12 Types of Backlinks for SEO You Need to Know for Link Building Process

Types of Backlinks for SEO

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Backlinks are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. It is a vote of confidence from your peers, which enhances your authority and ranking among your competitors. Despite continuous improvement and evolution in Google’s algorithm in determining the rank of a platform, backlinks are still a decisive factor.

On a broader spectrum, these backlinks can be divided into two main categories: dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

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What are Nofollow Backlinks?

These are unreliable links whose authority can not be determined, so you tag them in your HTML coding at “Nofollow,” which passes the information to Google that you do not trust these links.

These are not considered in your ranking. These links come from the guest posting, comments sections, etc. Although these links do not directly play a role in your ranking, these nofollow links can lead you to follow links, which are beneficial for your authority.

More details about nofollow links can be found in this blog post.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Those authentic and genuine links that pass the link juice to the website are called “dofollow” links. You tag these links as “dofollow,” which tells Google to consider them genuine and use them to pass the vote of confidence. These links are integral to SEO and contribute to your position in search engine result pages.

The next section will discuss some famous types of dofollow backlinks.

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Types of Backlinks for SEO

Types of Backlinks

There are many types of backlinks, but we have discussed here the most relevant and working types of backlinks for SEO. So, these links can be divided into the following types.

1. Backlinks from Press Releases

Press releases are a source of knowledge about new technology, advancements or upgradation. All persons who are experts in a particular niche are likely to take an interest in the press releases to keep themselves well-versed. So, backlinks in press releases have high conversion rates, and top search engines value such backlinks.

Backlinks from press releases are an authentic marketing strategy, and they also motivate other outlets to link to your platform, increasing organic traffic and ranking.  

The picture below is the press release from the BBC Studio, with the backlink of BLUEYLIVE.COM for further information.

Irrelevant Press Releases

2. Email Outreach Backlinks

Email outreach is a good source of backlinks. A well-crafted, short, relevant email with backlinks gives you high traffic and business. It is very necessary to keep in touch softly with your customers to update them with your “New Arrival,” “Upgradation,” “Bug Removal,” etc. These backlinks have high value as well.

The picture below shows the email outreach of AliExpress, and information about the latest product in their store.

email outreach of AliExpress

3. Social Media Backlinks

Currently, Social media is the “King of Marketing.” You might have noticed that every brand has a page on each social media platform, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These social media pages are used to backlink visitors to the main platform, increasing traffic.

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4. Backlinks form Ads

One can also run ads on social media and other websites with the backlink “Visit our page” as an essential SEO strategy. These backlinks should be an integral part of your SEO strategy.

Before the inception of social media and SEO, print and visual media ads were the sole source of advertisement and gave some serious buyers. This strategy still works but with different dynamic parameters.

5. Backlinks from Bio

Some guest posting sites do not allow backlinks in their articles, so putting the backlinks in your Bio is preferable. It is also recommended then to make your Bio catchy, informative and relevant so that visitors get the required information in your Bio. These backlinks in the Bio still affect the SEO and give you the link Juice.

The picture below shows the backlink (Red Arrow) in the Bio of a content writer.

Author Bio Backlinks

6. Backlinks from Sponsorship

Some backlinks come from sponsorship. Different brands send their products to influencers and celebrities and ask for backlinks in their social media accounts, or they sponsor a particular campaign or team and ask them to place a backlink on their website. These influencers, celebrities or websites used to have a large authentic and serious viewership, who value their opinion and recommendation. Hence backlinks from such platforms increase your ranking.

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7. Badge Backlinks

When a site posts your emblem on its platform, promoting your platform and backlinking its visitor to it. One must find websites related to your niche and approach them for badge backlinks. One can use SEO tools like Ahref and MOZ to find the platform related to your field. These backlinks from the badge program should be an integral part of your SEO.

8. Backlinks from the Comments Section

Backlinks from the Comments Section

Most sites tag the comment section with the “nofollow”, as most commenters leave a spammy link in the comment section. Moreover, if they do not tag these links as nofollow, then webmaster critically analyzes the comment section and deletes these malicious links.

It is believed that if your backlink in the comment section is genuine and relevant, the webmaster will not delete it, and it could give you traffic.

9. Backlinks from Free Tools

Giving a free trial version of a costly tool is an effective way of getting attention and backlinks. You may offer small services that are easy to program and embed in your platform, giving the visitor trivial but essential information. Typical examples are a property tax calculator in a particular country, vehicle registration cost, Body mass index (BMI), etc.

10. Editorial Backlinks

If a webmaster links to your work on his website, this is called an editorial backlink. To earn such links, content on your website should be genuine, legitimate, relevant and updated. Your content should provide relevant information regularly in their niche.  Your content should be so attractive and capititavie that it forces other platforms to link them.

