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Benefits of E-commerce SEO

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The online industry has grown manyfold since the COVID-19 pandemic. With the evolution of e-commerce, the requirement for SEO has also grown tremendously. These e-stores are now competing to appear in the top positions of search engine result pages (SERPS).

So, SEO is part of every online platform, and E-commerce is no exception.

There is hardly any brand left that does not have an online sale point. This has also changed the dynamics of the whole online industry. At present, there are also many brands that are just operating online.

Now,  as soon as one starts an online business, the struggle to appear in the search results also starts. Therefore, you need help from search engine optimization experts to optimize your platform for search engine indexing.

SEO is part of every digital platform, and online store is no exception. As a matter of fact, it needs SEO more than any other platform.

So SEO for E-commerce enhances visibility by optimizing your platform as per Google Guidelines and search intent. It works with different attributes and platforms to enhance your visibility and online presence, thus increasing your sales.

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The picture is the E-store of Puma.

E-store of Puma

Following are some of the benefits of SEO for the E-stores.

1. Increased Ranking

Google’s ranking for SERPs is very important, as high ranking means high traffic, and high traffic means more business. All of your competitors will be fighting for the top position, as stats suggest more than 90% of people visit the top-positioned page. So, SEO experts optimize your platform for higher ranking.

2. High Conversion Rate

SEO helps to bring organic traffic to your platform from different sources. This organic traffic contains some serious customers. It is not only the traffic that matters; how many of them convert to make a purchase is more important.

So, SEO makes sure that people who visit your platform also purchase by facilitating them to reach the final purchase decision.

3. Brand Credibility

Brand Credibility

No one wants to spend their money on a brand that does not have credibility. A brand’s credibility is increased by adding reviews and testimonies, asking celebrities and influencers to review your items, and earning backlinks from credible sources.

These attributes, along with many others, are quite demanding and require serious efforts and expertise. An SEO personnel uses this expertise and helps your platform build its reputation.

4. Keyword Oriented Content

Keywords are very important in the search. Information about the most searched keyword in a niche can be found using different SEO tools. These keywords should be part of your platform if you want to appear in the SERPs.

For example, if you sell sports shoes and use the word boots on your website, you will not appear in the proper search results. So, SEO helps you to optimize your content as per the search intent.

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5. Long Tail Conversion

Long tail keywords are those keywords that are not commonly searched in a particular niche. It is believed that more than fifteen percent of the keywords are new, which makes a huge number.

So, SEO optimizes the content to capture long-tail searches as it is a huge in number. E-stores must be designed to capture the long tail keywords for better conversion.

6. Cheap Advertisement

SEO is also a cheap solution for advertisements. Paid advertisements are not pocket-friendly, whereas SEO drives traffic organically to your page.

SEO helps to increase the quality of your platform, which could reduce the cost per click, as this ad campaign also depends on the quality of your platform.

7. High Visibility

Visibility is the most important factor in the digital world to get high business. SEO optimizes different parameters and runs campaigns on different forums to get you more visibility.

SEO tries to earn backlinks from different authoritative websites for more visibility. It also promotes your page on different social media pages for visibility.

8. Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social media is the king of advertisement. Every online store needs to have social media pages for high traffic and visibility. Statistics suggest that over 90% of businesses use social media for marketing.

SEO persons make social media pages and keep them active by posting news and promotions. Make sure to publish the latest products, deals, discounts, and giveaways on social media for better visibility.

9. Competitors Analysis

SEO helps optimize your platform and tailor your website to compete with your competitors. Since competition among e-stores is very tough in the present era, you need to keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies and tailor yours accordingly.

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10. Improved User Experience

User experience is very important in ranking, retaining, and converting the visitor. You will lose your customers if your website is clumsy and does not seamlessly guide visitors to its products.

So, SEO helps you properly design your layout, menu, and navigation details for a better user experience. It also helps to add buttons like “claim deals,” “Check out,” “Add to cart,” and many more to help the visitor in making purchase decisions.

SEO also helps to keep the infographics at an optimized level for fast loading. It is also necessary to add contact details, testimonies, and product reviews to show its credibility.

The picture below is from the AliExpress. You can see how beautifully they presented deals on the landing page.

AliExpress Sale

11. From Local to Global

Online stores can turn your business from local to global. If you want to turn your business to the global market, you need to know the dynamics of the global market.

