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Local Search Engine Optimization

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Competition in the digital market is no joke.

It has always been challenging to make your presence known to the audience when some veterans stand in your way. But the struggle has escalated really tight with increasing businesses surfacing the market and highly advanced Google algorithms.

Every second is crucial if you want to survive the industry and grow your roots deep in the digital world. You must not waste your time on efforts that will pay you little to no fruit.

Instead of integrating your time in traditional SEO practices, focusing on Local Search Engine Optimization would be much more advantageous.

Our team can help you understand the whole concept of Local SEO and why it is necessary as a beginner. Let’s dive right into it! 

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What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO

If you are a small business new to the digital world, you must have seen people talking about Local SEO. So, if you are unsure what local SEO is, it is time to catch up and get in the know. 

Local SEO improves your search ranking and visibility in local search queries. Every local or small business must step forward to optimize the local SEO profile to get more attraction from their local community. 

With Local SEO, you manipulate the Google algorithms to list your business profile whenever a query is made relative to a specific area. 

For instance, if you type in a query about plumbing services around St. Louis, the Google search engine will direct all of the searches relevant to your question around a specific geographical area. The business ranking is much easier since the competition is cut down to a minimum.  

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Why Is Local SEO Important

Local SEO can not be neglected if you want to create your authority and be recognized by a large number of audiences. It is of little worth to direct all your practices around traditional SEO since there are behemoths with much higher authority in the digital market than yours.

Why would Google rank your website instead of the well-known and highly reputable businesses?

The trick to prosperity is to start within your area and then spread your wings to take flight on the broader world.

Many Local businesses fail miserably due to a lack of knowledge of Local SEO. However, it would be best if you didn’t end up like them. At Dlinx Outreach, we cater Local SEO strategies to align with your needs and requirements.

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What is The Difference Between SEO And Local SEO?

Difference Between SEO And Local SEO

Traditional SEO basically means making it easier for people to know about your website, whether they are near or far. The easier your website is to find, the more visitors you’ll get and the higher your site will show in the SERPs.

It does not involve any area restriction since you are getting results from all around the world. 

Local SEO strategy is a bit different. 

As the name suggests, local SEO is all about making it easier for local people to land on your site who are searching for a relevant business on Google.

Simply put, when a keyword is added to the Google search bar, Google will direct its crawlers to find the firms within that specific community or region to satisfy the user. 

Here’s how results are shown on the SERPs when you find a restaurant near me. The Local Pack is the list of businesses with top-notch Local SEO, while the organic results have top traditional SEO practices. 


While both stand for Search Engine Optimization, there is a bit of overlapping of both. Therefore, you must have some specific know-how of Local SEO to differentiate it from traditional SEO. It is all about optimizing your Google business profile and other local aspects to attract potential customers right in your geographical area.

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Core Ranking Factors of Local SEO

Core Ranking Factors of Local SEO

Many of the factors that determine traditional rankings also influence Local rankings. According to Google, there are 3 core ranking variables that can change the results in the top ranks. 


The most relevant result given the search query. Relevance is how satisfactorily a business profile matches what someone is searching for. You can control this ranking through proper on-page SEO and topical geographical relevance.


According to Google, distance is how far each possible search result is from the location used in the search. If you don’t specify your targeted location in the query, Google uses the location access to make the search on its own accord. 


Another local SEO factor is prominence. It refers to the performance of your business within your local pack. Simply put, how well-known your business is within your community.

You can boost your prominence by several folds if you nail the relevance and distance factors. 

You can optimize your brand’s prominence through four approaches, including:

  • Review count & Score on GMB 
  • Citation Accuracy
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Rankings

What Is Local SEO Strategy

Many successful SEOs have learned the hard way that local SEO is a lot more tricky than picking a few keywords and sprinkling them all about. Mastering the intricate terms can promise you fruitful results. Here’s how you can optimize your website for local searches:

Google My Business

Google my business is the application where you can create your business profile to enlist your business details. This acts like citations but is more beneficial since people are able to reach out easily. 

All you need is to enter the home address and confirm your business location on the maps and start typing in the related description that is necessary and in line with your brand. 

The business profile on Google my business should look like this:

Local Press

One of the most vital local SEO practices is to get in contact with the local press. Local press includes all local publications, including websites and newspapers. 

There are two ways that you can use to optimize your website, either through claiming the unmentioned links or creating new relationships for creating new links.

Schema Markup

Use schema markup on your website to enhance how top search engines understand & display your page in search engine results. To get rid of all the confusing coding, utilize the Google structured data markup aid. 

Just select the data type, that is, enter the URL of the page that you want to markup, and click the ‘start tagging’ button. 

Next, all that is left for you is to scroll down the page and add a few markup elements like phone number, address, and more. 

Wrap Up

SEO practices without thorough knowledge are just like making costly mistakes. As a small business, you have to understand the need for time and where you should spend your expenses. Local SEO is the best ferry to take you across the coast within a minimal time. 

If you are new to the digital landscape, it is not necessary to do everything on your own. You can join hands with our professional team of SEO specialists, who are ready to deal with any issue that you are facing. Visit Us to inquire more about how to achieve a high ranking with local SEO.

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