How Long Do Backlinks Take To Work?

How long do backlinks take to work

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If you are in a building business or running an SEO agency, the first question your client would ask is, “How long will it take to work?” and rightly so. One cannot wait long for a brand’s visibility in a competitive world like today, as its competitors will dominate the market.

So, in marketing, you need to promote your business at every forum. You need to run ads on TV, print media and social media. More recently, with the emergence of SEO, backlinks have been used for publicity in the digital world. Further details on backlinks can be found in this blog.

Do Backlinks Really Matter?

Do Backlinks Really Matter

Backlinks from referring domains show the credibility and authority of your website. More credible and authoritative referring domains will give you the link juice and increase your ranking in the Google search engine result pages whenever someone searches your niche. So, your backlinks is the major source of your credibility in Google’s algorithm.

Returning to the main question, “How long will it take to backlink work?”?. Well, just like the question, “What is the cost of a backlink?” there is no straightforward answer to this question as well. Studies suggest that it takes 3-12 months when you start seeing the results of your backlinks.

So, one needs to be patient and keep tracking the progress of one’s backlinks using SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush. The following factors could play a role in the effectiveness of your backlinks.

Key Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Backlinks

Key Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Backlinks

The following factors can play a role in making the backlinks work.

1. DA of a Website

Domain authority is a score given by Moz from 0-100 to rank a website. The higher is the DA of a website, the more link juice it can provide. Try to get the backlinks from high DA sites, as these sites have high traffic and are likely to pass you a handful of traffic and the business.

It should also be noted that this high DA referring domain should be from your niche. Suppose you are working in supply chain management and got a link from a high DA site related to the toiletry business. In that case, it will be useless, as those visiting the toiletry website are less likely to be interested in supply chain management.

A study showed that links for DA<50 showed some results after ten weeks. High DA sites would work earlier than this because they are crawled more frequently.

So, a typical example is given below from the BBC website, where he linked to another site for further information. Since BBC is a high DA site, people will definitely visit the link for further information.

No Failsafe

2. DR of the Domain

Like DA, Domain Rating (DR) is also a ranking system to rate a website’s position, developed by the Ahrefs. Its value also varies from 0 to 100, where 100 refers to the highly credible platform. So, for the high-traffic and convertible customers, try to get backlinks from the high DR site.

3. Selection of Keywords

Keywords refer to the “wording used by the people in Google’s search bar” to find a particular information or purchase an item. This information is very vital and can be retrieved using different SEO tools. One needs to use these keywords in their Content to get indexed.

The picture below shows the SEMrush results when the stats of Chandrayaan-3 were searched. This shows that this keyword is used 28k  times, and India is the country where it has been searched the most, which is 22.2k times.

Selection of Keywords

This kind of information is very helpful in choosing the right keyword in your Content. When you use the right word, Google search will automatically show your page in search results.

So, if you have used the right keywords for your niche on the right platform, it is highly likely that you will get a quick response from that backlink.

While using keywords, it is also a matter of concern not to overuse them because they look unnatural when used repeatedly. Moreover, web crawlers are also looking for keyword stuffing and, if found, lower the ranking of both referring and referred domains. 

4. Brand’s popularity

The brand’s popularity for which and from which you are trying to get a link matters a lot. So, if you have a famous brand, getting the backlink from the high DA and DR sites would be easy. Different platforms would like to link to the famous brand. So, famous brands can get the link without spending a penny.

Similarly, the popularity of referring domains is also very vital. For example, if the Guardian refers your domain in one of its press releases, one would get the link juice. So, the more popular the referring and referred domain is, the more quickly backlinks will work. 

The picture below shows that the New York Times published about BBC. So if you are famous, even a minor thing becomes big news, giving you more popularity and backlinks.

Brand's popularity

5. Contents is the King

There is no doubt about it that “content is the king.” If you have mightly content, with the relevant keyword stuffed in with the relevant backlink, it will give you the traffic and that too quickly.

This Content should be relevant, unplagiarized and updated. Keep updating your Content at regular intervals to keep your visitors interested. The longer your visitors stay, the higher the chance of the backlinks to work.

