What is the difference between Landing Pages And Website?

difference between Landing Pages And Website

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A digital platform is a requirement of every business, whether you are running an E-store or blogging. Creating a platform is very easy nowadays, but you need to know your platform’s main purpose.

So, are you creating an online platform to provide information that helps you to make decisions, or do you want to create a page to do some action? Since the requirements of both options differ, you must create different platforms, as the former requires a website and the latter a landing page.

So, before explaining their key differences and when to use, let me explain these two terms first.

What Is The Landing Page

What Is The Landing Page

A landing page compels you to take an action. These actions could be “Purchase Now,” “Register Now,” “Get this deal,” and similar actions. The landing page uses minimal information, graphics and other options. The main focus of a landing page is to facilitate the visitors to take action.

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Examples of Landing Pages

Following are the three famous examples of landing pages.


A good example of a landing page is Airbnb, as can be seen in the picture below. With the minimum information, it gets you to the final decision.



Wix, one of the most famous website builders, has developed a landing page. A simple design with an action button pushes the visitor to action. 


Express VPN

Express VPN provides the service of a secure tunnel between you and the internet. Their landing page is well constructed, with minimum text providing the necessary information and a well-designed infographic motivating the visitor to action.

Express VPN

What Is A Website

 A website is a combination of many informational, blogs, contact us and many other pages. It provides detailed information about your businesses along with other pages.

An example of a website is shown below from Moz.com. This website contains all the information on SEO, facilitating them to make a final purchase decision.

What Is A Website

The Key Differences Between Landing Page and Website

Following are some key differences between the landing page and a website.

  1. A website has many pages, whereas a landing page consists of one page or page of each product, calling for action.
  2. A website provides the complete information about the company’s profile. It could include blogs, the latest information, a homepage, a Contact Us page, etc. In contrast, the landing page is targeted for specific information, compelling from action.
  3. A landing page is for making a purchase or an action, whereas a website helps potential customers to decide.
  4. A landing page is customized to grab the visitors’ attention by offering deals, discounts, and things like that, whereas a website is for general information.
  5. The landing page is for targeted customers, whereas the website is for the general public, which could attract many visitors.
  6. The messages on the landing page are specific and to the point, whereas the website provides generic information.
  7. The landing page contains minimal text, whereas the website contains relevant information.
  8. A website has multiple choices for the visitor to navigate, whereas a landing page usually directs you to the final purchase.
  9. A website is used to have links to other important pages, whereas a landing page is used to drive you to a specific marketing campaign.
  10. There are no distractions on the landing pages, like images and flashy infographics, whereas a website is full of pictures, videos, and infographics.
  11. A landing page is for entering and submitting, whereas a website is for detailed information.

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When to use a landing page?

When to use a landing page
  • To get your visitors’ data, create a signup page for newsletters.
  • You can create landing pages for registration of an upcoming event.
  • It can be created to offer a new deal or a package.
  • It can be created to announce the feature deals and offerings.
  • The landing page is best for sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Landing page is best for the B2C businesses.

How To Decide Between a Landing Page And A Website?

How To Decide Between a Landing Page And A Website

The following tips could help you decide between the landing page and a website.

  • Evaluate your needs and goals. If your goal is to build complete brand awareness, then the website is good to go, but if you want to make the final decision, then a landing page is the best option.
  • It is also good to evaluate your customers. If you run a small school, people would be interested in looking at your school’s facilities before getting admission. So, you need to build a website rather than a landing page.  But if you run a grocery store, your customers are more interested in the deals, offerings, and buying things, so a landing page is the best option.
  • If you are still confused, performing A/B or split testing is better. This test helps you to compare both versions for a better decision.

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One must make a website or landing pages for online visibility in the digital world. The landing page has minimal text and graphics and mainly focuses on a call to action. In contrast, a website consists of many informational and call-to-action pages.

It provides detailed information about a product or a service and helps you reach the final decision through images, videos, reviews, influencers’ reviews, and many more.

Whether you need a full website or a landing page depends upon the type of your business. If you are running a B2B business, you must provide details of every item, whereas B2C businesses require a landing page for quick actions.

The game does not end at the creation of a landing page or a website; rather, efforts are required to optimize them for better ranking in the SERPs. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that can help you optimize landing pages and websites. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a landing page?

A landing page compels the visitors to make the final decision. Landing pages ask for the action rather than providing detailed information.

When should one use a landing page?

You can create landing pages for Sing Up, a collection of email addresses for the future newsletter, announcements of deals and offerings, etc.

What are the main characteristics of the landing page?

The landing page has minimum information, with the call to action buttons. It does not have images and videos and flashy infographics.

What are the top three key differences between landing pages and websites?

  • It does not have detailed information.
  • It has a call to action button.
  • It is for the targeted customers to make the final purchase.

Can Dlinx outreach help to build a landing page or a website?

Yes, Dlinx Outreach can help you to build a landing page that could help you to convert and earn high business.

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