How To Make a Personal blog on Instagram?

How To Make a Personal blog on Instagram

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Instagram, a photo-based social media platform,  is considered the “king of social media, ” with more than 2 billion active users and growing at a mammoth rate. A personal blog on Instagram, also known as microblogging, is a writ up of a maximum of 2200 words in the caption of a photo or a video.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter or X, where you can write text directly without embedding a picture, Instagram is a picture and video-sharing app.

A typical example of a personal blog on Instagram is from famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s page, where he shared his victory in a Sadi Arabia club, Al Nassr. He wrote about his feelings about this historical trumph along with the picture.

Cristiano Ronaldo Insta page

There is three way to share on Instagram: A story, which has a sort life of 24 hrs; a post, which will remain there until you remove it; and a reel, which has a duration of 15 sec. Moreover, Instagram offers two types of accounts: A personal account, which has limited features and a professional account, which has access to tools that give you stats of the views, gender, age and many more. These stats are especially beneficial if you are running a store on Instagram or trying to get income from Instagram through monetization.

Insta is the most used social media platform by the business community. As per Forrester, Instagram has the highest engagement rate of 4.21%, where engagement rate is defined as the total engagement a post received divided by the total number of impressions.

This engagement rate is way above Twitter and Facebook, which have a combined rate of 0.1%. This shows the importance of this platform in the business community. More recently, both Facebook and Instagram are connected through Meta, making both apps easy to integrate. As a matter of fact, one can create an Instagram account using Facebook credentials. Details of how to create an Instagram account can be found in this article.

A personal blog is all you have to provide the details of your lifestyle, fashion, travel destinations, food, fitness and product. So, writing a microblog needs some basic information about writing skills and search engine optimization to enhance your visibility.

Following are the details of making an impressive personal blog on Instagram, which gives you real business.

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Choose your Niche

Choose your Niche

If you are interested in microblogging, develop your expertise in a niche. Do not poke your nose in every field. Please choose one or a couple of niches and be an expert. The most common niches are lifestyle, travelling, food, fashion, health, fitness and memes.

One can have expertise in these, but having a field that is not so common would be remarkable, as there is very tough competition in all famous niches.

Research your Topic

Research your Topic

Please select a topic of interest and research it in every aspect. Gather a good and manageable amount of information from credible sources. Now, narrow down your information to your topic.

Find out the recent trends and advancements in your topic at hand. Double-check your sources and keep track of your sources for onward citation in your blog.   

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Take a Photo

Take a Photo to Upload on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is Photo-based social media, where you add your story or post in the caption of a picture or reel. Hence, you need to have a good camera if you want to earn on Instagram.

 It would be best to be well-versed with the camera’s features and learn the art of taking pictures. After taking a picture, one needs to polish it with the help of tools available on the internet to add different filters to enhance its captivity and features.

These pictures should be captivating, original, mesmerizing, artistic, authentic, genuine, scenic and serene if you want your blog to be famous, as a picture is the first thing your followers will notice.

Similarly, if you are running a store on Instagram, you must hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your product. It is better to add the 3D feature of your picture for better understanding and visibility.

Look at the picture below and how beautifully this page captured the beauty of a shore in Greece.

Take a Photo

Shoot a Video

Instagram also allows a 15-second short video or reel to express your feelings, sell your product, show your travel diary, or tell your followers about today’s routine.

Similar to photos, video shooting is also an art that needs to be learned. After shooting, one must edit it to fit in the 15-second window. You must also add sound, text and other effects to enhance your reel’s quality. These reels should be mind-blowing, captivating, to the point and interesting enough to capture the viewer’s attention. Here are some examples of tools for beginners.

Shoot a Video

Videos are more expressive than photos, but fitting the information in 15 seconds requires expertise and proficiency. Video and photo editing is one of the top freelancing skills at the moment.

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The Caption of Photo/Video or Writeup

The Caption of Photo Video or Writeup

Start writing the caption when your photo and video are ready to upload. The following should be the attributes of the writeup.

Short and Concise

Although Instagram allows 2200 words per post, which is approximately equivalent to two A4 size pages, it is not necessary to use the whole quota of the word. Be concise and prepare your punch line to mesmerize the reader. Your starting and ending should be entertaining and capitavative.


It is necessary to explain the features and relevant information about the photo or reel you have uploaded. Do not provide unnecessary information or links unrelated to your uploads or niche.


Your content should be original, legitimate and unplagiarized. Try to read articles and blogs related to niche, but do not copy-paste them, as web crawlers can easily detect them and report your page. Cite all the sources of your information and give them due credit. Your citation will make your paper more credible and trustworthy.

Check the Grammar

Your blog must be grammatically correct, as a writeup full of mistakes and typos gives a bad feeling to its readers. It is okay to use abbreviations that might not be grammatically correct but are often used in social media; typical examples are OMG and BTW, which means oh my god and by the way, respectively.


Hashtagging is often used in social media platforms to describe the niche of your post. It also passes the information about the relevancy of your post. Whenever a person searches for that hashtag, your post or story will appear in the search.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post and ten hashtags in a story. Your comment or post will not be published if you use more than the allowable limit.  

The picture below shows the hashtagging from this page.



Geotagging is the information of the location of that photo taken or the location of the shoot of the reels. It gives your followers information about your location or the place you have visited. It is also easy for someone to know about the place by geotagging.

The picture below shows the geotagging (katemuzic).


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It is necessary to proofread your article to remove all typos and grammatical mistakes. One can take advantage of tools like Grammarly and Wordtune to enhance the readability of your blog and make it more professional.

Interact in the Comments

Interacting with your followers in the comments section is a way to increase your viewership and active followers. It gives your followers a sense of attachment, increasing the number of active users and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use only text on Instagram

No, a text-only post is not possible on Instagram.

What is the length of a reel on Instagram?

You can upload a reel of a maximum of up to 15 seconds.

What is different between a story and a post?

A story stays for 24 hours, whereas a post will stay there forever unless you remove it.

How many hashtags can be used on Instagram?

Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post and 10 in a story.

Is it possible to add geotagging on Instagram?

Yes, you can add the location in your post.

Does Dlinx outreach work in microblogging?

Yes, Dlinx outreach works in microblogging.

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Instagram is the most effective social media platform for showcasing your expertise and promoting your business. As a photo-based platform, Instagram allows a microblog related to your niche. This blog and the photo or reel are the whole canvas you have to let the world know about your talent.

First, take a picture or shoot a video, refine and edit it. Prepare your blog related to your upload, which should be concise and relevant. Do not forget to use hashtags and geotag your post to increase visibility.

Writing a blog is not everyone’s job; it requires expertise and deep knowledge of search engine optimization. It also demands a deep knowledge of keyword stuffing and indexing. Dlinx Outreach is an agency that has expertise in microblogging. Feel free to contact us if you want to optimize your page.

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