40 SEO Tips to Boost Your Sales Up To 100%

SEO Tips to Boost Your Sales Up To 100%

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The dynamics of sales are different in the digital world. To enhance your sales online, you need visibility and to get visibility you need to appear in the top positions of search engine result pages, and to appear at the top, you need to optimize your website and on and off-page SEO, as per the search engine guidelines.

Appearing at the top will bring traffic to your platform and traffic will increase your sales. So, all efforts are directed and focused on reaching the top of SERPs. Well, it might appear a very simple process but it requires time, focused, thoughtful and well-directed efforts.

First, make a website or a landing page and make sure it is indexed by Google. As soon as your website is crawled and indexed, it will start appearing in the search results. Now the efforts should be directed to make sure that your website appears at the top of SERPs for the targeted keywords search.

Following are some tips to get more visibility, rankings, traffic, and last but not least high sales.

1. Optimized Content

After creating a website, you need to make sure that the content of your website is relevant to your brand and niche. Make sure that your content is genuine, plagiarism-free, and well in the context of your brand.

Google spiders will crawl your website and then index it based on your content. So make sure your content is relevant to your niche and brand.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

Indexing of a website is based on the keywords being used in your content. So, you must use the relevant keywords of your business in your content, where it feels organic and natural. This way your website will start appearing whenever these keywords are searched in the search engines.

Make sure these keywords are not stuffed, as it is illegal and search engines will penalize your website by lowering your ranking and even can take it down completely.

3. Do not Forget Long Tail Keywords

Keywords usually consist of one or two words, but there are also long tail keywords that comprise more than 3 words. These keywords are low in volume but still must be addressed in the content to appear in the search results.

For example, there is a keyword “Women suits” and its long tail keyword could be “Winter suits for women”.  So, you need to address both in your content and under your product description.

4. Earn Authoritative Backlinks

Google gives a high value to the credibility of a website and credibility is measured by the quality and quantity of backlinks. More backlinks mean more credibility. Similarly, if a high-ranked website links to your website it will pass more link juice.

To earn a large quantity of authoritative quality backlinks to get a high ranking and sales. It is also very common to purchase backlinks, though it is illegal but buying them like they look natural and organic is hard to identify.

5. Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of the traffic at a website comes from mobile users and if your website is not mobile optimized then be sure that you cannot get high sales in the present world. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile first so that your people do not have to navigate through its screen to read text, see images and watch videos.

Google also penalizes and lowers the ranking of mobile-unfriendly websites. Apart from the website, you can also launch your app for the purchase, which is more easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Mobile Optimization

6. Social Media Advertisement

Any advertising strategy without social media would not work in the present era. Make sure you have an active social media page on every platform. Post stories, add HD pictures of your product, and announce deals and discounts on your social media pages to get publicity.

Social media is a cheap way to get famous. Keep your pages interactive and reply to your customers’ comments. Do not forget to add a call-to-action button on your pages. Moreover, add all the necessary links in your bio as well.

7. Run Ads

Running ads on social media, television, and Google is very effective in getting viral and pulling traffic. These ads might be a bit expensive, but the ROI is very high. Most importantly, these ads can be customized especially on social media and Google. For example, if you have a brand for ladies only then you can customize your ads to appear on the women pages only.

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8. Keep Updating Content

Latest and updated content will always rank higher than the old content. Keep posting and updating your content with the latest information and market trends to get more traffic. Anchor your text with the search intent in mind to address maximum queries.

9. Choose your URL Wisely

A mesmerizing, short, keyword-oriented, and catchy URL will always get more share than the long and fizzy-looking URL. So, make sure your URL is easily memorable and shareable. Such URLs are easy to mention and type. It is pertinent to mention that your URLs should not contain characters, dates, and symbols, unless necessary (dynamic URLs), as such URLs are hard to remember and share.

10. Remove Old and Obsolete Content

The content becomes uninterested and obsolete with time. So, remove the old, static and inactive pages or replace them with the latest and up-to-date content to rank higher. Make sure these pages are adding value to your business.

Remove Old and Obsolete Content

11. Relevant Meta Description

A meta description is the short details that appear under your link in the SERPs. Make sure you have added this description in your coding. This description should be short, relevant, keyword-oriented, and well-written. Readers must be motivated to click on your page after reading this description. The picture below shows the meta description of the famous website IMDB.

Relevant Meta Description

12. Use Great Titles

Search engines look more closely at your titles for indexing. So, titles that are short, memorable, catchy, and keyword-oriented will give you high visibility and sales. Moreover, titles also help the visitor to decide the relevancy of the content.

13. Catchy Headings and Subheadings

Along with titles, headings, and subheadings are also helpful in the indexing. Heading and subheadings also enhance the readability of the content. It also helps the reader to skim through the content easily, which ultimately enhances the user experience. A good user experience gives you a high ranking and high sales.

