How does Blogger Outreach Link Building Work?

How does Blogger Outreach Link Building Work

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Search engine optimization works on different parameters that Google uses in ranking search engine result pages. Content and link building have always been the most crucial of these parameters.

Link building is the most difficult task in SEO, as it requires enormous effort not just once but forever to earn and retain the top position. These links show the credibility of your platform, and credibility attracts more traffic, and more traffic gets you to the top of SERPs.

So, the question is, how can you earn links? There are many ways to earn links, some of which are mentioned below;

  • You can create great content that your peers and visitors give you link organically.
  • You can outreach through email for the links to your related websites.
  • You can replace the broken links with your links.
  • You can guest post for links.
  • You can get paid links from different sites.
  • You can outreach a blogger for the collaborative work and get links.

There are many other ways to get links as well. Blogger outreach is one of the toughest ways to get links. Before we dive deep into the blogger’s outreach, let me define it first.

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What is blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is convincing a famous blogger of your niche for the collaborative work posted on its website and social media accounts. 

Blogger outreach is not an overnight job. It requires a lot of homework, patience and effort to find the famous bloggers of your niche and then convince them to post in your favor with the link back to your platform.

It is a win-win situation for both; bloggers earn a handsome amount of money (Google does not like the paid backlinks and can penalize your platform if found) and you earn backlinks with good traffic and business.

These bloggers used to have high viewership and audience, so their recommendations can earn you handsome organic traffic and a hefty amount of business. This is the same reason you often find famous bloggers posting their reviews on different products of their interest.

Out of the many ways to earn links, Blogger outreach is the most effective way, as per the SEMrush study, as shown below.

Outreach Strategies for Link Building

How to Outreach a Blogger?

Following are steps to outreach the blogger to convince him for the collaborative work. You need to get the knowledge of the famous blogger and influencer of your niche. Following are the steps and tips to find and contact a blogger.

How to Outreach a Blogger

Select Relevant Bloggers

First of all, find relevant famous bloggers in your niche. The simplest way to search the related keywords and select the top articles. You can look for the writers from these top articles, which are usually mentioned at the bottom of the blog.

Another way to find Blogger is to spy on your competitors and look from where they are getting links, which also gets a good flux of traffic. This will also provide you with a list of bloggers.

You can also use the Blog directories like bloglovin and ontoplist. These directories are also helpful in finding relevant blogs and their writers.

If the contact information is unavailable in the blog, search his social media account and read the bio/about section. You will find their contact information there; if not, you can message/DM him on his social media account.

Please make a list of related and famous bloggers and scrutinize them. Look for the more related and most impactful bloggers in your niche.

The picture below is from a blog of Ahrefs. One can see the information on Blogger in the right corner as well.  The name of the writer is also hyperlinked, which will take you to further information and its linkedin profile.

Tactics for High Quality Backlinks

Research its Target Audience

Why does one collaborate with an influential blogger? Obviously, to tap his audience for own purpose. So, the decision to collaborate lies heavily on the traffic to its website. SEO tools can help identify the traffic on a platform.

If he pulls a lot of traffic, it is good to go; if not, it is useless. Moreover, it is also worth looking at the type of traffic. If you are making a product for women and the Blogger has a greater male audience, you need to rethink collaborating.  

Furthermore, geolocation of the traffic is also important if you have a product for a country or a region. So, analyze his traffic before proceeding further.

Jason Kottke is a graphic designer and web designer famous for his blog, The Picture below shows his Facebook page; he has 22k likes and 23k followers, which is huge.

Research its Target Audience

Research the Domain Authority

A high-authority website is more effective than a low-authority platform. So, look at the authority of Blogger’s platform. It is good to go if it is high, but remember that high-authority bloggers would be difficult to engage as they would already be doing great work.

While compiling the list of bloggers, make sure you have a good mix of bloggers of different DA, as it will give your more freedom to work.

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Create a list of Bloggers.

After doing all the research, it’s time to compile the list. In that list, mention all the necessary details to narrow down the choice of your bloggers.

Mention their niche, contact information, authority, traffic, recent work, famous blogs, type of audience, geolocation of audience and any other available information.

It would also be great if you somehow get information on how much it costs you for the post and link. This information will help you to make a decision.

Contact Them

After doing all the research, it’s time to contact them. As said earlier, luring the Blogger to collaborate is not easy. One might have to contact him through numerous channels before it gets working.

One can comment on their blog post and social media posts. You can write the Blogger an Email with the details of what kind of collaboration you want. Please do not over-emphasize the volume of the work you want in the first place. Convince him to work for a single post with the prospect of more collaborative work.

Try to be polite in your conversation and be concise and well-mannered. Focus on what you want and what you can give him in return. Give a small introduction to your brand or services. Do not send long messages and emails, as it might irritate him. Following is a sample of a good email message.

Dear John,

I hope this email/message finds you well. We run a platform that has provided SEO services ( for the last five years. We have provided link-building services to some European companies.

I have seen your recent work, and I must say it’s incredible. I wonder if you could collaborate in blog writing with us, as our interests overlap. We can discuss this further once you agree to work.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Haiqa Saleem
CO-CEO of DlinxOutreach.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach

Benefits of Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a very beneficial link-building strategy. It removes much of the burden from your busy routine, and you can focus on other core activities of your brand. Following are some of the benefits of Blogger’s outreach.

