Creative Link Building In Digital Marketing – A Complete Guide

Creative Link Building In Digital Marketing

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SEO is incomplete without the right link-building approaches. Links play a vital role in driving traffic toward your website, especially in competitive industries. Investing in link building not only boosts your Google search rankings but also creates quality leads. 

However, is it as easy to implement creative link building in digital marketing as it sounds? Absolutely not!

Although link building brings forth the ultimate benefits that you have always been looking for, to get there, you need to spend countless efforts. Many businesses are still unable to break through the bottleneck no matter how extensive SEO tactics they use. 

Does this describe you? Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the correct page!

So, What is link building and why does it matter? In this blog, we have composed a complete guide of all elements of link building in digital marketing that you must know before diving into action. 

Let’s get started!

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What Is Creative Link Building In Digital Marketing?

What Is Creative Link Building In Digital Marketing

Links, Backlinks, and Link building are the common jargon used in the whole digital marketing industry but exactly what is link-building SEO?

Link building in digital marketing is the technique of earning or acquiring hyperlinks from one website back to your own. Such a hyperlink is the means for the audience to navigate between the pages on both websites. 

Having a powerful backlink profile is essential to your Google SEO efforts and, ultimately, your rankings.

Link building can be done for a plethora of reasons. It is not always done to boost your connections with a particular website, they may also be used by journalists, bloggers, or influencers to mention their favorite brands or more. 

Moreover, some links are actually used to manipulate search engines into ignoring particular websites or pages as well. Such links are known as NoFollow links. 

So, depending upon the use and type of links, their meaning, attributes, and use change completely. Hence, you must have a basic understanding of how you can leverage the links to achieve your goals. 

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Why Is Link Building Important For SEO?

Why Is Link Building Important For SEO

These days, link-building SEO is comparable to brilliant marketing, and the organizations that grasp this are generally the ones that win in the long run. The links are pathways for the search engine to follow either to discover new web pages or to determine how well a page deserves to rank in the SERPs.

When you have just started a website, it is difficult to make your presence known by search engines. This is where link building jumps in as a knight in shining armor.

Backlinks with reputable websites help your domain to build trust with the search engines by leveraging the authority of such websites that you link to. The hyperlinks lead Google to consider your content and websites trustworthy and relevant enough to be pushed high in the ranks.

To put it simply, the links are a vote of confidence about a page. In hindsight, it means that a page gets a link from high authority domains because it deserves to. 

Therefore, the sooner and more meticulously you build your backlink profile, the earlier you will develop your authority in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

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Types Of Link Building

Types Of Link Building

Although countless types of links are in use by SEO specialists to make their presence known to the Google search engine. But, it is crucial to know the types of backlinks and how they will affect your site’s reputation in the eyes of Google.

Embedding the right type of links on your website and creating a backlink portfolio can affect your domain’s authority by leaps and bounds.

Let’s get you acquainted with the most basic link-building types that cover all the other categories under their wings.

  1. Internal Links

Internal linking is the method of linking your own website’s pages to each other. This serves as a way for the audience to jump from one page to another while staying on your own website. 

These types of links are best to keep viewers on your website for a longer duration. An easy recipe to engage the audience is to create internal links to relevant pages. The more relevant the linked page is the more chances for viewers to go through your content.

Internal linking strategy develops a link structure that helps Google to understand your website’s architecture and how the content is related. When Google finds your content relevant and trustworthy it ranks your content higher in the search engines and also boosts your online visibility. 

Remember to use anchor texts that contain relevant keywords to the destination page. Although generic ones are used extensively, for internal linking it is better to use the exact-match, partial-match, or branded anchors.

  1. Backlinks or Inbound Links

Backlinks, aka, Inbound links are placed on other websites or their pages to redirect back to your website. They are also called incoming links.

Backlinks are one of the most used types of link building. The reason is, such links are able to pass on the link juice from the authoritative website back to yours. Most of the link-building practices that you will see spread all around the internet and Google search console are backlinks. 

All SEO specialists and link-building agencies are trying to win, earn or acquire the backlinks by whatever means they can resort to. Some also indulge in black hat link-building approaches that are unethical and can bring more harm to your business than good. 

Hence, you must stay aware of the practices that can benefit you in the long run and are recognized as credible by Google algorithms. 

Tip:  An important tip for building backlinks is to ensure their quality. Unlike traditional SEO practices where the quantity of links decides your domain authority, with advancements in Google algorithms, the quality is of vital importance. 

So, Build a large number of high-quality links with high authority websites to experience heavy propulsion towards the top ranks in SERPs. 

