What is a Personal Blog on Instagram?

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A writeup of a maximum words of 2200 on Instagram, in which you can share your thoughts about your lifestyle, fashion habits, exercise routine, cooking experiences, daily routine and recent happening in your life and business.

This write-up appears in the caption of pictures and reels, which one would upload. This is also known as microblogging, in which you are supposed to mention the necessary information rather than long stories, unnecessary descriptions and repetitive information.A typical example of this microblog is shown below from the Instagram page of former US president Barak Obama , where he explained the US leadership program in the description of a reel.

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US president Barak Obama Tweet

How you can share on Instagram?

To share something, one must have an account on Instagram. There are three ways to share yourself on Insta; story, post and reels.

Instagram Story

An Instagram story is a short manuscript that lives up to 24 hours. You can share your unplugged, organic, raw life or a teaser about your upcoming product or plans in a story.

Instagram Post

Instagram post is there forever unless you want to remove it. It is an evergreen information that is required all the time. This post comprises well-composed blogs, edited pics and videos, and well-described product details.

Instagram Reels

Instagram is a 15-sec short video clip allowing you to overview your travel diary, feeling, and cooking experience. In recent years, people have been short of time; they like necessary information in the shortest possible time. That’s why people are more interested in reels rather than long videos and fussy descriptions.

Difference between Personal and Professional Account

Difference between Personal and Professional Account

On Instagram, you can have two types of accounts: personal and professional. Each type has its attributes and access to different tools to promote the business.

A personal account has limited features, which do not give you any stats details; in contrast, a professional account has access to Instagram tools that provide the necessary stats to optimize your page.

 These stats include geoinformation, gender information, age range and time stamps. These stats are essential to tailor your strategy to the business demand to get maximum conversion and business output.

Captivating Bio

Bio is a small description beside your picture on Insta, recounting your choices and inclinations, favourites and dislikes,  etc. This part should be precise and concise, beautifully crafted and catchy, relevant and informative and above all, explain your personality in the best possible way, within 150 characters.

Types of Blogs on Insta

Different people write different types of writeups to attract people and get benefitted. In Instagram, it is necessary to find your expertise or niche and focus on that rather than discussing and opinionating on everything. Following are a few famous types of niches.

Life Style

What is the struggle all about? Of course, to improve your lifestyle, right? That’s exactly why lifestyle is the most popular topic on social media. Influencers talk about their lifestyles and give people tips on improving theirs.


What would happen if you ate nothing for a day or two? Have you ever wondered why your mom asked about the lunch at your breakfast table and dinner during lunch? The answer is clear; food is required to survive and perform daily routine work.

People talk a lot about food, their nutritional value; there uses for a particular disease and many more. You would have gone through the catchy stories and posts explaining the benefits of food. Food experts tell their followers about the simple hacks in their daily intakes to transform themselves from fat to fabulous, skinny to muscular and unfit to fit.


Those who can not afford to travel to distant places try to satisfy their thirst by following travel vloggers. These travelers share the serenity of the places with the help of fascinating pictures and videos. These travel diaries show the unseen side of the world that everyone can not afford to visit.

The picture below shows the page of famous traveler Drew Binsky.

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Traveler Drew Binsky

They explain the roads and their safety, favorite places in that region and where to find the food on the way to different beautiful places.


Everyone wants to look smart, sharp, trendy and beautiful. So people are writing and sharing a lot on fashion to keep their followers updated about the recent trends in the fashion industry. They cover fashion shows and give tips about the attire one should wear for specific functions.

The fashion industry has been there for ages and will remain there forever. So celebrities, especially females, are keen to share their fashion habits and even love having their brands.


Do you not want to look beautiful and attractive? Of course, you do. That’s what people are selling in Insta. They give you tips for improving your looks, introducing you to the latest products, and reviewing them.


More recently, this field got attention, where memers always look for the odd yet popular thing on the internet to make a meme about it. They use it to get followers and give them a laugh in return.

They make fun of petty yet interesting things in a humorous way to bring a smile to your face. In return they got their page highly ranked and popular. A typical example is shown below.


Health and Fitnes

Do not live a long and unhealthy life; rather, live a short and healthy life and enjoy every moment of ite. So health gurus on Insta promote the same.

They write about a healthy lifestyle, exercise routine, and superfoods to improve your health. They sell exercise plans, daily food intakes and customized calorie intake to improve your health and fitness.

