What Are The Most Powerful Backlinks for a Website?

Most Powerful Backlinks

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Growing your online visibility and Domain Authority can be a long and taxing journey. When you have just started, there is so much to cover. In a highly competitive market with search engines’ advanced algorithms, it has become much more difficult to increase your website’s rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

Everyone is busy creating the right keywords, demographics, effective CTAs and the list goes on. However, focusing your strategies around generating the most powerful backlinks with authoritative websites can prove to be a smooth sailing method to achieve your SEO goals.

The stronger, more relevant, and more diverse your backlink portfolio, the higher your website will rank on SERPs. This article will skim you through everything you need to know about backlinks and how they work. Let’s keep on reading for a better understanding!

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What are Backlinks, and How Do They Work?

What are Backlinks, and How Do They Work

As the name represents, Backlinks are the links that point back to your website while residing on another website. They are also commonly called the ‘inbound links’.

The website or page that has backlinks posted on another trustworthy website obtains the inbound links from the domain of that website.

When you link to another website, that website receives a backlink from your website, making your website the referring domain. Backlinks are crucial components of search engines as they are considered trustworthy due to their presence on a reputable website.

Search engines consider backlinks between websites to be crucial signals. Google interprets links between websites as a seal of trust for the one being linked to. The more authoritative backlinks you receive, the more trustworthy Google will consider your website and rank it in higher positions. 

Now, there are a number of ways of obtaining backlinks, including white hat, black hat, or gray hat strategies. Adapting white-hat methods to obtain high-quality links helps you in the long run, while black-hat links are unethically obtained and more prone to Google penalization. You can learn about why you should avoid black hat SEO techniques.

Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the backlinks, their types, and their importance. 

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Why are Backlinks Important in SEO?

Why are Backlinks Important in SEO

There are a million recipes to optimize your site for better rankings. But the core component remains in building backlinks. Search engine algorithms change time and time again with the advancements in technology. To continue in the long run, you need to adapt to the changes to scurry the best results. 

Backlinks in digital marketing are essential as the Google search engine uses them to determine the authority and relevance of a page. But not all backlinks are created equally and thus their effectiveness differs greatly. 

Unlike the traditional game of creating as many backlinks as you can, things have taken a turn toward the quality of links. High-quality backlinks improve your search engine rankings as they are valuable in the eyes of Google. 

The stronger backlink profile your website contains, the higher its Domain authority and higher chances of it to rank higher in the search results. 

Moreover, the backlinks boost your online visibility to targeted audiences and increase referral traffic. If you are looking to expand your brand awareness and international visibility, seeking the professional help of link-building agencies might prove to be a golden ticket for you.  

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Types Of Backlinks

Types Of Backlinks

It might be out of the question to define the exact type of backlinks that exist in SEO practices. There are several kinds of backlinks based on several factors that can distinguish them from the others. However, When you get an in-depth insight into backlinks, you’ll find only two main types. 

All the other types are generally derived from these two categories. It is usually challenging to differentiate between these two types but we have listed the distinguishing factors in easy language to wrap your head around it easily. Here’s a follow-through for a better understanding:

DoFollow Backlinks

A link that helps one website (destination domain) by sharing the authority of another website(origin domain) is known as a DoFollow backlink. This passing of authority is generally referred to as the ‘link juice’. 

DoFollow backlinks free the websites from being stuck in the same state and help them in enhancing their search engine rankings, Domain authority, and also referral traffic. 

A DoFollow link providing domain implies on Google that your website is a trustworthy and good quality source of a particular content that is hyperlinked. 

For example: when a website with a Domain Rating (DR) of 80 provides a DoFollow backlink to a website with a DR of 30, the source website passes the link juice to the low DR website so that it will get a higher ranking in the SERPs.

NoFollow Backlinks

NoFollow backlinks are used to avoid passing on the link juice to the destination websites. Such backlinks are less common and hold less value in search engine algorithms. 

NoFollow links tell the Google search engine ‘to not follow hyperlinked pages.’ Hence when search engines see the NoFollow attribute to a particular link, they ignore it and exclude them from ranking whether it is relevant. 

For example: when you do not want to endorse a page, you can tag its link with the NoFollow attribute.