14. Choose a Cathy and Light Website Theme

As you open a website, the first thing that strikes your mind is the theme of the website. If it feels charming and soothing, you would love to explore further. If it is dull and full of flashy items, it will be annoying.

So, choosing a pleasing theme with a whiter background will create a good user experience. Moreover, a light theme also takes less time to load, which is also favored by search engines.

Moreover, properly design the layout and navigation of your website so that everything is easily accessible. Place your menu at the most prominent position of your home page. A beautiful theme of the famous badminton accessories brand Yonex is shown below.

Choose a Cathy and Light Website Theme

15. Carefully Choose your Slogan, Taglines and Logo

Write a striking tagline and slogan for your brand so that it should become the talk of the town immediately. For example, if someone says, “Just Do it” then the first thing that will strike your mind will be “Nike”. Keep both short, catchy, and keyword-oriented for more visibility. Moreover, design such a logo that is immediately recognizable. Make sure that all these things should complement your brand as well.

Carefully Choose your Slogan, Taglines and Logo

16. Optimize Loading Speed

If the website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, then it is considered slow. A slow loading means your potential buyer will move to your competitors’ websites out of frustration. So, reduce your loading time by choosing a light theme, speedy hosting services and optimizing images and videos.

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17. Images and Videos

Images and videos are integral parts of a website and its content. So, use them to give a clear picture of your brand. It is also recommended to use Alt images and video to index them to get more visibility.

Make sure these images are clear and give a clear picture of your product. Moreover, make the reels and shorts of your products to share on your website and social media, as they are famous among social media users. Videos provide real-time information about your products.

18.  Reviews and Testimonies

Most online buyers look for the reviews and testimonies of the product before purchasing. So, keep asking your customers to write a short review of your product or record a short review video. This will influence the thought process of your potential buyers positively.

19.  Star Rating

Adding a star rating below every product is a very effective strategy to convert new customers. So, use it to lure them to make a purchase decision. You can also add reviews and comments under the star rating.

20. Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a very popular social media platform to promote your brand through videos and shorts. So, use it to get more visibility. Make both detailed videos and also shorts to get famous. These two are also easily shareable on other social media platforms.

Make a YouTube Channel

21. Offer Discounts and Sale

Keep offering discounts and deals from time to time. You can offer pre-, after, and mid-season sales and discounts to psychologically attract customers to your platform. Make sure that all of your social media pages and website prominently advertise such discounts.

23. Email Marketing

Email is an old but still effective way of marketing your product. Try to offer some discount at the sign-up to collect the Email data. Keep sending them Emails regarding your new arrivals, deals, and upcoming events. Keep your Email short and use images and graphics to be more impactful. 

24. SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

SMS and WhatsApp marketing is another modern way to attract more customers. Send an SMS with the link to your website and also send messages in the WhatsApp groups to publicize your brand and get more sales. Make sure you add the live link to your website or sale page in these SMS and WhatsApp messages.

25. Participate in Forums and Groups

Relevant forums and groups on different social media are also a good way to publicize your brand and attract customers. Try to engage in such forums to get more visibility. Involve in the discussions with the link to your website.

26. Use Call-to-Action Buttons Appropriately

Call-to-action buttons like “Buy Now”, “Get the Deal” and “Further Information” should be used on your websites and social media pages to convert visitors into customers. Use them at prime locations for better performance. Make sure these buttons are active and take you directly to the right page.

27. Use FAQs

Frequently asked questions is a good way to get a higher ranking in the SERPs. Add FAQs at the end of your blogs, articles, and other pages. Be relevant in FAQs and try to optimize them with the relevant keywords.

Use FAQs

28. Focus on E-E-A-T

There are four attributes in your content that Google gives a very high value that is Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. So, try to address these four attributes in your content to get a high ranking and sale.

29. Competitive Analysis

In a competitive world like the present day, it is equally important to know the strategies of your competitors to anchor your strategy. If your competitors outsmart you in their marketing and SEO strategies, then they will get more share of the market. So, be vigilant and deeply analyze your competitors to devise your scheme.

29. Keep Auditing

Auditing at regular intervals is an integral part of SEO. It gives you an idea of the effectiveness of your marketing and SEO optimization efforts. If your sales are not increasing despite your efforts, then there are some things wrong with your schemes. So, auditing will help you to find the shortcomings in your efforts. 

30. Do not forget Local SEO

If you are operating at a local level, then get visibility by creating a Google business profile.  This way you can get visibility in the SERPs, whenever someone searches in your area, using the relevant keywords. Please add your contact details, images, maps, milestones, and working hours to your profile for more effectiveness and high business.

