How to Increase Google Ranking of My Website?

How to Increase Google Ranking of My Website

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A list of the relevant pages appears on Google whenever someone searches for a phrase or word. Stats suggest that 90% of the visitors click on the first page of the list, and the remaining 10% go to the remaining pages.

So the top spot means more traffic, and more traffic means high business. So this is why every digital platform is fighting for the top spot in Search engine result pages (SERPs).

Does that top position come randomly, or have Google or other search engines devised a ranking process? The answer is: Yes, Google has devised a ranking process, and the whole SEO industry came into being to earn the top position of one’s website by manipulating the ranking parameters.

What is the Google Ranking?

What is the Google Ranking

Google never explained its ranking mechanism, but it often provides Guidelines about the different parameters one should work on to get the top position in SERPs. Google ranking can be defined as;

“Google crawls your website and all its pages and looks for multiple parameters like content, backlink profile, meta-details, traffic, types of referring domains, legality of link-building and many more. Google collects all this data and then ranks them accordingly. “

This might look very simple on the page, but it is a very tough, tedious, laborious, and long-lasting job that never ends. Building an SEO strategy that could take the top spot could take years. Once you have achieved the top spot, you need to keep this top position, which requires continuous efforts.

Earning a top spot requires deep insight into multiple parameters, which requires enormous effort. Each one of these parameters has its own experts that continuously improve and monitor it.  

This is the same reason the SEO field was introduced, and it has become an essential part of every brand around the Globe. So, earning a top position is not a single person’s work; it requires a team of experts. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency with experts in every field of SEO that can help achieve the top position.

Google nevel about the number of parameters or which is more important. It often releases some updates, which provide the necessary information for the ranking process. It is believed that there are more than 200 parameters (as per the leaked documentation of Yandex) that one needs to optimize to get the top position.

Why Google Ranking is Important

Why Google Ranking is Important

Google is the largest search engine, which holds 92% of the market share worldwide. Since everything is digitalized, one must make a website to get more business. About 90% of the business is earned by the top position holder webpage in the Google search pages.

So, one needs to optimize pages as per the SEO standard to earn a higher position in the SERPs for better business. It is also pertinent to mention that earning a top position for a while is not enough; one must retain that position to get better visibility and business.

15 Parameters to Improve Your Ranking

Parameters to Improve Your Ranking

This article will explain the 15 most important parameters to improve your ranking. Each of the parameters is a vast field requiring deep insight and knowledge. Let’s briefly see how these parameters can be optimized to get the top position.

1. Create Great Content

There is no doubt about it that “content is the king.” Without great content, you can not have the top position in your niche, the content that captivates and mesmerizes its visitors and forces them to keep visiting repeatedly.

Such content is relevant, well-presented, original, authentic, informative, and embedded with visuals and infographics. Great content is readable, relatable, memorable, shareable, and skimable. It should be focused and full of the latest information and technological advancements. Select the “Buzz words” and “Hot topics” in your niche and try to write about them.

Be aware that if your content is plagiarized, Google crawlers will catch it sooner or later and penalize your platform. So, if you want to earn the top position, try to keep producing original, hypnotic, enthralling, and alluring content.

2. Earn Backlinks

If content is the king, then backlink is the Queen. Backlinks pass the authority and credibility to the referred site. It is just like peer reviews; the more authentic and diverse peers refer to your site, the better your credibility will be in the eyes of Google.

Earning backlinks requires massive efforts, as you need to work on different points and fields to get a backlink. The most genuine way is to create great content or provide awesome services that lure and force other platforms into providing you backlinks.

In order to get backlinks, you need to put effort into promoting and publicizing your content and services. You can use social media to share your content or reach out to your peers and other relevant people through email to get a backlink.

One can also find the broken backlinks in a related platform and offer the web admin a replacement with your link of similar but better content. You can also guest post on a website with your backlink.

Earning backlinks is time-consuming, and one can not wait long in this competitive environment. There is also a way where you can buy backlinks. Although Google is totally against buying backlinks  (Black Hat Strategy) and considers it illegal, there is a grey area where one can work to buy backlinks without being caught.

So, to get to the top position, the quantity and quality of backlinks matters. So keep thriving for the backlinks from your niche’s authoritative platform to reach the top.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are also rated very high in the ranking process. Whenever a website or a webpage is being uploaded, Google crawls it and saves it in its repository based on the keywords or relevancy of the content. So, when a person searches for those keywords, Google presents related saved pages.

One needs to find the keywords of its niche or related topic. Modern SEO tools can help you to collect this data and you can use this data to anchor your content.

