Tips for Outsourcing Link Building: How you Can Get it?

Tips for Outsourcing Link Building

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Looking for Outsourcing Link Building Process in 2023, Let’s have some tips for Outsourcing Link Building

Link building is a process where one provides a hyperlink in a blog, Email, comment section of a blog, social media ads, etc., to motivate readers to visit a particular website to read a related blog, purchase a desired item or look for specific services. 

In search engine optimization (SEO), the main focus is to increase your website’s visibility on Google’s search, and SEO experts rely heavily on backlinks to increase this visibility.

Backlinks are the backbone of your advertisement strategy. All efforts are directed towards generating maximum backlinks to get high traffic on your website, which in turn gives rise to your customers.

There are two types of backlinks; white hat backlinks and black hat backlinks; where the former are generated using legal, authentic websites and social media pages and the latter is achieved using malicious, illegitimate and spammy websites and social media pages.

These backlinks have a high weightage in Google’s algorithm to calculate the rank of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs). So backlinks from legitimate white hat strategies are pivotal for your rank. In contrast, Web crawlers continuously look for the back hat backlinks, discounting them and penalizing both the host and beneficiary.

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Larry Elder – American radio commentator

Why Do Companies Choose to outsource Link Building

Generating backlinks is tedious, laborious, time-consuming, and an expert’s job. Companies either have permanent staff for this job or outsource to an SEO company.

Why outsource

Let the Specialist do Their job. 

SEO is a specialist field; it requires mastering many trades to accomplish a target. An SEO expert knows the new trends in link building. It has high DR and DA site data, which is essential for link building. They have all the necessary tools for link building and its maintenance, which are expensive again.

Focus on core Business.

Outsourcing reduces the liabilities, and one can converge its efforts towards the Business’s primary activities. This way, a company can increase its capabilities and abilities in the main production line and get maximum staff utilization.

Cost and Time Effective

If a company hires a team of experts for link building, they must pay their wages, medical insurance and other social packages, which is a huge liability. So outsourcing accelerates the process many times.

Moreover, managing this team to work together and produce the desired results requires much time and resources. So outsourcing accelerates the process many folds.

Hiring an expert full-time is cost-intensive, and then building a team of experts demands time and money, which will put a heavy load on the company. So outsourcing is a much better way to get the desired results in less cost and time.

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Accessibility to Resources and Innovative Ideas

In the modern world, everything is computer-based, and so is marketing. There are specialized, expensive tools that help you to access the market, which is not accessible to everyone.

SEO agencies purchase these tools and use them to run your campaigns on different forums, keep accessing the progress, and modify it as needed. Outsourcing will also give a chance to interact with the masterminds of the marketing field. They pitch their ideas and guide you to devise a strategy.

How to Outsource Link Building? [Best Tips for outsourcing]

Tips for Outsourcing Link-Building Services for Your Business

One can not hire an agency blindly; rigorous evaluations are essential before signing a contract. Following are some of the tips before engaging in Business.

#1: Define your Objectives and Goals

“People with the goal succeed because they know where they are going (Earl Nightingale)”

Objectives and goals are critical, as they give clarity to you as the SEO agency about the purpose of this outsourcing. Prepare a checklist and give it to the agency so that they can plan and devise their campaign methodology.

#2: Relevancy of SEO Agency

Each agency is not an expert in every business domain. The shoe brand advertisement differs from a Mobile phone service provider.

So be selective and ensure that the agency you choose for your job is equipped enough and has plenty of expertise in your business domain. A lousy business strategy can ruin your entire hard earned Business.

A typical example of bad advertising is the ad of Pepsi back in 2017, featuring supermodel Kendall Jenner. In this ad, Kendall was doing a photo shoot and then jumping into a protest and, in the end, offering a can to a Police officer. There was a severe backlash from the public, criticizing the company for promoting protest culture. Ultimately the company has to pull off the ad.

A typical example of bad advertising

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#3: Compare all Competitors.

Compare all bidders with reference to the cost, time, and expertise. A low-cost bidder might not have enough experience in your field, and you might waste your money.

Critically review all bidders and make a complete comparative statement. This will help you to find the best possible agency within an optimum budget for link building.

