What is the difference between Blogspot and Blogger?

Difference between Blogspot and Blogger

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Blogger and Blogspot have been a topic of discussion among newbies for a long time, as both are used synonymously in blogs and articles. Both terms can refer to the same, but it is also essential to understand the difference between them.

Before explaining the difference, let me briefly describe the Blogger platform’s history. The blogger platform, which was the first of its kind to share your blogs on a digital forum, was originally created by Pyra Labs in the year 1999. Due to some technical and non-technical issues, this platform was bought by Google back in 2003.

Since 2006 all bloggers’ accounts have been hosted on Google’s servers. Being a free platform, it was a “big hit” initially and for the same reason, it became a source of irrelevant and spammy backlinks in digital marketing.

Both, Blogger and Blogspot are associated with each other, so let’s define them first and then highlight their differences.

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What is Blogspot?

What is Blogspot

In order to place content on the internet, one needs to have a domain. Blogspot is a sub-domain service owned by Google. So, if you want an account on Blogger, you will automatically be given a subdomain address for your blog, something like “yourblog.blogspot.com.”

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform powered and owned by the tech giant Google. It is a hosting service for your domain. So Blogger is a platform that allows you to create your content, and Blogspot is the subdomain service. So  Blogspot provides the domain to host Blogger.

What is Blogger

Main Difference between Blogger and Blogspot

Main Difference between Blogger and Blogspot

Below are some points one needs to know to distinguish between Blogger and Blogspot.

  • Blogspot is meant to provide the sub-domain, whereas Blogger is the platform that hosts your content.
  • Blogspot is formulated so that it only takes care of the blogger accounts. Blogger is hosted on Blogspot by default but can be hosted on any other domain.
  • Blogspot is free and backed by Google but provides limited functionality. Since Blogger can be imported on other domains, its functionality can be improved.
  • All the services of Blogsopt can only be accessed by Bloggers, whereas Blogger’s services can be accessed from different domains if hosted differently.

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Pros and Cons of Using Blogspot for Blogger

Pros and Cons of Using Blogspot for Blogger

Following are the Pros and Cons of Using Blogspot to host your Blogger.

  1. Blogspot domain has limited functionality customization and does not give you much freedom to play with the themes and widgets.
  2. More recently,  Blogspot has lost its credibility for being free for generating spammy and malicious links. In Search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketers are hungry for backlinks. They often target free services to generate these links to get a high rank, which makes Blogspot susceptible to black hat strategies.
  3. Google owns Blogspot and Blogger and could take down your content without notice.  
  4. In Blogspot, you can not change the domain name and URL; it is fixed, and Blogspot will be part of your domain address, whether you like it or not.
  5. Moreover, Blogspot does not allow you to add plugins. In addition to that, media file upload is also slow in the Blogspot.
  6. Being part of Google, Blogspot’s integration with Google’s services and its apps and security features are second to none.
  7. Being part of Google, indexing and ranking among search engine result pages is easy.
  8. Google also provides unlimited space for the Blogspot. In addition, Google also suggests ads based on your content and niche once your page gets famous and ranked.
  9. Creating a Blogspot is quite easy as well. Google has provided a step-by-step procedural guide to create.

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Pros and Cons of Using Other Domains for Bloggers

Pros and Cons of Using Other Domains for Bloggers
  1. Other domains like WordPress and Wix are not free and unlimited. You must pay them for their domain and space.
  2. These domains have many themes and customization options to make your work look impressive and catchy. The presentation of your site will give your visitors a good feel.
  3. Other domain providers give more flexibility and adaptability according to your needs.
  4. These are more user-friendly than Blogspot; a beginner can easily use them.
  5. They have more plugin functionality. They have hundreds of plugins that can be added to enhance the features and outlook of your platform.
  6. These sites are more mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. They are also more responsive and interactive. These factors also increase their ranking.
  7. In contrast to Blogspot, you have all the rights of ownership in other domains. Your domain can not be taken down without your knowledge.

In Short, Blogspot and Bloggers go hand in hand if you are interested in publishing your content online on a secure and free platform, which gives you unlimited space with good integration with Google apps and widgets. So, the former is a sub-domain, and the latter is a blogging host.

Based on their functionality, this article has explained all the basic differences between Blogspot and Blogger. It also gives the idea of good and bad on hosting your Blogger on Blogspot and other domain providers.

Creating a website on Blogspot or another domain is not a straightforward game. It requires expertise to make them more user-friendly and SEO-optimized. If you are looking for such experts, Dlinx Outreach is your go-to place. They are well-trusted and already have experience in the field. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Blogger and Blogspot the same?

No, Blogger is a blog hosting platform, and Blogspot is a sub-domain.

Is Blogspot still a thing?

Yes, Blogspot is still in place and working

Can we host Blogger on any other domain?

Yes, Blogger can be hosted on any other domain.

Does the user own Blogger and Blogspot?

No, both are owned by Google.

Is Blogger free and unlimited?

Yes, it is free and gives you unlimited space.

Can Blogger be used as an online store?

Technically, yes, but Google provides limited support for e-commerce requirements.

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