DoFollow vs NoFollow Backlinks

DoFollow vs NoFollow Backlinks

Remember that by default, each link is a DoFollow link unless you tag it with the NoFollow attribute.

DoFollow backlinks only differ from NoFollow backlinks due to their link equity. The NoFollow links are tagged rel=”NoFollow”, so they do not pass on the link equity to the linked website. Whereas the DoFollow links allow the passing of link equity. 

To put it in simple terms, the NoFollow backlinks do not pass on the authority of the page that is hyperlinked. So, ultimately it is rarely valuable and won’t improve your page rankings or DA.

A notable strategy is that Google algorithms love a good balance of DoFollow and NoFollow links to deem a website authoritative and high quality. A healthy and balanced link profile enhances the chances of top ranks.

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Most Powerful Backlinks and Their Role in SEO

Most Powerful Backlinks and Their Role in SEO

Now that you know how backlinks work, let’s move on to the power they contain and how it differs from others. 

More than 50 types of backlinks exist but not each one of them is as valuable as the other. Every backlink is created differently and many factors affect its type, authority, relevance, and power. So, Which is the best way to acquire links, and what backlinks would be powerful? 

Powerful backlinks are links with zero to minimum penalty risk and have the potential to drive a strong flow of link juice to the linked website. This article will introduce you to some of the most powerful backlinks that can bring high SEO value to your site. Let’s dive into it right away!

1. Editorial Backlinks

Most veterans in the SEO agencies love acquiring editorial backlinks as they bring the most benefits to your SEO practices as compared to any other type of link.

It always feels good to have people recognize your content and want to link with you so as to make connections and share each other’s authority. But how thrilling would it be if highly reputable and authoritative websites want to connect with you? 

Editorial backlinks are the backlinks that often present themselves at your door organically when people or other websites consider your content, products, or other services trustworthy and relevant to their niche. Just try to picture it. Such sites provide their own visitors the chance to leave their site and visit yours by linking to you. 

How to create them:

This type of backlink is the hardest to develop. Although creating them might seem unimaginable but with quality content and services, you can expect the magic to happen. 

To create editorial backlinks, there is no need to indulge in arduous link-building attempts. The only thing you need to do is to create good quality content that is link worthy and relatable to a large number of audience. 

Even though it is such vague advice that you see everywhere, believe it when we say that this is the best approach you can take. Focus on two types of content to enhance your chances of earning editorial backlinks:

Unique content: try to create Infographics, case studies, industry experiments, success stories, webinars, free tools, etc 

Evergreen Content: Such content that stays relatable for years to come by.

2. Guest Blog Backlinks

One of the most common and highly employed types of powerful backlinks is the Guest blogging backlinks. If you are into the blog or article reading, You must be familiar with links placed here or there throughout the content piece. Most of such links fall under the wing of guest blog backlinks.

It has been an uproar in the past few years about Google not considering guest post backlinks anymore. But this is a widespread misunderstanding. Google does not discourage backlinks from guest posts when the content is relatable, unique, informative, educative, and brings awareness to the audience. 

So, all you have to do is to follow Google’s latest guidelines and place the links naturally within the context to make a nice blend acceptable to the search engines. 

Guest blogs published on high DA websites with your in-content links are able to pass on the link equity or link juice to your website. They are considered the most powerful backlinks.

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How To Create Them:

Publishing a content piece with your Guest blog backlink embedded creates a steady flow of link juice to your website. The only thing you need to make sure is that the content quality is good, link placements are natural, and the websites you are publishing your content are of high authority. And Voila! You are all done. 

Creating guest blog backlinks is highly accessible, unlike the editorial links, as you can get as many of them as you like by joining hands with high performing Dlinx Outreach link-building agency. 

3. Testimonial Backlinks

Testimonial backlinks are the links obtained by providing positive comments and review about a product or service of the linking website. Testimonials help brands to grow their brand recognition and gain trust from the audience. 

Testimonial links are tier 1 backlinks that are posted on authoritative websites with your link placement so that the link equity will be high. 

The most important benefit that testimonial backlinks hold is that they are less likely to get rejected since who wouldn’t want some positive reviews for their services? Testimonial link building is a win-win situation for both sides and, therefore, easy to obtain. 