So focus on your Content, be relevant, be vigilant, keep it updated, revise it when needed, and add relevant backlinks with the right keywords. Having all such attributes, no one can stop backlinks from working.

A typical example of the “king content” is shown in the picture below. There is no official statement about the release of the iPhone 15, but tech websites have already started speculating about its features. People are interested in such news, and the links on such Content are likely to work and spread.

Contents is the King

6. Commercial vs. Content-based Pages

There are two main types of platforms: commercial and content-based. Commercial pages have less serious traffic and can handle only a handful of backlinks, and people hardly take them seriously.

In contrast, content-based pages can have a variety of backlinks, and they have serious visitors. Although getting links from the content-based pages is time-consuming, it will be a real bonus and work quickly once achieved.

7. Competition in a Niche

Getting your backlink work quickly would be hard if you already have many competitors in your niche. In contrast, your link will work soon if you work in a less competitive niche. So, one must think out of the box and devise a strategy to outsmart competitors.

It is also wise to study the strategy of your competitors to get your link to work faster. There is also a huge difference in the strategies of B2B and B2C. In B2B, just link building would not be enough; you need to pitch your ideas in other ways, like webinars, one-to-one meetings, workshops, conferences and press releases. In B2C, link building can have a substantial effect and will work quickly.

8. Link Building Budget

High DR and DA platforms charge you around $600-1500+ per link per month, whereas you can also get backlinks at low-ranked platforms as low as $50. Higher-ranked platforms will give you a quick response, but low-rank websites will likely delay. So, the question is how to buy these backlinks. Luckily, you will get the answer in this blog post.

So, it depends on how much your budget allows you to spend on the link building. It is preferable to devise a strategy with a good mix of different rank platforms, as it will keep providing the traffic at a reasonable budget.

9. Quantity vs Quality

The battle between quantity and quality has existed for ages, and backlinks are no exception. You need both quality and quantity to speed up your visibility and ranking.

One high DA link is better than the 100 low DA links. However, these low DA links can lead to high DA referring domains. So a wise, workable and pocket-friendly approach is to have a good mix. If you have an unlimited budget, there is no excuse for going for a high DA site for speedy link juice.

How to speed up the working of Backlinks

How to speed up the working of Backlinks

The following points can be considered to speed up the backlink working.

  • Always use white hat SEO strategies for link building. Do not try black hat SEO; Google might slap you for manipulating the ranking.
  • Prioritize the top pages of your niches and try to get the backlinks from there.
  • Sort out the most searched keywords related to your niche and use them in your Content.
  • You might be disappointed that despite improving your rank from 100 to 25, there is still no real business. This is because people usually do not go beyond the top 5 pages. So, your struggle should be to get to the top 5. Do not lose hope and become impatient.
  • Never compromise on your Content, as your Content is your real asset for speeding up the working of backlinks.
  • Keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors, keep studying their strategies, and be ready to anchor and change your strategies accordingly.
  • Keep monitoring the progress of your backlinks and prepare to change them when and where required. There could be a couple of reasons that might have hindered their progress. Please check the suitability of the referring domain and the selection of the keyword.


It is very hard to tell the time frame regarding the working of the backlinks. You have to dig hard to make them work quickly. One needs to understand that you can not make the links work overnight; it is a long-term process.

So, the time depends on how competitive your niche is, what you have in your pocket to spend on link-building, and how visionary and talented is your link-building process and the SEO agency.

So, if you are looking for an expert SEO agency in Florida, Dlinx Outreach is the place to reach. They have a team of experts who can help you cheaply build and make links work. Dlinx will look after your links for the long term and will make them work. So contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do backlinks take to work?

Typically, the backlink takes 3-12 months to provide link juice.

What are the key factors that can influence the working of backlinks?

The key factors are the DA and DR of the referring domain and the brand’s popularity.

Quality and Quantity: Which one is more important?

Both quality and quantity are important, but quality should be given more importance.

Does Content play any role in making backlinks work fast?

Content is vital in making backlinks work fast.

Is Dlinx outreach a new SEO company?

No, Dlinx has plenty of experience in SEO; check its portfolio.

Can Dlinx outreach help you build links?

Dlinx Outreach has a team of experts that can help you get backlinks.

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