#4: Performance Audit

Authentic, legitimate backlinks are time-consuming and require much negotiation, expertise, and patience. In contrast, malicious, spammy, illegitimate link building is easy and cheap.

The black hat link building is determinantal for your Business, so be vigilant and categorically ask your agency that there should not be any Black hat links. These links usually come from betting, pornographic websites, and spammy add-on extensions, which pollute your website and hurt your business growth.

So keep track of your backlink, as Google lowers the ranking of websites that are created using the black hat strategy.

#5: Transparency

Transparency in the financial and working environment is a company’s key feature. While engaging with the SEO company for outsourcing, observe the transparency level of the company.

Observe the strategies a company uses for link creation, the mode of payment, and whether they are willing to share their links’ audit and progress reports. These aspects will show how transparent they are in their dealings and work.

#6: Ready for Change

In the present era, be always ready to change and inform your agency beforehand that there could be changes in the objectives and goals if there are drastic changes in market trends.

One who is not ready to adopt can not stay in the field. So adapt according to the situation.

#7: Quality vs. Quantity

Always give more weightage to quality than quantity because the backlinks for a high-authority website are better than 100 low-authority website links. So ask your agency that there is no compromise on the quality of backlinks.

One small wrong step can cause massive trouble for your Business, So keep monitoring the progress of your link building. Do not rely on agency data; try to have quality control at your end.

#8: Documentation

Always prepare the complete documentation of your contract, with clear information on objectives and goals, quality and quantity of backlinks, and cost and time of completion.

A well-written document will help your agency to achieve its goals within the specified time and cost. An agency can manipulate and even blackmail you if you leave any gray area in your contract.

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#9: Link Maintenance

Backlinking is a patience-testing and long-term goal. It is like running in a marathon rather than a 100-meter sprint race. Even after you build the link, it requires continuous attention because of changes one might make in their websites and indexing

So, add a link maintenance clause to your contract so your company can benefit from that backlink for a long time.

#10: Variable Pricing Plans

There are multiple pricing business models available to outsource link building. This model could be based on time, where one has to build the desired number of links in a specified time, or it could be based only on the specific number of links. 

In addition to the above, one can base its pricing model on “Cost plus,” where the expenditure cost is paid, and a percentage of the profit is shared. Similarly, other options are also available, e.g., performance-based payment, Profit sharing, etc. In short, one can negotiate with the SEO company as per the demand and budget.

#11: Offshoring

In offshoring, a company outsources a project to another company in a different part of the world. This is basically done to take advantage of low cost, less taxes, and cheap labor. So do not rule out offshoring options while outsourcing, as it is an affordable, inexpensive, and well-proven method.

This is generally a practice in the world now. For the same reason, the majority of freelancers are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because of low labor costs.

An SEO package that might cost you 2000$ in the USA can be made 500$ in Pakistan. It’s a win-win situation: companies get the links cheaper, and SEO experts earn more than their local pay.

Elon Musk said in an article that China is an excellent manufacturing destination for his company’s electric cars and said that inevitably his manufacturing will be done there

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is buying links legal?

Yes, as long as they look natural and not coming from spammy, malicious, illegitimate websites.

Is Outsourcing Link Building cheap?

Yes, it’s cheaper than in-house setup.

Is outsourcing time-saving?

Yes, it saves time, as an expert team is doing your job.

Does Google penalize buying links?

Yes, if backlinks are coming from illegitimate sources

Does Backlinks increase your visibility?

Yes, they increase your visibility, credibility, and authenticity.

How many backlinks are required to rank your website?

There is no threshold for that; more is better if they are organic and authentic.


Link-building outsourcing is an efficient and effective way of promoting your Business with less time and cost. An SEO agency can boost your Business by leaps and bounds with a well-customized link-building strategy based on a white hat.

Outsourcing with trust-based relationships will definitely give a hike to your Business. Dlinx Outreach is such a trustworthy agency that built links in high DA and DR websites, thus boosting your website’s ranking in the most cost and time-effective manner. Their portfolio is full of projects related to a variety of different domains. In a world full of malicious and corrupt agencies, Dlinx outclasses them with trustful clients and high performance. Contact us for more information and discussion. 

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