Effective Link-Building Strategies for E-Books

Effective Link-Building Strategies for E-Books

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Gone are the days when people love to read books in hard form. In the present era, people are more comfortable reading on mobiles, tablets, PCs, or a Kindle.

Producing a spectacular E-book is meaningless if nobody knows it. All your efforts in writing a master peace will be drained if you cannot attract the readers.

With e-books becoming famous among readers, promoting books online and getting visibility has become necessary.  And, to increase the visibility and appearance in Google search, one needs to build backlinks that are too numerous from the authoritative domains.

This article will provide some tips and insight on how one can get visibility by building backlinks.

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Why Link Building Important

Why Link Building Important

Links are a real asset for the SEO. It passes the credibility and authenticity of a platform. Every online product needs to get links to get visibility and publicity. More links mean a website is more credible and authentic.

 Moreover, it is not all about the number of links; the credibility or domain authority of the referring domain is also very important. Higher DA sites pass more link juice than the lower DA sites.   So, the catch is to get as many links as possible from the higher DA sites.

Prepare Your Content

First, you must prepare content people love to refer to and link. So, those books that bridge the gap between the known and the unknown in a genre are the best. Backlinks based on the content are the ones that bring in organic traffic.

So, first, do a detailed literature survey of your genre, niche, and field then try to find the open problems in your field or in literature terms do the gap analysis. With the detailed survey at your back, try to cover the open problems or gaps with your book.

 Following are some of the things that should be kept in mind before writing.

  • Do the detailed literature survey and find your field’s open problems and issues.
  • Select one of the open problems that must be addressed in your E-book.
  • Do not try to cover too much in one book. Either you will lose your reader’s interest, or you will become unable to cover the multiple problems in a book effectively.
  • Be focused and to the point.
  • Cite references where deemed necessary.
  • Try to add valid stats in your book.
  • Use HD pictures where deemed necessary.
  • Be plagiarism-free and avoid copy-pasting.
  • Try to address the issues that people are looking for.
  • Try to add the keywords to get better visibility.
  • Your content should have four attributes that Google looks for experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.
  • Be short, precise, and to the point.
  • Be creative and think out of the box, so your book stands out.
  • Try to optimize your content as per SEO to get more visibility and publicity.
  • Try to produce engaging content so that readers remain engaged and motivated to read more and more.
  • Use tools like Grammarly and Word Tune to improve your content grammatically.

The Link building on genuine, updated, relevant, and focused content is most important. These links will last for a long and will keep on bringing traffic to your platform.

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Most Effective Link-Building Strategies for E-Book

Most Effective Link-Building Strategies for E-Book

After producing an awesome Book, it’s time to make it famous. So, multiple avenues must be utilized to get your book into the mainstream and appear in the search engine result pages. Following are some tips that will help you get visibility and publicity.

1. Social Media Leads

Everyone uses social media for entertainment, information, business, and awareness. Social media is the cheapest media to get visibility and publicity.

Make sure that you have a presence on every social media platform. Try to keep informing people about your upcoming book and its launch date. Keep your social media page active, as they bring in good flux of convertible traffic.

Publish links from where your book can be purchased online. Try to share some glimpses of your book to attract and engage people. Try to engage people on social platforms for live and Q&A sessions.

2. Email Outreach

Email is another platform that can help you to get in touch with your potential readers. Send precise and to-the-point emails about your book to your past readers and other people.

Try to add a synopsis or abstract of your book with the email.  Do send the follow-up email in a very polite way to be more interactive. Try to send every update like pre-launch events, launch events, reviews, testimonies, and ratings through emails.

3. Influencer Outreach

Influencer Outreach

People value the opinions of influencers, celebrities, and experts of a niche or genre. So, send your book to them and ask them to make short review videos or write a small review about the book.

This technique attracts a large audience of these influencers for your business. So, if they endorse your books, then it is highly likely that their audience will try to read your book.  Ask influencers to add links to their social media pages and websites.

4. Look for Collaboration

Try to collaborate with other agencies and famous personalities for publicity. If you could contact a good publishing agency, it would benefit your book, as they already have links in the market and know how to get more links and online visibility.

