12 Benefits of Hiring a Link Building Company

Benefits of Hiring a Link Building Company

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Find out the benefits of hiring a link-building company, and learn about these steps to skyrocket your organic traffic with the help of these legit link-building methods. Let’s start!

What are links?

What are links

While reading an article, email, or blog, you often encounter a text underlined or highlighted, prompting you to visit that page for further information.

Similarly, while watching a promotional video or ad, you are lured to click on the flashing text saying, “Contact us or visit for more information.”

Such anchor text in a write-up or flashing text in a video is called the backlink or in short “link”. A typical example is shown in the picture below, where color-coded text is hyperlinked to two different pages, where you can get more information.  

Focused Content

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Are links Important?

Are links Important

In the modern advertising industry, where online shopping or businesses have taken a larger chunk of your sale, links play a vital role in attracting people. 

In your daily life, a well-known person is the one who has more links. Similarly, a site with more backlinks has greater visibility (well-known) and will have more business and revenue.

The picture below shows that links and their authority have a very high weightage in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Google Ranking Algorithm

How these Links Work?

How these Links Work

Search engines like Google have a rating mechanism for websites, and the number of these backlinks is one of its key parameters. If you have more backlinks referring to your platform, your ranking and authority will be higher and your chances of appearing on the first page of Google increases.

So quality and quantity of these links help Google decide a website’s position when someone searches for a relevant topic. A high-ranked website will appear at the top when you search for a relevant topic.

Appearing on the first page increases the probability of visitors checking your website, which increases traffic. More traffic means the chance of purchasing from your site or reading an article on your site and availing your services will increase.

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How Links are Built?

How Links are Built

Link building is time-consuming and tedious, requiring expertise in different trades to win a link. There are many ways one can build these links, as mentioned below.

  • Email outreaching
  • Replacing a broken link with your link
  • Guest posting
  • Microblogging on social media
  • Posting ads on different forums
  • Advertisements in print and electronic media
  • Internal backlinks
  • Billboards

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

Link building is not a household task; most specialized experts are deployed to do this. In a recent survey, 41% of marketers think link building is the most tedious and laborious job among various SEO tactics.

This opens a discussion about whether it is worth having in-house SEO resources or outsourcing them to optimize your business structure. Following are 12 benefits of hiring an SEO company.

1.   Low Cost

Everything revolves around the cost. The top management is always looking the cut expenditures. Outsourcing your link building means one does not have to hire multiple employees to do different SEO jobs for link boosting.

Hiring employees means a company is liable to pay their medical and other social benefits. Moreover, you have to trade for the links to some sites for the increase in traffic. SEO agencies are experts in bargaining, and they also have all the data for price comparison.

 Hence, hiring an agency for link building rather than building an in-house infrastructure for SEO resources is preferable.

2.   Specialized People for Specialized Jobs.

Link building is a specialized job, and not everyone can do it. So let the master of trade do this for you. As mentioned above, there are different ways of link building, and every method has pros and cons.

 It takes a lot of time and commitment to get the mastery of every trade. The SEO company used to have experts in each trade, and they worked on each forum to produce and generate links.

3.   Time-saving

Since SEO has evolved into a whole new field, learning requires much time, and this evolution process keeps occurring rapidly. Those who are full-time workers in this field keep themselves updated with every change.

Moreover, the agency has all the preliminary data and knows how to talk with different link-building forums. So, outsourcing to an SEO company will save you time in the learning and research phase, and the company will work directly from day one.

4.   Networking

An SEO company has developed networks with different companies and forums from which you can get links. So the hired company will greatly benefit your business as their opinion will have a greater influence in the market for attaining backlinks.

5.   Customization

Each business has its attributes, rubrics and key performance indicators. A plan for the motorbike advertisement is different from the car, as the targeted audience, capital money and usability are different.

So the SEO strategy for different businesses is different. Since the company used to have a wide range of experience in various products, they know how to customize the strategy to attract more customers.

6.   Resource Utilization

Outsourcing your link-building will give you extra time to focus more on the core activities of the business. It gives you ample time to devise strategies to improve the limiting process in the production line to enhance productivity.

7.   Engaging and Informative Contents

With the evolution of each industry, it is important yet difficult to keep well-versed with the latest technologies, contents, tools and information. An SEO company has to keep itself updated to compete with others constantly.

