What is the Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap?

What is the Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap

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Sitemap is like the table of contents of the whole website. An HTML sitemap is another page of your website that contains all your website’s information, including pages and subpages. This is mainly for the visitors or users, and it helps them skim the main contents of your website.

Similarly, an XML sitemap also has the information of a website’s main pages. XML sitemap is for search engine crawlers or spiders to scan and index a website’s main pages.

Why Sitemap is Required?

It is pertinent to mention that a sitemap is not mandatory for a website. Rather, it is necessary, as it enhances the user experience by providing all the information on one page and facilitates crawlers to index the pages and website quickly. When the search engine indexes a page, it appears in the SERPs.

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How to find a Sitemap?

There are many ways that a sitemap can be found.

HTML sitemap: You can find this by locating the HTML file by simply typing the following text in your address bar;


Below is the HTML sitemap of our website (https://dlinxoutreach.com/sitemap.html )

HTML Sitemap Dlinx

XML sitemap: Similarly, sitemap can also be found by using the XML file by simply typing in your address bar;




XML site map of our website can be found as;


Sitemap Example Dlinx

Using SEO tools: SEO tools like Google Search Console, Bing webmaster tool, and sitemap test online tool can also be used to locate the sitemap of a website.

Others: One can find sitemaps by looking up files like RSS and Atom Feed, sitemap.text, and robots.text files.

It is also pertinent to mention here that the URL of a sitemap can differ slightly depending on the type of content management system. Further information on how to find a sitemap of a website can be found in this article. 

Differences Between the HTML and XML Sitemap

Differences Between the HTML and XML Sitemap
  • HTML sitemap is mainly for humans or visitors, and all pages are hyperlinked (clickable format), whereas XML sitemap is meant for the Google bots or crawlers to index pages.
  • An HTML sitemap is like a webpage directory, whereas XML is the information of the pages to be indexed along with the date of update.
  • XML sitemap also contains metadata information, whereas HTML does not contain this information.
  • HTML sitemap enhances the internal linkage network, whereas XML sitemap helps to avoid duplication issues.
  • HTML enhances the navigation, whereas HML enhances the crawling.
  • An HTML sitemap can help find the pages, whereas an XML file helps index faster.

XML and HTML: which one is better

Difference Between HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap

Both XML and HTML have their importance in the technical SEO. One is important for indexing, whereas the other is for a better user experience and both are equally important in technical SEO. Fast indexing and better user experience are key to better ranking. 


Both HTML and XML  sitemaps should be part of a website for a better user experience and fast crawling and indexing. An HTML sitemap is mainly meant for humans, whereas an XML sitemap is for search engine crawlers.

An HTML file is the directory of all the pages of a website with hyperlinks, whereas an XML file only has the link information and its date of posting or update.   Both files should be part of any website, and no one should be preferred over the other.

About Dlinx Outreach

Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency known for optimizing websites for better ranking. Our agency has on- and off-page SEO expertise that could help you rank higher in SERPS. We can build both XML and HTML sitemap for quick indexing and better user experience.

Furthermore, our team is well-versed in the recent trends and SEO tools that could help you earn unbeatable publicity, visibility, traffic, popularity, and long-term business. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between HTML and XML sitemaps?

HTML  sitemap is mainly for humans to skim the website for a better user experience, whereas XML sitemap is for the search engine spiders to index pages.

Which sitemap has the hyperlinked pages?

The HTML sitemap contains the hyperlinked pages for quick visits.

Which sitemap is better, HTML or XML?

Both sitemaps are equally important as one increases the user experience, whereas the other is for fast indexing.

Can Dlinx help create a sitemap?

Yes, Dlinx Outreach is an experienced SEO agency that can help generate sitemaps.

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