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Do not forget Local SEO

31. Keyword Oriented Product Description

Use relevant keywords in your product description to appear more often not only in the normal search but also in the images. Keep the description short and relevant.

32. Make your Website Secured

People want to feel secure while purchasing an item. They do not want their data to get leaked. So, make sure you use HTTPS protocol to get more secure. More security will attract more customers, which will enhance your sales.

33. Add Sitemap

A sitemap is the table of contents of your website. This will help the crawlers to index pages quickly. Quick indexing will give you a high ranking and a high ranking will get more traffic and business.

34. Use a Fast and Secured Hosting

Your loading time, downtime and security are highly dependent on your hosting services. Use those hosting services that offer you secured and speedy servers and are also near your location. If you are using a shared server then there is a possibility that your website will go down and being down means loss of business. So, make sure that your website is never down and never gets slow as well.

35. Good Internal Links Structure

Internal links help you to keep your visitors engaged. So, offer good informative content to create internal links in your articles. It also reduces the bounce rate and gets you a high ranking and business. Use these links where they appear naturally.

Good Internal Links Structure

36. Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates help you to get more visibility by publicizing your brand with a unique link on different forums and their forums. Such links help to track the sales induced by these affiliates. Offer a handsome share in the sale to keep motivating them to work hard.

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37. Involve Influencers

People follow their favorite celebrities and influencers for different reasons. Involving famous personalities is an effective way to reach out to their followers to promote your business and get more business.

Ask these influencers to write a review or record a short review video and share it on their social media pages and websites. This will enhance the value of your product and will boost your product.

38. Involve Friends and Family

Ask your friends and family to share your platform on social media pages, groups, forums, and WhatsApp groups and communities. This will create a cascading effect as your website will publicize among their friends and their friends will publicize among their friends and the list continues. This will create a positive impact on your sales.

39. Enhance After-Sale Services

Make sure you address the issues of your customers with positivity. Remember that the customer is always right so positively address their grievances and replace the product if they are not satisfied. This will make them attached to your brand for future purchases and make them keep visiting again and again. 

40. Use SEO Tools

To get more visibility you need to audit your strategies and website and also analyze your competitors. To do so you need to analyze massive data that cannot be handled manually.

So, use SEO tools that help you to analyze the ranking, quality, and quantity of your backlinks, referring domains, spam scores, effective and ineffective pages, and many more. So, use them to optimize your platform and rank higher in the SERPS.

Use SEO Tools


If you want to enhance your sales and get a higher return on investment, you need to get higher in the ranking of SERPs. Getting higher is not a piece of cake, it requires enormous, well-thought-out, focused, and consistent efforts. Following is a summary of tips to enhance your sales.

  1. Create a website and add keyword-oriented content.
  2. Try to get as many backlinks as possible from authoritative websites to get credibility and ranking.
  3. Make sure your website is mobile-first to have a seamless experience on smartphones.
  4. Use social media to get more visibility and traffic to your website.
  5. Use SMS, WhatsApp, and Email marketing to attract more customers.
  6. Use a light theme, catchy sitemap, mesmerizing slogans and add sitemap to get higher ranking and sales.
  7. Invite friends, family, affiliates, and influencers to promote and publish your brand.
  8. Make sure you have low loading time, no downtime, and secured hosting services to enhance the user experience.
  9. Make a local business profile to get more visibility.
  10. Use SEO tools to audit your profile and analyze your competitors to anchor your efforts for more visibility and higher sales.

Getting visibility and high sales requires a good mix of marketing and SEO. Such a good mix of expertise is very hard to find. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that has a penalty of experience both in marketing and SEO optimization. Our customized strategies will enhance your ranking and get you more customers and high sales. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can sales be increased online?

Ans: Sales can be enhanced online by optimizing your SEO and marketing to appear at the top of SERPs. Statistics suggest that more than 90% of the traffic goes to the top-ranked page. So, achieve this milestone and get high sales.

Q2: How a website can be optimized to rank higher.

Ans: A website can be optimized by creating awesome content, getting backlinks, using a light theme, using images and videos, making it mobile-friendly and secure and using fast hosting services.

Q3: How can marketing play a role in SEO efforts?

Ans: Social media publicizing, running ads, SMS, WhatsApp and Email marketing are very effective in pulling traffic to your platform and converting it to enhance sales.

Q4: How important are SEO tools in enhancing your sales?

Ans: SEO tools help you to analyze your competitive strategies to get more traffic. It also gives you the data of your backlinks, traffic, clicks, bounce back rate, referring domains and many more. It helps to remove spammy links on your platform that could reduce your ranking and sales.

Q5: Can Dlinx help you enhance sales?

Ans: Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that can help you get more visibility and a high ranking, which in turn will enhance your sales.



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