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Local SEO Checklist

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Local SEO is an optimization strategy that helps your local business’s visibility in the Google search. To appear in local search, one must add their geographic location, name, and contact number while creating the Google business profile or a web page. If that business matches your keywords, Google will show the listings of the top 3 related businesses with their location and contact numbers.

Before we discuss the checklist, let me introduce how Google search works. Whenever a webpage or website is created, Google’s program “spiders” crawls each webpage, looks for the links and keywords, and then makes a repository known as “Indexing”, of each type of niche.

So whenever you search for a keyword, google checks its repository for the relevant indexing and presents the results. This process continues on a vast scale, and these repositories or indexing keep updating.

So, the local indexing of Google is very helpful for local businesses to promote themselves online. So when you create a webpage for a local shop like a hair salon, grocery store or shoe shop and provide the physical location, name, and phone numbers, then Google will index it with the geographical location.

Whenever a person searches for a similar business, Google will present the top 3 listings related to the keywords with the location, contact number, operating hours, etc.

Below is the result of the search “Salon near Washington DC.” You can see the listing of the top 3 businesses with their map, operating hours, and phone numbers.

GMB - Salon near Washington DC

As per the survey, google has 91.9% of the search engine market value, and a surprising 46% of these searches are related to local businesses. So, local SEO is essential for promoting your business online and offline. So, your online presence will attract physical and physical traffic, giving you some serious business.

Following is the checklist for local Businesses to incorporate SEO in their digital marketing.

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1.   Create your Website

First, you need to make a webpage of your store to showcase your product and services. The making of the webpage is quite easy now. This article can help you to create a web page for free.

People spend more time online searching for different cheap and effective solutions. So, there is a dire need to build a website with all the necessary information to be visible online.

These platforms should be attractive and interactive and have all the necessary attributes of an effective website. It should have captivating and serene pictures, relevant text and a search option.

2.   Test your Website

Keep checking your website for the loading and refreshing speed. Your visitor could be annoyed if the loading time is too much. Moreover, the website should have a readable, friendly and easily memoizable URL. Clumsy, long and full of characters URLs are unattractive and give an uncomfortable feeling.

Moreover, properly tag your links in the coding. Do mention follow and nofollow links for the proper ranking of your page. Build a structure of internal links for more residence time of the users.

3.   Keep Auditing your Website

You must keep auditing your webpage to access your online visibility. Tools like Ahrefs and Moz are very helpful, as they will provide you with all the necessary stats like traffic, conversion ratio, indexing and ranking. These stats will let you know whether your SEO strategy is working and showing progress. Based on this analysis, one can tailor its strategy.

4.   Add NAP

NAP refers to name, address and phone number. Web crawlers look for the NAP in a platform and index accordingly. So, if you have a local store and have made a page of it, do not forget to mention the NAP.

If a person searches for business related to your niche, Google will mention your platform if NAP is explicitly mentioned on your page. The picture below shows the business page of a grocery store in London. You can see the name, directions and call option in the picture.


5.   Use relevant local Keywords.

Keywords are vital for search engine optimization. Please find the relevant keywords of your niche using SEO tools like Ahrefs and Moz and use them in your content properly and effectively. As said earlier, web crawlers will search your page’s keywords and index them in the relevant repository.

So, it would be great if you effectively mention the relevant keywords on your webpage in the content. But, it is highly recommended not to overuse or stuff them. A repeated or stuffed keyword will raise a concern in the crawler’s algorithm, penalize it, and may take it down in severe cases. So, be relevant and precise in using keywords.

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6.   Use Schema Markup

Schema is a code you can use in your platform to facilitate the search engine to show more relevant and useful results. This code helps you to rank your webpage more effectively. The code provides the following data markup to the search engine;

  • Event
  • Local Company
  • Article
  • Product
  • Restaurant
  • TV episodes
  • Book Review
  • Movie
  • Software application
  • And many more

7.   Google Business Profile

Google business profile is an essential gradient for your online visibility and is very important for local SEO. You can add your info, embed photos and videos and show reviews in that profile, which will appear in the SERPs. Google also verifies the profile before publishing it online.

Setting up the profile is easy; you must follow the step-by-step procedure presented in this article.

The below picture shows the Google business profile of a salon. You can see the pictures, name, contact numbers, operating hours, review summary and even the comments of their customers. So, this profile gives you online visibility and helps others find the best option near them.

Google Business Profile

8.   Content is the King

Content is the king. You need to add relevant content to your page and keep updating it with the relevant information. You can guest post your blogs, introduce your deals and new products, and even showcase your offerings.

In the local business, it is also necessary to keep updating your content regularly. It would help if you also introduced deals with discounts on national days and local festivals. Add pictures of your “Happy Customers” and giveaways to attract new customers.  