  1. Outbound Links

Outbound links are the complete contrast of Backlinks or Inbound links. The outbound links are the links that direct toward other websites. 

Let’s understand it like this: When you get a backlink from a website that backlink is the outbound link for the link holding website. So when you are holding a link for another website in your content piece, it serves as an outbound link for you and a backlink to the linking website.

Now, you might raise a question about whether an outbound link can benefit your domain when you are redirecting your audience to other websites. 

Although outbound links can’t compare to the benefits brought by backlinks, they can also improve your Google search rankings.

When you place relevant outbound links in the right place where your viewers would be most interested, it builds trust in your website as you are providing a valuable source of information to them.

Tip: A vital trick to keep your viewers from leaving your page completely is to optimize your website such that the links to other websites open in a new tab. This will convince your audience to navigate back to your website whenever they want to. it’s one of the most effective and Creative Link building in digital marketing.

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Creative Link-Building Strategies in Digital Marketing

Creative Link Building Strategies in Digital Marketing

With an abundance of data online, it is quite difficult to point out which strategies to adopt and how to create a link for a business. In earlier years, google ranked pages based on text on a webpage, but with increased competition, webmasters started adding keywords to help google identify them easily.

The whole phenomenon has escalated even further with the addition of anchor texts, backlinks, SEO keywords, high-quality content, relevance, and much more. This, in turn, has made Google algorithms evolve as well.

In order to cut through all the competition and make your way toward the top ranks, you must adapt creative link-building strategies in addition to other SEO practices. Here are a few essential approaches that can help you with building powerful links:

Strategic Guest Blogging

In the Link Building SEO industry, it is needless to say that guest blogging is one of the main sources of getting inbound links from highly respective websites and generating more traffic. 

Webmasters are highly indulged in making high-quality content and employing content marketers to generate the backlinks for placements in such content, but the important term to consider is ‘high-quality and valuable content’.

Imagine when you go to a beautifully designed restaurant, but the food is not of high quality. Will you revisit it? Most probably not! The content pieces are like food that is served on highly reputed websites. If the content is not good, unique, and relatable, it is highly unlikely for it to be recognized by a large audience. 

In guest blogging, strategically placed links and unique content are the vital factors that you must focus on. Highly relevant, good quality and unique content also attracts the attention of the Google search engine and enhances your website’s chances of ranking. 

Strive for Editorial Links

Editorial backlinks are contextual backlinks like guest blogs with the difference that you strive for guest blogs, while editorial links are earned automatically by your valuable content pieces.

When a highly reputed website recognizes your content piece, they take the initiative of producing links with you, such links are editorial links. Search engines put these links in high regard since the authoritative websites are vouching for your trustworthiness and high quality. 

Editorial links are of utmost importance. If one link-building type can make your authority and rank skyrocket fast, editorial backlinks fall second to none. 

These types of links are extremely hard to come by, but fret not, you can always get external help to ensure your success. There are several link-building agencies, like Dlinx Outreach, who employ the best SEO professionals and in-house content writers and marketers to create fresh and unique content to allure the authoritative websites. 

Seek their help and wait for the best news!

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Unlinked Mentions Reclaim

One of the relatively easier ways to develop links is through unliked reclamation. To begin with, you can search Google for your business mentions on other websites, comment sections, forums, or other platforms.

  • If such mentions don’t have a backlink already:
  • Extract the contact information of the webmaster
  • Reach out to them and pitch your idea in precise form.
  • If both sides agree with the terms you can seal the deal by providing them with your anchor text.  

The best part about unlike mention reclamations is that you don’t have to do much as there is already a content piece that’s dished out to the audience with your mention and all you need to do is add a topping of hyperlink linking back to your website or page.

If you are still unsure of how to reach out to webmasters or how to pitch them efficiently, you can always find out a lot of templates online and customize them according to your liking.

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Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Over the last few years, HARO link building has taken the SEO industry by surprise. Everyone is striving to get links by HARO to the extent that the industry is saturated now. 

But should you give up? Of Course Not! 

Even though the market is tight in competition, there are still many super-high authority links for you to grab. HARO link building can promise tremendous traffic, rank, authority, leads, and sales opportunities.

Remember that, due to the nature of reactive PR, journalists frequently publish requests before composing their material. So they must sort through all of the responses to select one that is appropriate, write and edit an article, and have it published. 

The best strategy for gaining HARO links is by striking at the right time, sending a precise pitch, and responding quickly to the responses to get that one mega link that everyone else is striving for. 

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Go For Niche Edits

Niche edits, aka, Curated Links are the links that you can obtain by finding high-performing published content without significant hyperlinks and requesting your own backlinks to such content.