The picture below shows the page of Caroline Girvan, a famous fitness Guru with more than 614k followers.  

 Caroline Girvan

Art and Photography

Everyone is linked to art and photography in one or the other way. People write a lot about their art, whether it is calligraphy or abstract art, painting or sketching, still photography or video shooting. These are also the hot cake that is being sold on Insta.

Features of  Blogs on Instagram

Features of  Blogs on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform to express your expertise and promote your product. Before you do that, the following attributes must be remembered to increase your followers, viewership and conversion.

Short and Precise

Your write-up must be concise, precise, clear, and relevant. Instagram allows 2200 characters, equivalent to a blog, so be informative and focused. Do not try to cover a lot; limit yourself in your field and provide only the required information.


In social media, you use the symbol “#” and then the relevant world, which means your post or story is relevant to this topic. This hashtag is the easiest way to find all the posts or stories relevant to this topic. Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post and 10 in a story.

The hashtagging is relevant in SEO and increases visibility. These hashtagging results are enormous in promoting a product, service or blog, as long as you use the relevant hashtag and do not overuse them.


Every city has its features and specialities. So if you are talking about the food or travel of a particular region, do not forget to geotag your post or story to let people know the exact location. That also helps to increase your visibility.

Niche Oriented

Be a master of one thing rather than a jack of everything. The mastery of one thing will help you to excel in that field. So be your niche-oriented and do not try to jump here and there to grab followers and viewers.


Insta allows you to share a 15-sec video to express your thoughts, promote your product, a teaser of your travel diary and a glimpse of your recent work. In recent times, people are addicted to reels and shorts, so do make fascinating and eye-popping reels for your viewers.

The picture below shows the reels of Dwayne Johnson.

Reels of Dwayne Johnson

Followers Interaction

When necessary, interact with your followers in the comments and reply to their messages. This gives the followers a sense of friendship and care, which build a long-term relationship necessary for active followership and viewership.

Keywords and Backlink

In SEO, keywords and backlinks are essential to rank your page. So do not forget to stuff your blogs with relevant keywords and backlinks to get organic traffic on your main site.

Benefits of Personal Blogging

Benefits of Personal Blogging

Built your Reputation.

You post your work in pictures and videos, promoting your expertise and building your reputation as an expert in a particular niche. The testimony and reviews of your work on Insta help build a reputation.  

Promote your Brand

Gone are the days when you need a physical place to open a brand and large billboards and ads on media to promote your brand. Now, everything is digital, you can open your store on digital platforms, and Insta is one of the best places to start and promote your brand.

You can promote it through your blogs, testimonies, affiliate marketing and review by customers and influencers, which increase the visibility of your product.

Earn a Passive Income

Instagram can also be a source of passive income for you if your page is famous enough to influence the opinion of others. There are many ways to earn from Instagram. One can earn by promoting a brand, writing paid reviews, promoting/selling a product, ads and through affiliate marketing.

Become an Influencers

If you are good in some trade, try to sell it. Try to teach others about this, and become an influencer. Being an influencer will open new horizons for you. Investors will ask you to promote their product by writing reviews, prompting others to buy it.


This will also help to build your networks of influencers and bloggers. This networking will help you to promote your product and services. You may ask your fellow bloggers and influencers to promote and share your stories.

SEO Traffic

This blogging also gives you organic, reliable, convertible website traffic. Insta will help you to create new backlinks, which is necessary for SEO.

Digital Marketing

Insta is also a great platform to market your product. All famous brands have their official accounts on insta to promote their products. So Insta is an integral part of digital marketing.

The picture is from the page of Zendaya, promoting her movie “Dune”.

Picture is from the page of Zendaya

Share your Updates

It is the easiest way to share updates about your current status, upcoming travel diary, the launch of a new product, a fashion show, the release of a movie and even your relationship.

Recently Canadian prime minister Justen Trudeau shared the news of his separation from his 18 years wife in an Insta Story.

Share your Updates

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Strong Customer Relationships

It helps you to build a strong relationship with your customers, followers and viewers. While sharing your thoughts, your followers feel a sense of relationship with you, giving them a feeling of respect.


Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can help promote your brands, services and products. A well-crafted strategy of Instagram posts, stories and reels can help you to earn organic and convertible traffic to enhance your sale. Dlinx Outreach is an agency that can help you increase your Instagram visibility with a well-designed SEO-based strategy. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

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