Improved Traffic

Influencer bloggers used to have thousands of organic and genuine audiences on their websites and social media platforms. This audience will be available for you to make potential future customers.

When a blogger validates and promotes a brand, it will divert his audience towards your platform, greatly benefiting your business and positioning in the SERPs.

More links

The number of links is one of the parameters of Google’s SERP ranking. So Blogger gives you links that have high authority as well. These links will improve your ranking and authority as well.

Networking Growth

It will also help you to grow your network. When different bloggers and influencers promote your business and platform, it will help you increase your credibility. This increase in credibility will give you more expansion in terms of network and business. Such growth is hugely beneficial for your business.

Social Media Campaigning

Famous bloggers have a greater fan following on different social media platforms. It provides a great opportunity to promote your platform on social media platforms. No SEO strategy is complete without social media.

At the same time, getting visibility on social media is time-consuming. So collaborating with the Blogger gives you fame and visibility on social media easily and quickly.

Boost Credibility

Credibility is the key to success. Before making a purchase decision, one usually asks someone about its authenticity and credibility or looks online at the reviews. If your famous Blogger is recommending a brand, then it is highly likely that you would buy it with closed eyes.

So, if several bloggers promote and recommend your brand, it will improve your credibility.  Google also checks the credibility of your platform and high credibility will give you a good ranking.

Boost Global Presence

The world has been squeezed into a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can have global visibility if you collaborate with a global blogger. Impactful bloggers are used to have an audience spread over the whole world. So, it will promote your global presence as well.

Credible Connection with Audience

Audiences love to listen to and read about their heroes and famous personalities. So, outreaching a Blogger makes a credible and reliable connection with the audience, especially when a credible source refers to it.

Cost Effective

However, paying for backlinks is illegal, and can be penalized if caught. Having said that, it is still a common practice to pay Blogger for the backlink. If you contact Blogger of your niche and your backlinks look organic and natural, there would not be an issue.

Moreover, it is a win-win for both parties. Bloggers earn some good bucks, and the other party gets good and organic traffic. Both parties should be mindful while doing this trade, as Google is very strict on all such paid links.

So, these links must not be stuffed forcefully and look unnatural, as they will be detected by Google crawlers easily.  

Gain New Avenues for Business

Gain New Avenues for Business

Since bloggers have a diversified audience in different parts of the world, it gives you access to different parts of the world and more business opportunities for the business. This will give you an opportunity to convert from local to global.

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Bloggers Outreach is one of the most effective ways to build links, where you engage the famous bloggers of your niche to promote your platform, brand, and services through collaborative work. While engaging a blogger, one needs to take the following steps for better utilization.

  • Try to make lists of all the famous bloggers in your niche, along with their contact details.
  • Evaluate their traffic and its types like sex, age, and geolocation.
  • Please have a look at the authority of their platform as well.
  • Keep an eye on their social media profiles as well. Evaluate the activeness of their pages and what people say about them in the comment section.
  • After evaluating all these parameters, try to narrow down your choices of the number of bloggers.
  • The last and most important and demanding task is to contact them through their Email addresses or social media pages.
  • Write them softly with a little bit of your introduction and ask for collaboration. Be patient and keep in contact with them until you hear from them.
  • After you hear from them, let them know the details of the work you want in collaboration with them.

Once you have established the connection and work has started, you will see a significant rise in your business and sales. Following are some of the benefits of collaborating with a blogger.

  • It gives you more organic traffic as bloggers divert their traffic to your page.
  • It gives you genuine and authoritative backlinks, essential for your SERPs ranking.
  • It gives you visibility and fame on social media, as bloggers used to have large followings on social media.
  • It opens new business avenues as bloggers have more access to the Global market.
  • It is a cheap and cost-effective way to earn links.

So, blogger outreach should be part of your SEO strategy, as it enhances your SEO vital signals. If you have done everything right, then it will give you more traffic and links, thus increasing your ranking in SERPs. An increase in ranking means more business.

About The Dlinx Outreach

Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that formulates customized SEO strategies that earn you high ratings and authority using white hat strategies. We have a team of experts in blogger outreach that could help you earn unbeatable publicity, visibility, traffic, popularity, and long-term business.

Dlinx offers link building, content marketing, Guest posting, blogger outreach, and many more services. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach engages famous and credible bloggers in your niche for collaborative work. They promote your platform by posting on their platforms and social media media pages.

Can Blogger help you pull the traffic?

Famous and impactful Bloggers used a have large following on their platform and social media pages. So, working with them will give you access to their viewers and visitors. Thus this will give you rise in traffic.

Can blogger outreach help you with link building?

Yes, it helps you get more organic and authoritative links, as they create backlinks on their platform in their blogs.

Is blogger outreach cost-effective?

Yes, it is a cost-effective way to get backlinks. You might have to pay Blogger for the collaborative work, but it is still cheaper than other link-earning processes.

Can Dlinxoutreach help you in blogger outreach?

Yes, Dlinx is an Florida based SEO agency that can help you devise a strategy to reach a blogger and get you more traffic and links through this.

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