You also have to keep in mind the intent of the search. So, you need to use this intent and related keywords in your titles,  headings, and subheadings for better visibility and indexing.

It is also worth noting here that do not overuse these keywords. Google takes severe action if someone tries to “Stuff the keywords” in its content and trick Google. So, use keywords that look natural and organic to get a better ranking.

4. Add Reviews and Testimonies

Reviews and Testimonies show the authenticity of your brand, product, and services. This is the same reason famous brands keep sending you emails for reviews and asking you to rate their product as stars. This is the norm of the digital store now that people look for reviews and star ratings of a product before buying it.

Similarly, one can ask for small testimony videos or a paragraph to spice up your product. Please do not ignore the bad reviews; promptly address their grievances, which builds the customer’s trust.

These reviews will attract more visitors, and more visitors will earn you a better position and business.

5. Social Media Presence

Although Google does not consider Social Media links in its ranking, however, social media plays a critical role in the publicity and promotion of your brand or services.

It is well documented that an average US adult spends 2 hours on social media daily. This has opened a new window for the SEO experts to enhance your visibility. Almost every Mobile user has a social media account, so your presence on social media will motivate users to visit your page if that campaign is designed properly.

You need to publicize your recent content on social media, add reviews and testimonies, and ask celebrities and influencers to review your brand or services, as half of the social media users give high weight to the reviews of celebrities and influencers.

So create microblogs, upload pictures and videos, promote new arrivals and upcoming events, announce deals, add reviews, and run paid ads. Small reels and shorts are another way to maximize your presence on social media, which is famous nowadays. All these small things will help a great deal to increase your visibility and increase traffic on your platform, which in turn gives you a higher ranking.

6. Improve Your On-page SEO

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing your page so that the search engine can easily crawl and index it in the relevant repository and then present it in the SERPs whenever a relevant keyword is searched.

This optimization includes using relevant keywords, internal links, headings, and subheadings, table of contents, loading speed, navigation, Schema markup, meta description, URL, tagging dofollow and nofollow, and many more.

These optimizations are required to enhance the seamless user experience and availability of relevant content hassle-free. Google always looks for these SEO signals to index a site or a page. So, if your page is not properly maintained, it is highly unlikely to appear in the top positions of SERPs.

The picture below is of the Ahrefs website, which is beautifully crafted, and all the necessary information is available right at the top.

Improve Your On-page SEO

7. Improve Technical SEO

Technical SEO must be addressed along with on and off-page SEO for a better experience. These technical SEOs include the sitemap to Google, designing a website that addresses all SEO attributes, fixing the content issues (duplication and plagiarism check), and redirects.

Google checks these aspects and ranks them accordingly; for example, if your loading speed is slow, it will harm your ranking. Similarly, removing content or moving it to another location and not creating a redirect will also lower your rank. So, to appear high, one must address all of your site’s technical issues.

8. Make it Mobile Friendly.

Mobile is a common household name now; approximately half of the traffic comes from mobile users. Google recently declared that mobile-friendliness will be considered in ranking SERPs.

As per Google, “Our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page’s content; mobile-first indexing means that we’ll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking…”

Your pages and main site should be optimized to open on mobile devices seamlessly. Ensure that the images and videos are not heavy and take time to open. You can use Google’s Lighthouse testing tool to test your platform for mobile friendliness.

9. Build a Selective and Customize SEO Strategy

There is no unique SEO solution that fits all. Each brand needs some customization to be suitable for its potential customers. A clothing brand needs a different SEO strategy than a mobile accessories store.

You must look for potential customers, their geolocation, rituals and ceremonies, seasonal preferences, etc., to tailor your strategy for a better ranking.


Two internet protocols are being used to transfer data between a user (client) and a server: HTTP and HTTPS. The data is transferred in an open connection in HTTP, whereas HTTPS transfers it after encryption. This encryption makes the data more secure and less likely to be hacked or leaked.

Google likes HTTPS and also considers it in its ranking. Moreover, everyone is very mindful of privacy these days, and rightly so. So users do not want to let the world know what they are looking for, buying, scrolling, and surfing. This is their private data, and they do not want it to be leaked.

Hence, HTTPS must be implemented to make it secure and hack-free if a website wants to lure the customer and increase in ranking.

11. Optimize Your URLs

If you want your site to be accessed and shared easily, make its URL short, memorable, shareable, striking, and catch. Moreover, the URL should also contain the relevant keyword so that Google can easily crawl and index it.

These URLs should have related keywords that must be separated using Hyphens. Try to add a subfolder for better navigation on the website and use the “.com” top-level domain.

It is also recommended to avoid using dates, characters, numbers, full titles, repeated keywords, and underscores in your URL.