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11. Guest Posting Backlinks

Guest Posting Backlinks

Most of the websites allow guest posting. This strategy is the easiest and cheaper way to earn backlinks. It is also essential to prepare high-quality content to publish on the high-rank website to place the backlinks back to your platform.

These websites should be relevant to the niche. It is equally important not to stuff your blog with keywords, as the website might not publish such content.

12. Webinars Backlink

Webinars are a good source of product promotion and knowing the new trends in your niche. These webinars and their recordings with the backlinks to your sites will give traffic for a very long period. One needs to contact the organizers and motivate them to place your backlinks.

Types of Links to Avoid

Types of Links to Avoid

Google and other search engines are very strict against all such actions, which manipulate the criteria of ranking websites. All such backlinks, which come from illegitimate ways and platforms, are penalized by the web crawlers and Google decount them and lowers your rank. In extreme cases, Google reserves the right to take down your hard-earned platform.

So to avoid any such action by Google, one must be vigilant and avoid backlinks from malicious sources. Some of these types of backlinks are mentioned below.

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Paid Links

Paid links are mostly irrelevant and stuffed, which raises concerns in Google’s check. As per Google Guidelines, paid links are illegal, and platforms found using them will be penalized.

 Having said that, it is also seen that most SEO agencies rely on paid links. If one has to buy backlinks, then make sure these are relevant and come from relevant sources.

Irrelevant Press Releases

As mentioned above, press releases are a good source of backlinks, but “manufacturing or creating” press releases for the sake of backlinks is penalised. Those press releases that are not newsworthy or irrelevant are useless, and such content falls in the spam category.

Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks from low-quality platforms are easy to get but are useless, as such links do not increase your visibility and business. Moreover, backlinks from private block networks (PBNs) are illegal and must be avoided.

Malicious Sites

Those sites that spread spam, like betting and pornographic sites, are also easily caught able by web crawlers. So avoid links from these sites.

Spammy Plugins

We often receive requests to install plugins that contain some backlinks. These plugins, which are annoying for the users, must be avoided as they hardly give any organic traffic.

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Best Practices in Creating Backlinks

Best Practices in Creating Backlinks

Following are best practices in building backlinks, with the help of these practices you get the better link juice and website presence in search engine results.

Content is the King

Content is your king, so create impressive, well-researched and relevant content that forces visitors to refer and cite it at different forums. So focus on your content, as your work speaks louder than your words.

Review Articles

Add review articles that summarize all the relevant information on a particular niche. Such articles give ample and relevant information to the newbies and experts, as the former needs information and the latter refreshes its data.

Infographics and Charts

One picture is more than 1000 words, so augment your content with relevant pictures, charts and stats, as they support your argument and give a presentable look. Such content that captivates the reader will give your backlinks.

Testimonial and Reviews

Testimonies and reviews of your products on different platforms by the customers, experts of your niche, influencers and celebrities increase the credibility of your products, brand and services. Such things enhance the authenticity and force the visitors to refer to and link them.

Broken Link

Look for the broken links in your niche’s high DA and RA sites and send a polite email to the webmaster, informing him about the broken link and replacing it with your links. Make sure the link you are providing is relevant.

Claiming A Link

Some sites mention your platforms, work, brand and services without hyperlinking them. So email them and request them to add a link with that.


Backlinks are an integral and essential part of SEO, and they have a high value in Google’s algorithm to calculate your website ranking. It is also equally important to know how and where these backlinks are coming from, as the source matters the most.

If these sources are legitimate, authentic, trustworthy and from Ranked and authority platforms, then these will really boost your business.

In the marketing world, it is now part and parcel of every brand to hire expert SEO agencies to run their campaign on different platforms and earn backlinks. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that can help you earn genuine and authentic backlinks, which give you organic traffic. This organic traffic will ultimately accelerate the growth of your brand. Feel free to Contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is backlink?

Backlink is a hyperlinked text that takes you to another platform upon clicking.

Are backlinks increase your website ranking and authority?

Yes, backlinks increase your website ranking and authority in search engine results like Google, Bing and Yandex.

Quality vs. Quantity of backlinks; Which one is more important?

Both are important, but quality is more important than quantity. You should always get backlinks from high authority and relevant to your industry website or blogs.

Are paid links legal?

Technically paid links are not legal unless they look relevant and are not coming from an illegitimate source.

Do Nofollow backlinks pass you a link Juice?

No, they do not. But this type of backlink brings referral traffic to your website, improves website crawlability as well and helps you to make good partnerships in your industry.

Does Dlinx Outreach have a portfolio?

Yes, Dlinx Outreach is an experienced agency that has already completed many projects. Please have a look at its Portfolio.

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