Can a Blog be Used for the Link Building?

Can a Blog be Used for the Link Building

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While planning a dinner date in New York City, one will search “Top Romantic restaurants in New York.” You will open the first page of Google’s recommendation and start reading it. So the article you are reading is a blog, which gives you ample information of your interest.

In linguistics, experts suggest a blog combines “web” and “log,” which is later reduced to a blog.

Wikipedia defines a blog as “an informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).”

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”

Andrew Sullivan

Why blog is influential in Digital Marketing?

Why blog is influential in Digital Marketing

The blog is a source of information, and the articles at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) have high traffic flux. So, an SEO expert will work to get a backlink in a top-rated blog, which can immensely benefit your business.

That’s the same reason brands gift their items to actors, athletes, you tubers and famous bloggers to review them and post a blog or a review video on their social media pages. This way, they attract customers to their websites.

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Kind of Blogs

Kind of Blogs

Think of a tech item, a place, an attire, or even a Fighter Jet; you will find ample information about these things and many others in a matter of seconds. It means everyone is promoting their businesses by blogging. So blogging is vital in digital marketing.

There are different types of blogs, and most common types of blogs are;

  • Tech blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Food blogs
  • News blogs
  • Review blogs

Each type of blog has its importance and transfers the information to its reader in the best possible way.

Gone are the days when contents were given the sole important factor. It is the “Blogger”  as well that readers look upon. E.g., a blog from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai or former USA president Barack Obama would get more reads than an ordinary blogger.

 That’s why celebrities from different walks of life are paid to write a paid review or record a paid review video for a product or brand.

So influencers commonly write blogs on their social media pages, magazines and websites to get more and more reads and reviews. These influencers are usually experts in their niche, and their followers give a high weightage to their reviews and the information they provide.

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Black Hat and White Hat Blogs

Black Hat and White Hat Blogs

SEO strategies use multiple platforms to boost a product or service, including a blog. The black hat strategy in blogging will always go for spammy, broken, illegitimate, copied and plagiarized blogs, which bring more bad than good for your business. In contrast, white hag blogs will boost your business with legitimate, authentic and informative content.

So,  inform your SEO partner that “Never EVER” go for a black hat blog, as these might bring traffic to your website momentarily, but that traffic is not your real customer. Moreover, Google also takes serious action against these blogs, discounting and penalizing them.

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Links Building

Links Building

Blogs are one of the core sources of link-building for your business and brand. Apart from other link-building sources, blogs are more audience oriented. So one would find a specific group of readers for a particular blog. So to produce a link, you must look for a blog that attracts an audience related to your brand. Following are the ideas to build links using blogs.

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Look for a Customer Oriented Blog

If you’re selling cutlery and got a link to a sports blog or a Men’s attire shop, these would not boost your business. First, sort your audience, e.g., your targeted customers are females in the cutlery business. So look for those blogs mostly read by females, like fashion, lifestyle and food blogs. A link in these blogs will give a boost to your business. So if you are looking for a blog to build a link, be customer oriented.

Search for a Broken Link.

A broken link on a famous and authentic blog is also an excellent source to put in your link. The process is straightforward; look for a broken link, email the webmaster and send your link; if the webmaster is kind enough, he will replace the old link with your link.

Before contacting the webmaster, remember that the link you want to use should be authentic, updated, and well-versed with the blog.

Comment Section of a Blog

Some sites allow comments at the end of a blog. So look for the comment sections of famous blogs, comment and put your link in that. Again, be sure the link is not malicious, as the webmaster continuously audits and scrutinizes some comments and removes them.

Avoid Malicious and Plagiarized Blogs

Malicious, spammy and plagiarized blogs are easy to get traffic but are detrimental to your business in the long run. Google is stringent against such blogs; web crawlers are always searching for such blogs, penalizing them and lowering their search ranking.

Interacting Blogs

To get more traffic and boost your business, always write interactive blogs. Interacting blogs are conducive, well thought and well written. It presents qualitative and quantitative analysis to its reader to help them make decisions.

Interviews of Celebrities and Influencers

People are made about influencers and famous personalities; try to get them interviewed and publish them. This will induce traffic to that blog and then it can be used for the link building.

Keyword Manipulation

One needs to understand how Google ranks a website. A keyword is one of the key features in Google’s algorithm. So, use strong keywords in your blogs to rank your blog. It is pertinent to mention that Google will discount a blog overstuffed with keywords. 

Microblogs on Social Media

Everyone is short of time, so things are getting minimalist. People are much induced towards Facebook and Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and microblogs on Social media.

Microblogging is a short but effective blog form that instantly conveys the message and engages the audience. Since these social media platforms are handy and easily accessible on the scroll, boosting your business is very effective. Stats show that 52% of website traffic comes from mobile users.

A typical example of a microblog is shown in the picture below from the Facebook page of famous freelancer Mr. Hisham Sarwar, where he beautifully and precisely presented his journey in less than 200 words and motivated others not to lose hope.

Facebook page of famous freelancer

Features of an Effective Blog

  • Dynamic
  • Updated contents
  • Factual
  • Audience oriented.
  • Authentic and Plagiarism free
  • Fluent and Attention Grabbing
  • Relevant Backlinks
  • Thoughtful and Well Researched
  • Easily Navigate-able
  • Impressive Design

It is challenging to pen down the main features of a blog, as blogs could be personal and introverted, elusive and factual, opinionated and prejudiced, reflexive and addictive. Following are some of the key features of a blog

These are the features of a good blog. A blog well-versed in these features will grab readers’ attention and induce traffic toward your platform.

Features of an Effective Blog


A blog is a simple-looking, perplexed piece of writing that should encapsulate the reader with dynamic, updated, authentic and well-versed content.  It is also an important way of link building for gaining high yet authentic traffic to your website.

Writing a blog for link building in SEO is not everyone’s job; it requires specialized SEO experts. Dlinx Outreach is a group of technical people who could help you to grow your business using different SEO Strategies. Dlinx believes in authenticity and has already produced several blogs for different platforms. For details, look into our portfolio. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation and further discussion. 

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