Niche edits are a valuable source of links as the content is already doing well and you can take advantage of it by putting your hyperlink to blend in naturally. 

All you have to do is to reach out to the webmaster and pitch them your idea to make some edits to the published content.

Tip: It is best to find a high-performing content piece relevant to your niche. This will make your data relevancy higher for the search engine to deem it trustworthy. 

Forum and Blog Comments

Comments sections are really in trend for the past few years and are gaining more popularity as time goes by. Everyone is searching for their queries in the comments or inquiry forums to seek answers from a diverse audience. 

Getting links from forums or blog comments can also provide you with high organic traffic. For instance, Quora Digest is a well-developed and well-liked platform for getting answers to your questions.

If you adopt the Comment link building strategy, all you have to do is drop down your answers or comments in forums or blog comment sections with your link placement in it and you are all done!

Tip: Dropping too many links within the same page can do your domain more harm since Google will consider it spam. So, it is better to blend your link as naturally as possible into your comment so that it won’t seem promotional. Also, only comment on the queries relevant to your niche. 

Reconnect Broken Links

Broken link building is identifying broken links on other web pages and then attempting to replace them with links to your own domain. This method is especially useful because website owners are constantly looking for solutions to resolve their broken links.

This strategy might assist you in developing ties with other website owners. By offering to repair a broken link, you are providing value to the website owner, and they may be more willing to share your content pieces or links to your website in the future.

What’s more, the broken links have been around for quite some time and thus have developed a stream flow of traffic as compared to newly published articles. 

Investing your time in broken link building not only saves you the hassle of creating new content but also provides you instant results due to high organic traffic 

You may use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to discover broken links easily.

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How Does Link Building Benefit Your Business?

How Does Link Building Benefit Your Business

In this highly competitive digital age, it has become inevitable to introduce your business on online platforms to thrive multinationally. Businesses that are still yet to learn the value of online approaches and networking are unlikely to make their mark on the world.

If you are passionate about creating opportunities for your business to prosper so much as to know no bounds, you must know the importance of link building and SEO practices. Here’s how link-building techniques can benefit your business on a worldwide scale:

Relationship Buildup

Link building frequently entails reaching out to other comparable websites and blogs in your niche. This outreach to link-building sites is typically used to promote your piece of content, product, or service.

Blogger outreach to authoritative websites might lead to developing long-term relationships. By connecting to highly reputable websites, your domain reputation and authority also skyrocket due to the link juice passed on by the high-domain websites. 

If you cast aside the links for a moment, simply connecting to the websites relative to your niche can aid your development significantly in the long run. In certain circumstances, you may develop relationships with writers or journalists who, rather than the other way around, contact you and ask for your assistance.

Link building is the ultimate gateway to creating healthy business relationships with other websites, brands, bloggers, or influences that can not only help rank your website higher but also clear a path for creating new business co-operations and collaborations.  

Brand Awareness

High-quality link building can build your brand image while establishing authority on the SERPs. The higher your online visibility, the more your brand will be recognized by the audience. Link building can help to drive the organic traffic of the origin website toward yours. 

If your content, products, or services are relevant to the origin website, there are increased chances of improving your sales and leads as well. 

Employing link-building techniques specifically centered around enhancing your brand image and the expertise of your company can take you a long way to build your brand image among a wider audience.

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Source Of Referral Traffic

We have already talked about the role of link-building in increasing your brand awareness by driving traffic. But what is referral traffic? Referral traffic is the audience that makes its way toward your website through links on authoritative websites.

Links to relevant topics on your website also improve the chances of conversions and viewers returning. Although a large role is played by your unique and relatable content or product that is able to stop thumbs from scrolling any further, a referral link also plays its role. 

When a high authority website links to your domain, it also builds trust with Google that your website is relevant and high quality enough to be ranked higher in the SERPs. With higher ranks in search engines, your website is introduced to a wider audience thus increasing the chances of organic traffic as well.

Final Thoughts

Starting your business and raising its awareness among a large audience is quite challenging. It can take you years to produce considerable results. But, to compete in this online battle of authority, you must familiarize yourself with the right tactics that serve as the center point of your website’s prosperity. 

Above mentioned techniques are very effective if you are going yo follow in a creative Link building in digital marketing can help you stand confidently among competitors in the long run. Get enough knowledge and employ it to build your own online empire. 

But remember, the world is continuously evolving. What works well today, might be of no use in the future. The wise way is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and modify your strategies to best tackle the situation at hand.

Follow new updates of Google search engine guidelines to boost your domain on the way to success.

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