical effort, all impacting the amount it costs.

The volume of Links: Pricing is additionally impacted by the number of links required. Constructing several hundred links might be costly, but it can also provide a substantial return on one’s investment if performed correctly.

Industries and Degree of Competition: A link-building package might cost additional money in highly competitive sectors since more work needs to be done to contend with reputable competitors. High-competition keywords will additionally require a more significant number of links to rank.

From Where you are getting your links: If you decide to purchase inexpensive links on Fiverr, you’ll ultimately end up spending a couple of dollars for each connection.

It doesn’t imply they will be effective for SEO. Collaborating with an SEO link-building agency that provides affordable link building services, utilizes white hat link-building, and offers good content will cost considerably more. However, it will ultimately result in higher-quality connections from reputable sites.

Regardless of Whether You Outsource: Whether you employ an independent contractor or an SEO link-building agency to generate links for you, they will take a cut. Yet doing it on your own has its own set of costs. These expenses encompass the time you spend developing your outreach plan and any tools you may require.

The conclusion is that irrespective of how you build links to your website, each link will cost you something. And your business’s competitiveness and objectives heavily influence the investment it requires, the level of quality, and the number of backlinks you want to achieve.

When you pay for links, you are not purchasing “links.” Understand that if anything is simple for you to attain, it is also simple for others to achieve the same thing. When everybody can get a sure thing, the worth of that thing falls dramatically. This is fundamental macro/microeconomics.

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Which Factors Are You Paying Attention To When You Build Links?

Which Factors Are You Paying Attention To When You Build Links

Remember that when you spend money on link building, you mainly pay for the time and effort required to create a high-quality backlink. This includes the following:

Content That Matters

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is the crowning glory,” You’re aware that high-quality content outperforms poor-quality, frequently spammy material.

That being said, integrating the studied keywords and links to your website into great content in a manner that delivers knowledge to people who read it and addresses their areas of concern without appearing to have an extravagant goal to push your external links across their faces that requires effort.

Never mention the time necessary for the behind-the-scenes action that comes into any excellent content development, such as writing, modifying, editing process, revision, proofreading again, and finally achieving quality assurance. 

Dlinx Outreach has a content staff of editors and writers with years of combined expertise. Our team understands the importance of effectiveness, so we put the most extraordinary effort forward in every content we develop for you as part of your personalized link-building plan.


Overall, the more knowledgeable and reputable a website is, the more challenging it will be to have your guest’s post posted on their web page. If you’ve previously worked in public relations, you already know that developing great material is approximately the final phase of the struggle.

Another one-fourth is required to get that certain content posted in a well-known high-quality magazine. How do you go about doing that? The remaining one-third is content marketing connections. Our SEO link building agency has invested years in establishing and boosting our publisher links to have the content we’ve developed published in their domain.


 It requires time and expertise to conduct keyword and quality searches (grading the content of a different website). They DO. There aren’t any shortcuts; if there were, you could speculate that the worth of your receiving would be reduced. You’re also paying for the analysis and preliminary preparations for developing a campaign tailored to your company.

Aside from relying on hyperlinks, there are groups of data that we are aware Google takes into account when choosing how to rank a site. The keyword or anchor text you opt for when creating a link on a website influences how Google interprets and compensates you for obtaining it.

Aside from simply building links, a good SEO link-building agency understands factors such as invited time, effort, patience, and resources to craft the most effective campaign possible based on the information they have. Depending on how effectively a hyperlink from the same site is constructed and positioned, it might have an equal or more significant influence.

Acquiring a link for cheaper could occasionally cost you more than it saved.

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What Kinds Of Backlinks Are Beneficial? Unlocking The Potential Of Your Website

What Kinds Of Backlinks Are Beneficial

As previously said, not all links have been created equally. Trustworthy websites that have substantial domain authority and page ranking provide valuable backlinks. They’re the links that search engines trust, which means they frequently need personal outreach efforts to become accessible.

Here are a couple of examples of highly beneficial backlinks:

  • Editorials from major news organizations such as Reuters on Thursday, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Links that have excellent domain ratings from particular industry blogs and publications
  • Guest blog posts on expensive-domain-authority sites
  • Links to resource pages on important websites
  • Related links such as edu, gov, and other non-profit websites
  • The expense of gaining these links will be determined mainly by the link’s quality level and the number of work hours necessary. However, each of the links requires extra effort and a unique strategy. 

