Why Is Content-Based Link-Building Effective?

Why Is Content-Based Link-Building Effective

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It is widely accepted that “Content is the king,” and rightly so; if your content is not catchy, full of relevant information, audience oriented and above all, authentic and original, you will not be able to attract the masses to read and share it.

Links are the essence of SEO, and they are the ones that increase your ranking and your position in the search engine results pages. This increases your visibility and credibility in Google’s search engine.

Creating links is straightforward; create content worthy enough that make people share and link it. Your content is your lifeline. Mighty content can enhance your business in leaps and bounds and weak content can ruin your hard-earned business.

In the marketing world, one can not survive without links, as these increase your visibility, attract your customer, and bring you a high conversion rate. Links building is a tiresome process, and there are two main ways to build links.

Black hat and white hat link-building process, where the former is based on illegitimate, malicious and predatory websites and later on the authentic, legitimate and high ranked and authority websites.

Great content captivates the visitor, lures the reader, fantasizes him into a whole new world and forces him to visit your platform not once but again and again. Luring one into your platform might be easy, and motivating him to visit repeatedly and effectively is the real challenge.

For that purpose, you need to create great content; the content people like to refer onward, quote in their articles, show in the case studies, and suggest in their reports. So, the following are the features and properties  of content that make them great and are likely to be linked;

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Keywords Oriented

Keywords Oriented

Search engines are designed to look for keywords, and the presence of relevant keywords in your content makes your content visible. Search engine algorithms are designed to determine what people have searched and the keywords most visitors use.

The “Searched keywords” data can be retrieved using different SEO tools and anchor your text to incorporate these words. The typical example is that running shoes are the most common keyword for the shoes used for light running, but if you have used “hopping shoes” in your brand, then Google will not divert the traffic of running shoes to your platform.

Optimum Number of Words

In the era of microblogging, it is essential to summarize your topic. Your content should not be so lengthy that people get bored and leave it in between; neither should it be too small that they skim through and forget.

The ideal number of words for a blog is between 1500 to 2000. Too lengthy will make people forget the initial information, and too small might not cover the necessary details. The picture below shows the Google search rank of content as a function of the number of words.

Optimum Number of Words

Memorable and Quotable

Content should be easily memorable to be quoted, wherever and whenever required. This will increase the visibility of your content. Following are a few tips that could help to make the content memorable.

  • Try to write in small paragraphs and complete the subtopic in that paragraph.
  • Use heading and subheading, as it is easy to scan the content.
  • Use numbering and bulleting where necessary to emphasize your points.
  • Add stats to enhance the authority of your content.
  • Add infographics to attract the attention of a reader.
  • Add a table of content and sidebars in your content, where applicable, for easy navigation.

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The main purpose of writing great content is to be shared and linked, and if you haven’t added this feature to your website, all your effort goes in vain.

There must be a “share” button at two to three points in your content so that readers do not have to navigate up and down to share your content. Moreover, this sharing feature must be able to share overall main social media platforms.

Updated and Reliable Content

Content should be updated and reliable, as people would feel confident sharing and citing it. Big brands like BBC, CNN and SkyNews have created credibility over the years by carefully scrutinizing the news before reporting. So, now their readers are confident in sharing and linking their content.

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Celebrities Life Style and Interviews

Interviews of celebrities do make into the great content lists. People are keen to know about famous personalities and their lifestyles. They wanted to know what they ate, wear, listen and play.

CNN recently published an article in which they published Barak Obama’s favourite songs list. As the former US president is very famous and people would love to read about it and quote about it in their articles, so are likely to get links.

Celebrities Life Style and Interviews

Case Studies

Try to include case studies in your content, as it gives authority and validation. If your case studies are well-driven and embedded with the data and details, they will likely get links.

Case studies prove social viability and expertise and provide a bond with the general public. Furthermore, it also gives them a feel of the presence of that particular item within their boundaries.

Expert Opinion

You often have read or even heard in a TV show where a Journalist calls upon an “Expert” for his views on a subject under discussion. These experts added endorsements to your content. The more you are experts more powerful your content will be.

So roundup of experts and their comparative statements will add authority to your content and increase the chances of getting links.

Adding experts’ opinions to your content will also attract the regular reader of those gurus. This will also give you more traffic and more links.

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Collaborative contents

Collective wisdom is always better than a sole thinker. It gives more ideas and better ways to execute. Human beings are social animals and require collaboration to execute many operations, so why not on content?

In addition, it is also a win-win situation for all collaborating parties as readers and listeners of all collaborators will visit the page, increasing the traffic and chances of links.


Infographics are a better and more captivating way to get links. Google has also indexed images when you search. If these infographics are well designed, with the relevant information and data, they will give you links. Images should be high-quality, catchy and full of information endorsed with the data and stats.

Local Publications

Whether your product has international branding, do not overlook the local publication platform. Local readers and viewer own their brand and like to read about it, and are likely to promote it because of the ownership they feel at the back of their minds.


Content-based on data and stats is very effective, and you have more chances to get links. Surveys are one the better option to get the data and stats.

This survey shows how the “masses” feel about a particular brand or other things, which will likely be referred to and linked.

A recent glimpse of a survey conducted in the UK to assess the role of technology in healthcare is shown below. The data presented in the surveys give the idea of the general inclination of the public, which the public love to read and link.

Key Findings from the Report

Viral Content

In the present era, things become viral in a matter of a day or even hours for good and bad reasons. Writing about these viral issues would earn you links as people are curious about the viral things and want to know the truth about them.

Recently a video from Manipur India appeared on social media, in which a mob was seen assaulting a  naked woman, and CNN is fast enough to cover it.

Viral Content

Well written and Entertaining

If Flow and story building is combined with the right selection of words, it will captivate the readers, and they are likely to stay, link and visit again and again in your page.

Jumping between the different topics from here to there will confuse and irritate them, and they will likely leave your content.

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Things to Avoid

The following things must be avoided in your content to lure readers and create links.

1. Copy Pasting

Never copy and paste other’s content; it is a criminal offence and such plagiarized content will be taken down by the Google web crawler and penalized.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Adding keywords to your content is necessary for better visibility, but stuffing it with keywords would not solve your problem. Forcing irrelevant keywords always hinders the flow and gives a bad feeling to the readers.

3. Faking and Manipulating Data

Faking the data to give numbers to capture the reader’s attention is a way to improve your write-up. In the present era, not only Google but others working in the same niche cross-check everything; sooner or later, it will be reported, and Google will penalize such content.

Similarly, manipulating the data for your or someone’s interest to show the desired results is equally punishable. So never manipulate your data for link building, as it is socially, morally, and ethically a crime.

According to The Scientist.com, many articles were retracted for multiple reasons. Following is a famous example of the retraction of an article.

Faking and Manipulating Data

4. Reporting without Validation

The writer is responsible for validating the data before publishing it, as he is solely responsible for the data. Data without a cross-check is garbage, which no one would like to link.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was very hard to validate the data, and researchers have published many articles, which were later retracted mostly because of lack of validation.

5. Idea Theft

You were stealing and presenting someone else’s idea as your shows your corrupt character. So, avoid it as it is their intellectual property, and they have all the right to publish it in their content.

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Great content is penned down based on original ideas, validated stats, and scintillating infographics endorsed with expert opinion. It is well-written, legitimate and fluent to convince the reader to link.

Dlinx Outreach is a company that uses all the necessary ingredients to generate content that makes it great and entices people to link them naturally. We have been working in this field for a long time and have tons of experience creating SEO-optimized great content. Feel free to contact us for further discussion and a quote.

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