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How To Create Them:

Since there is no need to create a full-fledged content piece for link placement, online marketers and link-building experts love testimonial links. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps as follows:

  • Create a targeted list of websites, their goods, and services.
  • Find out their contacts to reach out to them
  • Pitch them with your successful experience and intention for providing a testimonial.
  • Write an honest and genuine testimonial that resonates with the audience. 
  • If at all feasible, attach a video to support your testimonial.

4. Broken Links

Did you ever come across a link that led you to a ‘404 Error’ or ‘Page Not Found,’ situation? If yes! Then you already know the core concept. The broken links are the links that are no longer live, and therefore you can’t find the page by clicking on the link.

When you add content to a website, developing a rank in SERPs and organic traffic flow takes some time. But the already existing blogs or posts have a steady stream of viewers and consumers. Therefore, Broken links prove to be highly beneficial as the page they reside on has already developed a traffic flow as compared to the newly published content pieces. 

How To Create Them:

Broken links are like a free meal where you only have to look for the source. There are several AI tools or Chrome extensions that you can use to identify and discover broken links.

  • To create a backlink, All you have to do is:
  • Find the broken links on the authoritative websites
  • Pitch them your intention of replacing those links. 
  • Seal the deal.

And you are good to go!

The broken backlinks benefit both parties since the authoritative website will get a working link and you will get a backlink from a high authority site.

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5. Niche Edits

Niche Edits are also referred to as Curated Links. These are similar to Broken links where the blog or content is already present on a respectable website with a difference that it doesn’t have a broken link. The curated links are the links you create on the content piece that is already high performing and relevant to your niche.

This type of backlinks spares you the hassle of generating the content yourself. All you have to do is find content for putting your link into it. 

How To Create Them:

To earn the niche edits, you can follow the simple steps that we have listed as follows;

  • Find relevant, well-performing content with a large traffic flow
  • Find out the contact of the website owner or web admin
  • Pitch them your idea and intention of getting a niche edit
  • On sealing the deal, provide them with your best anchor text and link to your website

And there you go! 

6. Comment Backlinks 

The comment section is an invaluable source of information as most people head to it for reference and answers. Comment backlinks could be the most powerful backlinks for you if you use them in a right way. For instance, If you are looking for product quality and effectiveness, the comment section can provide you with the best reviews to make a wise decision.

Whether you run a business, brand, agency, or blogging website, getting comment backlinks can be the holy grail to getting more recognition and organic traffic. 

How To Create Them:

Comment sections are available everywhere and people love to engage in conversations. To create comment backlinks, just follow these simple steps:

  • Look for the online discussion forums
  • Find relevant nice to your website
  • Drop your comment and naturally add a link to your website

One thing you would want to ensure is that the link should not be promotional or seem out of place. Also, don’t saturate a single page with your linked comments. This practice might alert the search engine to deem you as spam and penalize your website for engaging in spam link building. 

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How Do Powerful Backlinks Work?

How Do Powerful Backlinks Work

The power of backlinks simply presents their likeliness to be recognized as worthy by the Google search engine. A single powerful backlink from a well-reputed website, blogger, or influencer can pass the power to your site and strengthen your backlink profile. 

It is a common misconception that powerful backlinks can only be created by linking to websites with high DA. But, you can also create powerful backlinks if the overall rank of a website is not high enough but it has published a highly popular and relatable blog or article. Getting a link back from such a blog page can also be a powerful backlink and boost your rankings.


A powerful and highly reputed page contains relevant and top-notch content, thus getting a backlink from such pages is also highly powerful. 

Therefore, The more relevant your link and content are, the more powerful the backlink you will get


Authority is related closely to the strength of a website’s link profile. The more powerful backlinks you possess, the more authoritative your domain will get in the search engine algorithms. 

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The Bottom Line

The competition today is much tighter than you can imagine. Google algorithm determines your site authority based on multiple factors, including backlink profile, quality of links, brand mentions, reputation, relatable content, and so much more. 

To succeed in the long run and expand your business image multi-nationally, you can not disregard the role of content and the powerful backlink portfolio of your website. Make efforts in this regard, and you will be unstoppable soon enough.

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