9.   Local Citation

Citation is a process where your peers and related businesses refer to your page. For example, a barber can cite or refer a cobbler for show-making and vice versa. It is a win-win situation for both as both get the backlinks and transfer each other’s traffic, enhancing both businesses.

It is like asking a friend who works in the local market about something, as he is in the market and knows everyone around him. So, When others refer you, it shows their trust in your business, luring others into your page and enhancing businesses.

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10. Review and Comments

Reviews and comments are part of the local and global SEO business. It showcases the trust of your customers and attracts others to buy it. Reviews are helpful to increase the credibility of your business and show how authentic the products are.

More reviews mean more credibility and authenticity. Publishing comments is also necessary for your business. Do not filter them, whether they are negative or positive. Rather, address the negative comments properly and offer them compensation or replacement.

The picture below shows the review summary of a bicycle shop in London and the comments of their customers. This summary and comments help others to make a decision.

Review and Comments

11.  Interaction with the Community

It is essential to show your presence at all the local events. It is a good strategy to sponsor local events for better publicity. You can also organize small events for the promotion of your business.

Moreover, you can also interact with your customers through online meetings, responding in the comments section and answering questions in the live session. These interactions and meetups are really helpful to attract customers for a physical visit to your business.

12. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the 3rd largest factor in the ranking of your page. These backlinks refer the traffic of referring domains to your domain, providing some convertible traffic.

Creating backlinks is more of a specialized job and needs a lot of mastery. Dlinx Outreach is the best SEO agency for creating authentic and legitimate backlinks. If these backlinks are from the high DA and RA sites, they pass on the real link juice, increasing your ranking.

More high-quality backlinks mean a high authority of your domain. So try to get links by guest posting, email outreach and many other options.

13. Social Media Presence

Social media is the real platform for the publicity. You need to create your marketplace and pages on each platform. Add high-quality pictures of your products and services. Add videos of reviews on your social media pages.

The picture below shows the Instagram page of a retailer selling kids’ shops. These kinds of pages help you to get backlinks and credibility.

Social Media Presence

14. Index Your Pictures and Videos

Google also offers the search option for images and videos. Suppose you have high-quality pictures and videos; the Google algorithm recognizes and indexes them. In that case, your pictures and videos will appear in the search if relevant keywords are used, and these pictures can lead traffic to your page.

People are more prone to looking at pictures and watching videos for information, as these are easier to skim than long phrases and text. They also provide more information in less time.

15.  Shorts and Reels

Make reels and shorts of your products and services, which is good for publicity. These short videos are really helpful for promotion. Share your pictures and videos on each social platform for better visibility.

YouTube offers shorts of 60 seconds, whereas Instagram and Facebook offer 90 seconds. This time is ample for promoting your product if they are made tactfully.

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16. Mobile Friendly webpage

It is well known now that everyone searches on their smartphone before proceeding with orders, and 80% of smartphone searches for local businesses turn into physical purchases. So your page should be mobile friendly and should load on mobile easily.

If your page is not mobile-friendly and people have to zoom in and out to read the required information, you may lose a potential customer.

The picture below shows the webpage of a cobbler shop in London. The website is super friendly on mobile with an impressive loading speed.

Mobile Friendly webpage


Local SEO is as important in the present world as the global SEO. This is the time of smartphones and social media, and people need the information on their phones as they search. So, set up your web and social media pages to get local visibility. Show your products and their reviews with all the necessary information. For better local visibility, one needs to set up a Google Business profile, mentioning your name, address and phone number.

This information will help google locate you and mention you when someone searches for a keyword relevant to your business. Google will show your business in the listing and attract people for the physical visit.

SEO is a specialized job and needs special customization for each business. Dlinx Outreach is a specialized SEO agency for local and global SEO. They have a team of experts to craft a customized strategy for your local business. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Does local business need SEO?

SEO is equally important for both local and global businesses. Local businesses also need online visibility for better turnover.

Is SEO helpful for small businesses?

You can turn your small businesses with the help of SEO. If you are well published online, it will attract traffic to your page and can enhance the business.

What is NAP?

NAP refers to name, address, and phone number. These three things help google to locate your business and refer it when a person in that area searches for a similar business.

Does Social Media Works for the local business?

Social media is the king of advertising platforms. No matter how small the local your business is, its presence on the social platform will increase visibility and credibility.

What is Schema Markup

Schema is a program that tells the search engine about the different markup of a site, like articles, products and many more.

What is GBP?

GBP stands for Google Business Profile. This profile helps you to get visibility, and it is easy for Google to recognize your business with the local address.

Does Dlinx deal in local SEO?

Yes, Dlinx deals with local SEO along with Global SEO.

Does Dlinx is a reliable agency?

Read the portfolio of Dlinx for credibility and authenticity.

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