So they keep your platform updated with the latest information all the time. They keep changing your website’s design, enhancing its navigability, and adding engaging and welcoming pop up to keep visitors interested in your new content, product or services. 

8.   Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

Link building does not work on the principle “create once and then enjoy” but requires continuous monitoring and maintenance.

From monitoring, one needs to continuously check where these links are coming from, as a link from a dubious website will not help increase your visibility. Rather it will come under the radar of web crawlers, and they will penalize your platform by lowering your ranking. So all the hard work might be wasted by these illegitimate backlinks, so continuous monitoring is necessary.

Moreover, there is also a chance that you might change the URL of your page and the domain, so you need the maintenance those links, as hyperlinks might not be accessible anymore. This process needs continuous attention and effort. So SEO company is well-versed in these tactics and will ease your burden.

9.   Boosts Visibility, Credibility and Authority

The whole advertisement industry is enticed to increase the visibility and credibility of a product. If an agency works well within the guidelines of Google, it will increase your platform’s authority. An increase in authority means your position in the Google search page results will improve.

This looks very easy but is extremely difficult to implement. To increase the availability, you have to promote your links on every platform, from website to Facebook, from Twitter to Instagram, from Google ads to youtube ads and many more.

This multidirectional strategy needs experts, which usually an SEO agency used to have. So outsourcing will reduce your headache, as they know each platform and improve your visibility, credibility, and authority. When these three things are boosted, business is guaranteed.

10. Accessibility to Modern Tools

In the modern world, intelligence is replaced by an algorithm. The contemporary tool has become a necessity rather than a convenience. Rather than doing maths and calculating your ranking manually, these tools do these jobs and many others for you.

These help you devise and alter your strategy according to recent market trends. Tools like SemRush and Ahrefs are widely used in the SEO domain. The tools are expensive and need some time to learn.

SEO companies used to have these and are well-versed in their operation and usability. So hiring an agency gives you an added advantage that you do not have to spend on purchasing such tools.

11. Accessibility to the Latest Data

In addition to these tools, SEO agencies keep the data of high-authority websites in different regions and niches, which is extremely helpful in getting authentic traffic. Moreover, they keep track of market trends for your niche, which helps devise a strategy.

The high-ranked websites have high traffic, and if you can get a link there, it will also boost your traffic. This data is highly prestigious, as it also directly enhances your ranking.

12. Diversification

In the competitive world, one must diversify to stand out among competitors. Diversification requires creativity and expertise, competence, skill, command, mastery, aptness and proficiency.

These are hard-earned trades that an SEO company used to have. One can benefit from these trades to boost visibility and business by hiring them. 

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How to Choose an SEO Link-Building Company?

How to Choose an SEO Link-Building Company

It’s not easy to pick a company among the many choices. Following are some of the parameters one needs to look at before signing a contract

Transparency: Please check whether the company is open to sharing its details strategy. They must show the breakdown of their whole program in detail. Do have a look at their website to see how transparent they are.

Relevancy: An agency specialized in animal food advertisement can not handle sports advertisements. So check for relevance before contracting.

Portfolio: Ask for their portfolio, and check their previous works and progress. Raise questions about their last strategies. Check out how previous projects progress.

Budget: No matter how good an SEO company is, it is useless if it does not meet your budget. Explore different platforms like Upwork and Fiverr before hiring. It will give you an idea of how much funding is required for the services you are seeking.

Customization: customization is very vital. Ask for a customized package for your deal. Customization helps to reduce costs and effectively uses resources.

Reliability: Your data is your property and should not be shared with your competitors. So check the reliability of the SEO company to ask questions about their previous project. If they share the classified data of their previous customers, then it should raise a red flag.

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 “For people to discover your website, you need to build pathways and big, flashing signs that lead them there. In digital marketing terms, this means you need links, links and more links.”

Luisito Batongkakal

For “more links,” you need experts to do this job. It is always preferable to outsource things to cut the price and optimize the resources. So hiring a specialized SEO agency to help you build links will save your money, spare resources, increase your visibility on different platforms, and ultimately give you business.

Dlinx Outreach is a specialized agency for link building. We are experts in every platform, whether link-building through email, blogs, microblogs or ads. We are transparent in our services and our portfolio suggests the same. Feel free to contact us for link building and boosting your business.

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