Why Is Link Building Important For SEO and Ranking?

Why Is Link Building Important For SEO

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The importance of link building is undeniable for ranking in SEO in this day and age. SEO experts have provided hundreds of optimization factors, but link building is the most effective ranking factor among them. 

If truth be told, Google has often mentioned, “this content is so useful for people that other websites want to refer their followers to it.”

It means that Google also pursues websites to get quality backlinks from other sites, and if any website doesn’t, Google won’t consider it a credible site.

So, backlinks are vital to SEO! Remember, you always try to adopt the white hat link building techniques to get backlinks. 

Here in the blog, we will discuss the importance of link building for SEO. Let’s dive into what link building can do for your website.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building is an important SEO strategy. It is the only way to meet the search engine’s criteria. As you know, Google and other search engines work according to specific algorithms. So, consider trustworthy websites that have a link from the authority sites.

On the other hand, what will happen to your website if you don’t get backlinks? There are following things that can happen with your websites. 

  • Domain authority of your website will decrease, which is hard to get again
  • Organic traffic to your website will disturb, or you will lose all visitors 
  • There will be a huge bounce rate on your website 
  • Your website will lose its digital presence 

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Why Is Link Building Good for SEO?

To know the importance of link building, you must read the following carefully. Let’s discuss this in detail!

Help in Increasing Rankings 

Every website wants high rankings on search engines, which is only possible if you have a lot of backlinks from other sites. 

It is a rule of thumb that many people click on one of the first three search results on Google. If your website is among three, you have achieved the goals. 

But how can you get a high ranking on search engine page results? Do you think you can survive on Google without credibility and reputation? If you have the same mind, you’re wrong.

The reason is that search engines give importance to only websites with backlinks. Besides, you need to create quality content that can fulfill the needs of people searching for their queries. If you have the right information, people always try to visit your website instead of others. The more people visit your website, the more your rankings will be. 

So, if you want to get higher rankings on search engines, you must get the help of link building techniques. 

Boost Organic Traffic 

Link building is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. It helps to increase organic traffic to your website. Link building involves researching relevant sites, developing relationships with webmasters, and producing content that others will want to link back to.

Many SEO experts say that acquiring backlinks is important and that you also need to drive more traffic to your website.  

For example, if you place the link of your website on other high authority websites in your niche, you can get the benefit of the traffic of that website. People will land on your website from many other websites. This way, you can get healthy traffic on your website, which is ultimately a good sign for your business and increases your rankings on search engines.

Remember, you should monitor the performance of your link building efforts over time so that you can adjust strategies accordingly. With effective link building techniques, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry and boost organic traffic.

Lastly, you always get backlinks in your niche. If you get a link randomly, this technique will destroy your link building efforts. 

Huge Brand Awareness 

Every business wants to become a household name or word of mouth. Link building is not only important for SEO, but it also increases brand awareness. It is a good technique in the long run, with no other alternative. 

Link building effectively connects potential customers or clients with the products and services you offer. Creating strong links between sites will make your website easier to find and appear more reliable in search engine results. 

With a well-developed network of links, your website will become visible and more accessible to those looking for what you offer. Building backlinks is important to strengthen your online presence and gain more visibility among those searching the web. 

So, the importance of link building is crucial for branded and non-branded traffic. Because when your website gets popular, people always search your website by name. Besides, it is a cost-effective and instant way to get huge brand awareness in different geographical locations in no time. 

Whether in a service or product business, you must get backlinks as soon as possible to make your website a big brand. 

Lead Generation 

Everyone opens their social apps and favorite blogs to learn things. Some people visit sites to see business opportunities as well. When you do this, you often see the links to other sites. Sometimes, you see the link connected to your favorite thing, and you always try to click it. You need to place this link on the websites to generate more leads. 

Link building is an important part of any successful lead-generation strategy. By creating quality links to relevant content, you can increase the number of leads you generate.

Link building brings new customers who have an interest in your business. By regularly expanding your network through high-quality link building campaigns, you can effectively boost your lead-generation efforts and take advantage of the benefits of having more visitors to your site. 

When people come through links, there are higher chances of conversion. Many SEO experts say people who come from CTA are potential buyers. This thing not only generates leads but also increases your revenues. 

If you want to increase the leads on your websites, there is no other option than acquiring the backlinks you need the most for your business. 

Build Relationships 

You can’t overlook the importance of link building when it comes to building relationships in your niche. 

When you connect with like-minded businesses, it means you’re going to build strong relationships as well as get new ideas for your business. This thing improves the SEO of your website. 

So, a link-building strategy is an essential part of a successful SEO campaign. This helps search engines index your website, resulting in higher rankings and increased visibility for your business.

You can often gain high-quality backlinks from multiple websites by having established relationships with webmasters across different industries. As a result, the SEO of your website will ultimately improve. 

Increase Site Metrics 

Link building improves and increases site metrics. As you know, several site metrics improve when you go with link building techniques. There are the following basic site metrics that are necessary for improved SEO. Besides, these only can increase with the help of successful link building strategies. 

Domain Rating 

Domain rating is one of the common factors showing whether you’re on track. If the SEO of your website is good, it will improve your domain rating. 

When domain rating increases, your website gets link juice from other domains. Domain rating ranges from 0 to 100.

Domain authority measures how well your website ranks on search engine results in pages. A high domain rating will make it easier for potential customers to find your website. 

Link building should be done consistently over time to achieve maximum benefits. As more links are created, Google and other major search engines will rank your website higher in their results pages.

URL Rating 

Another SEO metric is URL rating or UR. If you audit your website with Ahref, you can analyze the URL rating of your website. 

URL rating is a page-level ranking that differs from domain rating. In other words, it varies according to each URL on the site. Don’t be confused if you’re using another tool like SEMrush, where URL rating will be termed page authority. It also measures on a 100-point scale. If your page on any site has a bigger number, it means its URL rating is higher. 

Link building helps in increasing the URL rating of any web page. If you do it properly, you will get better results quickly. 


To sum up, No SEO strategy is complete without link building, which increases the importance of link building. No doubt, link building is the most difficult and time-consuming SEO tactic. Still, it can help your site Rank significantly higher, bring you more traffic and grow your business significantly.

Link building consists of tactics such as guest blogging, influencer outreach, writing content for third-party sites, directory listings, social media marketing, press releases, and more. Creating quality content that people want to share is key to any link building strategy.

Remember, quality link building requires careful research and a dedication to following best practices. It also involves consistently reaching out to other websites to request a link back to your own.

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