An SEO person can greatly help to increase your visibility in the global market. They can devise a strategy to make you famous in the targeted country for better conversion and business.

12. On and Off-Page SEO

Both on and Off-page SEO attributes like meta-tagging, heading and subheading, follow and nofollow links, building backlinks, and many more promote your business on different platforms for credibility.

These simple-looking attributes are very important to properly index your page, escape from the penalty, and get more visibility and credibility.

13. Outreaching the Audience

SEO also helps you to reach an audience through different forums. They designed the SEO strategies to reach through Emails, social media, and meet-ups.

Outreach is very important to get close to your potential customers. SEO experts organize events on and offline to get in touch with your audience for publicity and visibility. 

The picture below shows outreach through email. The store has tried to provide the necessary information about their latest deals and information through catchy graphics.

Outreaching the Audience

14. Secure Website

Another parameter that SEO personnel can help you with is to make your platform more secure and safe. People are sensitive to their data and do not want a platform to sell it for other purposes.

SEO personnel use more secure protocols like HTTPS and SSL certification to make it hack-free. A secured platform will attract more traffic and give you a high turnover.

15. Remarketing

Remarketing is to reach a past customer. It is like sending emails with a similar product that they once purchased. It could also be like sending emails for the new collections, discounts, deals and other news to invite him to visit again. One could also reach out through WhatsApp or SMS.

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16. Content Management Systems

The content management system refers to the host of your domain. There are many famous CMSs like Wix, WordPress, and Shopify. SEO people must work on CMS to keep them light and use fewer plugins and widgets or quick loading.

Each CMS has pros and cons, so SEO can help you find the most suitable option for your store.

17. Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs

URL is the first thing that  Google uses to index and a visitor type to reach your platforms. SEO can help make these URLs short, catchy, memorable, and shareable.

They also ensure that these URLs do not contain characters, numbers, and dates for better indexing. In the e-store, a dynamic URL is often used for different products. SEO can also help design these dynamic URLs.

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SEO has changed the whole dynamics of the online industry. It is very hard to survive online without an SEO expert. It is not a luxury anymore; it is necessary to survive in this competitive world. Following are some of the benefits of SEO in the E-commerce industry.

  • It helps you to get a high ranking in the SERPs.
  • It helps you to enhance your visibility and popularity by working both on- and off-page SEO.
  • It helps you to gain traffic from different platforms to get a high conversion rate.
  • It optimizes your website by properly using keywords and designing an impressive layout and theme.
  • It is also a cheap solution for the paid advertisements.
  • Its properly tailored SEO strategy can help you reach the global market.
  • It improves the user experience and enhances social media presence for popularity and high conversion.
  • It also helps to use CMS with more friendly URLS properly.

I advise, “If you plan to launch an E-store, your first step should be to hire an SEO expert to make your brand visible and rank high on the search engine result pages.”

About Dlinx Outreach

Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency known for optimizing your E-store for better ranking. Our agency has expertise in every attribute of SEO, and it can formulate customized strategies for your E-store that earn you high ratings, authority, and ranking.

Our agency works for on- and off-page SEO, web design, link-building, competitor analysis, page speed, and more to improve your ranking in SERPS. Our analysis teams also audit your E-store for better SEO optimization and utilization.

Furthermore, our team is well-versed in the recent trends and SEO tools that could help you earn unbeatable publicity, visibility, traffic, popularity, and long-term business. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for the brand to open an online store as well?

More and more people are using online purchase options rather than visiting the store physically as it is more time-consuming. So, opening an online store is also mandatory to survive in the present era.

How can SEO help to gain online visibility?

SEO can help you to earn backlinks that increase visibility. It also optimizes the website by asking celebrities and influencers to review its products, enhancing your visibility. Moreover, Social media and remarketing are other options to enhance your E-store’s visibility.

How SEO can help design your website properly for better user experience.

A website should be light and properly colored. Its layout and navigation should help the visitor make a purchase decision. Call-to-action buttons should be placed at the proper locations for final purchase.

Can SEO turn a local business into a global one?

The digital world has opened many avenues for local businesses to turn into global businesses. SEO can help you to be visible to your target market. It helps you gather data on the targeted market.

Can Dlinx help promote and SEO optimize the e-store?

Dlinx is an SEO agency that can help you SEO-optimize your page for better visibility and high conversion.

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