Moreover, you could also get collaboration with other businesses as well. It is a win-win situation for both; you get backlinks and visibility, and they get some business in return.

5. Anchor Text Selection

Achor text is the phrase or words used for the hyperlinks. Google looks for these words for indexing while crawling.

So, try to use related keywords that best describe the genre and content of your book while creating backlinks. This will also help Google index your book in the right category to be presented on the right SERPs.

6. Value Addition or Proposition

Value Addition or Proposition

As said earlier, your book should add something to the missing knowledge. If you produce the same content that is abundantly available, it will not get famous and gain visibility.

It would be best if you worked on the value addition of your book. Try to highlight this in the preamble of your book to motivate people to read it. These value additions could be in the literature, society, community, world, and environment.  So, if you offer something new, it will get more links and visibility.

7. Links through Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to get more and more links. Try to post on the best platforms of your niche with the link to your book.

This is a win-win situation for both. Publishing sites get valuable content, and you get the link for your book that enhances your visibility.

Guest posting is not as easy as it looks. One might have to convince the platform to post. One can also contact the guest post writers for the links, as they already have contacts on different websites. This might be an easy way to get links.

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8. Community and Forums Pages

In the present day, every community and forum has its website or social media pages. So, try to get your post published on these pages with the backlink to your main platform.

It would be great if these pages were related to your genre. For example, writing a book on Newton and publicizing it on social media pages related to bikes will be useless. So, try to find the related pages and get them published.

9. Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Relationships among your community, readers, and potential buyers are crucial to gaining visibility. Try to build relationships and links to get better visibility and gain backlinks.  Try to build emotional attachment with your readers.

10. Build Your Network

Just like relationships, build your network as well. More broader is your network; more links are on the card.

This networking is essential in the digital world. Try to attend their functions and gatherings to build networks and relationships for online visibility.

11. Create launch Hype.

Try to schedule your book launch and get people to know about the launch through your social media pages, WhatsApp groups, Emails, and other media. Try to create genuine hype that people are curious about your book. This will help you to get more links. You may arrange functions like cover reveal to get more publicity and hype.

The picture below shows the prelaunch brochure of a book.

Create Launch Hype - Book Pre Launch

12. Interact with your Potential Readers

Try to interact with your potential readers through seminars, webinars, live Q&A sessions, and meetups to get in touch and let people know what this book offers its readers.

13. Podcasts.

Try to attend the famous podcasts of your genre to publicize your book. Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of the TV and watch for the whole weekend. Now, people love to listen to podcasts while driving and running. So, attend podcasts and get more links.


Each item that wants to prevail online needs visibility and publicity to appear in the search engine result pages, so you must build links. Links that get you due visibility and publicity.

First of all, produce a book that has great content. This content should be genuine, authentic, and credible.

Following are some of the tips that can help you build links for your e-books.

  • Try to engage on social media, as things get viral easily.
  • Try to reach your potential customers through email, influencers, and groups.
  • Try to present your book in podcasts, seminars, webinars, and live sessions.
  • Try to guest post on the related website to get links.
  • Try to add some value through your book.
  • Build relationships and enhance your network for better visibility.

Getting online visibility is a specialized field; getting visibility in the SERPs can be difficult and tiresome. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that can help you gain visibility through their customized campaign. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Content Important in E-books?

Is Content Important in E-books

Content is the main ingredient in the E-books as well. Without genuine and awesome content, one would not be able to get visibility and links.

How important is social media in getting links for E-books?

Till today, Google does not consider social media links in its ranking, but social media can induce a massive traffic flux that can increase your ranking in the SERPs.  A timely and righteous use of social media can make your book viral in a matter of days.

How can links be generated for the E-books?

Links can be generated through outreach, guest posting, community pages, and building relationships and networks.

Is SEO important in the e-books as well?

Absolutely, yes, SEO is very important in e-books as well. Keywords, anchor text, shareability, authenticity, and trustworthiness are the main ingredients of SEO, which are equally required in E-books.

Can Dlinx help you get links for your E-book?

Dlinx is an SEO agency that can help you get more visibility online through its team of experts.

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