What Is The Recommended Number Of Backlinks For SEO On My Website? 

Recommended Number Of Backlinks For SEO

The answer to this question of how many links you require for SEO success is complex. The number of links your site will need will be determined by the level of competition in the marketplace and the kind of keyword you’re targeting. The more complicated a term is, the greater the backlinks it will require for Google to rank it.

Here’s an easy-to-follow approach to estimating how many backlinks your website will require.

Take A Glance At Your Competitors

The first step towards determining the number of links your site needs is to look at your rivals. How numerous links do they have regarding this topic? Are there backlinks from authoritative websites? For a chance to win, it’s essential to gather more connections than they do.

Link-building backlink has over 592,000 backlinks from roughly 51,300 referring websites, according to the Ahrefs Site Viewer. This indicates that outranking them in the results pages of search engines (SERPs) would be tricky.

Evaluate The Quality Of Your Competitor’s Links

It needs to be better to measure the total number of links. You’ll also need to assess the links’ quality to determine how many you’ll need for effective SEO. Are the links coming from trustworthy websites? Do their sites contain a lot of offensive, poor-quality links?

A website’s home page may have 100+ leading domains, but 50 may be from something other than high-quality skimmer sites. Considering this data will assist you in determining exactly how many as well as what sort of links your website will need. To achieve this, use Ahrefs or another search engine optimization tool to examine each contender’s link profile. We can observe from Backlinko’s backlink profile that many of these links are from expensive DR sites with extensive organic traffic.

Prepare A List Of Essential Keywords

After evaluating your competitors’ link profiles, you’re ready to create a list of keywords you want to target. Select sites that will provide the most ROI or have the capability to generate organic links to your web page.

Establish Attainable Link-Building Objectives

Once you’ve determined how many links your competitors possess and the types of hyperlinks they use, you can set simple, attainable link-building objectives for yourself. Backlinko’s website, for instance, ranks first on Google for “SERPs.”

To compete, you’d require roughly 524 backlinks to your page, as determined by Ahrefs. In addition, Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty needs to consider domain authority into consideration. If you created 524 backlinks to your page, but your domain ranking needed to be higher than Backlinko’s, you’d almost certainly require even more links to compete with them.

Begin modestly and concentrate on obtaining high-quality links from credible sources. As your backlink profile grows, you can raise the objectives accordingly.

  1. Pricing In-House Vs. Pricing Through An Agency

Hiring an SEO link building agency may appear costly, but it is not. Hiring within the company is substantially more expensive. While independent contractors are less expensive, organizations are more dependable and have outstanding SEO link-building expertise. When you employ an agency, you should expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 monthly for a thoroughly-managed campaign.

To establish an in-house team, you’ll require hiring writers and editors and a communications specialist or SEO manager (who specializes in link building backlinko and blogger outreach). Let’s look at the standard cost of hiring managers for these workers in-house. According to HR reporting statistics, an SEO analyst earns approximately $71,701 annually.

That provides your anticipated total cost for a basic-level SEO team to somewhere between $125,000 and $175,000 per year, without considering the costs of building your links. You’ll need to give these individuals programs (e.g., tools for keyword research, marketing emails software), instructional resources (e.g., course materials), and basic compensation.

There’s also no assurance they’ll do so. Would the cost of an outsourcing link-building effort seem reasonable right now? Since in-house link-building teams are expensive, numerous companies decide to outsource the job in question.

Whether you have a huge budget, an in-depth grasp of Cold Email Outreach, tough calls for a team of specialists, and an existing SEO network to support the new employees, you should not wait to hire link builders internally. Otherwise, vendors who specialize in link building are your greatest bet.

Benefits of Link-Building with Dlinx Outreach: Create Links Right Now

Benefits of Link-Building with Dlinx Outreach

We uniquely come up with link building campaigns for our clients. We can help you maximize your link-building ROI by getting to know you and your business, developing an SEO roadmap, and defining achievable objectives. 

Since we’re equipped with an extensive network of bloggers and site owners. So, we can locate link possibilities fast and obtain links at just a portion of the expense of in-house link development. 

Are you ready to begin? Contact us immediately to start developing your link-building strategy by buying our best link building packages. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We will ensure that everything will be done in an organized way, and you will never regret your decision to choose us. 

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