What is the Difference Between Brand Taglines and Slogans?

What is the Difference Between Brand Taglines and Slogans

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In the marketing world, both of these terms are used to attract and captivate the attention of your potential customers. These are the punchlines that are used along with your brand name and logos to market your product or services. These lines should leave long-lasting effects on the potential customers.

All brand assets like logos, taglines and slogans are used to leave striking effects on the minds of your intended audience.  These assets are also your company’s outlook, so write them in a way that gives the necessary information about your company in the minimum possible words.

For a layman, the difference between these two might not be important, but for marketers both of these terms are quite different and also serve different purposes. Before diving deep into the differences, let’s define both of these terms first.

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What is a Tagline


A brief phrase used to describe a brand’s entire value and worth. It is a long-term phase that hardly changes in the life span of a company or brand, like a company’s logo.

Examples of Tagline

Following are some of the examples of taglines of famous brands.

Disneyland: The happiest place on earth

Nike: Just Do it

Samsung: Do what you can’t.

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Uber: Move the way you want.

KFC: Finger Linkin is good.

Airbnb: Belong anywhere.

Dunkin Donuts: America runs on Dunkin.

Lays: Betcha can’t eat Just one.

Burger King: Have it your way.

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What is a Slogan?

Slogans are also attention-grabbing statements that describe the mission or vision of a company. These statements are a bit longer than the tagline and are less lasting than the taglines.

These slogans are more market-oriented and can be changed or even evolved over time (of course not too often) to address the market trends.  Where a tagline represents a brand, a slogan can be used to present a brand’s product or a brand.

What is a Slogan

Example of Slogans

Following are some of the slogans of famous brands.

Mastercard: There are some things money can’t buy. For Everything else, there’s MasterCard.

Old Spice: The original. If your grandfather had not worn it, you wouldn’t exist.

Kay Jewelers: Every kiss begins with Kay.

M&M: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Ronseal: It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Mosaic Company: We help the world grow the food it needs.

State Farm: Like a good neighbour, a state farm is there.

Pitney Bowes: We power transactions that drive commerce.

Meow Mix: Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name.

Maybelline: Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

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Why Tagline  and Slogans are Important

Why Tagline  and Slogans are Important

Both tagline and slogans complement each other, and one may not just use one and ignore the other. Both have their importance in the branding and marketing world. Since both describe a company, a brand, or even products of a company, when combined, provide a clear picture of a business.

Both capture the attention of your potential audience and motivate them to dig further. It also provides information on the core values, mission, and goals of your brand. These help to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

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What is the Difference between the Tagline and a Slogan

What is the Difference between the Tagline and a Slogan

Following are some of the points that can differentiate both terms.

  1. A tagline is brand or company-specific, whereas a slogan is product-specific in most cases.
  2. A slogan describes the usefulness of a product, whereas a tagline just conveys a brand’s promise.
  3. A slogan could be category-specific, whereas a tagline is more company-specific.
  4. A slogan could be consumer or user-specific, whereas a tagline is imperative.
  5. A slogan is descriptive, whereas a tagline is merely a couple of words evoking the brand.
  6. A slogan describes the company’s mission, whereas a tagline is more like a brand’s value.
  7. A slogan is more focused on marketing and advertising, whereas a tagline is more focused on building relationships.
  8. A slogan is to sell a product, whereas a tagline is to get you visibility or spread awareness about the company.
  9. Slogans are long phrases and could take 8-12 words, whereas taglines could be 2-6 words.
  10. Slogans are not long-lasting, whereas taglines will remain there for ages. So, slogans could be for a product or a campaign.
  11. Taglines are created in the early stages of a brand, and slogans evolve over time. So, slogans can be changed if a company changes its focus on other aspects or products of its brand.
  12. A tagline is usually presented along with the logo, whereas slogans are presented separately.
  13. A tagline is independent of geographic location, whereas slogans can change and even can be in different languages. For example, the soft drink Dew has the tagline “Do the Dew”, which is the same in every country, whereas its slogans change from country to country.

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Properties of a Great Slogan or a Tagline.

Properties of a Great Slogan or a Tagline

Following are some of the properties of slogans and taglines that make them great and famous.

Keep it Short

Try to keep it short, as it is easy to mention and share.  Short phrases and sentences are more impactful than longer ones.


When it is short, it’s easily memorable. So, a couple of striking words that keep on buzzing in your head are the memorable ones.

Brand Identity

Taglines and slogans become your identity and people start recognizing you by just reading them. For example, if you read “Just do it”, you will quickly remember Nike. So your taglines and slogans differentiate you from your competitors.

Usability of the Brand

These should also give the usage of the product and brand for quick publicity and branding.

Audience oriented

Both of these should be audience-oriented. So, your slogan would be different for a child’s product from a woman’s product.

Main Benefits

You may keep focus on the main benefits of the brands for slogans. Demonstrate the value of your brands in these phrases.

Simple and catchy

Keep it simple but elegant and catchy so it becomes the talk of the town.

Emotional Value

Try to develop an emotional connection with your targeted audience so they remain attached to your brand and products.

Test if Before Finalizing.

You may test these by sharing with a mixed audience and observing their reactions. This will give real-time data for decision-making.


Taglines and slogans are used in the marketing world to get more visibility, fame, and identity. These two terms are used in the SEO industry interchangeably, and truly speaking, it is often confusing to differentiate between them.

Both are important in branding and should be part of any advertising campaign along with other brand assets like logo and name.

The tagline is shorter and more brand-oriented, whereas slogans are descriptive and product-oriented. Taglines are there forever, whereas slogans often change from campaign to campaign.  A slogan is sale-oriented, whereas taglines are to build reputation and awareness of the brand.

These should be precise, memorable, catchy, short, tested, audience-oriented, and easily shareable.  Both of them have their importance, and one should not be preferred over the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tagline?

What is a Tagline

A tagline is a short phrase that describes a brand or a company. It is associated with the brand rather than a product. The tagline of the company will remain the same whether it is making a single product or multiple products.

What is Slogan?

A slogan is also a short phrase that is linked to the product of the company. If a company makes cutlery and male clothing, they can have different slogans for each product.

What are the two major differences between them?

A tagline is for the brand, whereas slogans are for the products.

A tagline is there forever, whereas slogans are for a product or a campaign.

How to make great taglines and slogans.

One can make great taglines and slogans by keeping them short, memorable, audience-oriented, and catchy.

Can Dlinx help build your reputation using taglines and slogans?

Yes, Dlinx is an SEO agency that can help to build your reputation by designing customized campaigns for brand awareness.

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