An example of a Good URL is mentioned below:

12. Make Information Skimable

People are short of time and want information in the shortest possible time. So, your preamble and conclusion should encode your article’s main points so the reader can understand your article’s main extract.

Adding infographics, shorts, and reels to your platform that provide all the necessary information is also a good option. This process will help the visitor to get the required information in the minimum time. This will also spice up your web page.

13. Know your Competitors

In the competitive world, one should be well aware of every move of its competitors to keep himself a step ahead. So, it is essential to know what your competitors are doing and what they are planning to do. This will help you to tailor your SEO strategy for a better ranking.

SEO tools can play a great role in competitive analysis that helps you to gather information. This analysis helps you analyze your competitors’ keywords, referring domains, and backlink profiles.

Such analysis helps you to find opportunities for earning backlinks because if a domain provides a backlink to your competitors, it can also provide it to you.

Moreover, if you earn the same amount of backlinks as in previous months, but your competitors have earned more, it’s likely to appear higher than you in SERPs. So, you should always be on your toes and do great things to outclass your competitor in every parameter to gain the top position in SERPs.

14. Include Meaningful Visuals

Infographics and videos are more meaningful than text. So try to make short videos and high-quality pictures of your products for better understanding.

Try to make a good HD picture of your products, which should also describe their size, material, and other details in the caption. So, a person should have a clear idea of the product after looking at the picture and reading its caption.

Similarly, add videos of your product and other activities on your platform. These videos should be short, focused, informative, and to the point.

Moreover, one can also index these visuals that will appear whenever someone looks for related items using search engines’ Lenses or camera options. So, visuals are an integral part of SEO strategy for better ranking.

The picture below is from the activewear online store. One can see the HD pictures with meaningful captions.

Include Meaningful Visuals

15. Track Your Results

You need to evaluate your efforts periodically to see the progress of your SEO strategy. SEO tools could be of great help in this regard. So, make a schedule for your analysis and keep track of your progress.

Earning a top position is not that simple; it could take a mammoth amount of effort for a long time. If you are in the right direction with good SEO strategies, your platform will take 3-5 months to appear in the SERPs.

The story does not end here, as you must put more effort into earning a higher ranking. Hence, an analysis of your SEO strategy will let you know whether you are going in the right direction or not.


Earning a higher ranking is not a piece of cake; it requires massive, continuous, and well-directed efforts based on deep insight, knowledge of SEO, market trends, and recent technological advancements. In the present era, where everything is digitalized, one must appear in the top position for better turnover.

So, Google has devised criteria for its ranking, which require knowledge of many parameters that one should work on to increase the ranking. Following are some suggestions for improving your ranking.

  • Create relevant, updated, unique, and mesmerizing content, as content is the most important parameter in the ranking.
  • This content should be stuffed with the relevant keywords of your niche in accordance with the search intent of users.
  • Try to earn backlinks from the diverse authoritative sites in your niche. Both the quality and quantity of backlinks matter in the ranking.
  • Pay high attention to your on and off-page and technical SEO. Your website should be well navigatable; content should be easily accessible, skimmable, and properly presented. You should have a good structure of internal and external backlinks from the diversified referring domains.
  • Try to generate an attractive and easily shareable URL.
  • Add infographics and visuals to your webpage to better understand your brand and services.
  • Keep analyzing your competitors and keep track of your progress as well.
  • Make your platform mobile-friendly.
  • It is also important to make your platform secure by using HTTPS protocol.

One needs to work on many parameters to increase its ranking. These parameters are interlinked and need an expert to do this job. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency with ample experience in boosting your ranking. They can devise a customized plan for your website that will suit you best. Please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is content necessary for improving your ranking?

There is no doubt that content is one of the most highly valued parameters for your ranking.

How important is on and off-page SEO?

How important is on and off-page SEO

On and off-page SEO is very important. It defines how easily, readable, accessible, skimable, crawlable, and indexable your website is. So, work on your on and off-page SEO for a better user experience.

HTTP or HTTPS, which one should be preferred?

HTTPS should always be preferred over HTTP, as it encrypts and transfers your data more securely.

Should we use social media to improve search engine ranking?

Social media links are not considered in the backlink profile, but these links promote your brand and bring in a huge flux of organic traffic, which is the key parameter in the ranking.

Is it necessary to evaluate your competitors?

Your competitive analysis is an integral part of the SEO and allows you to get more links and relevant information. This information is very helpful in tailoring your SEO strategy and earning a better position.

Can Dlinx help you to improve your ranking?

Dlinx is an SEO agency with ample experience in SEO. It can help you to improve your ranking.

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