Why Content Writing Is Important for SEO?

Why Content Writing Is Important for SEO

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The first thing that a visitor reads on a website will leave a lasting impact. It is believed that one only has 15 seconds to impress a reader. If your content is impressive, you will retain a visitor and vice versa.

The content conveys the intent of a website. So, content generates leads and leads generate traffic. So, your website needs content that could outperform its competitors and appear in the top 5 positions of search engine result pages.

Google bots or spiders scan through your website, extracting the keywords and then indexing them in the relevant repository. So, if your content is not SEO-optimized, you are going to land in the wrong repository. 

So, content is the king in the SEO and without relevant and optimized content on their website, you would not be able to compete in the online world. Before describing the reasons why content is important, we need to know how SEO works.

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How SEO Works?

How SEO Works

Search engines evaluate roughly more than 200 parameters to rank the websites. Google bots scan through your platform, looking for parameters like content, relevancy, authority, number of backlinks, referring domains, user experience, loading time, and many more, and then compare it with your niche and position it accordingly.

So, when someone searches, then the most related and highly optimized website appears at the top. So, being at the top means high traffic, and high traffic brings in more business, as stats suggest that more than 90% of visitors click on the top page and make a purchase decision.

Out of these parameters, many are related to content, whether it is backlinks, keywords, traffic, crawling, indexing, user experience, etc. That’s the reason content is considered most important in SEO. So, your content should be optimized as per search intent to rank higher. Following are some of the reasons why content is important in SEO.

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Why Content Writing is Important?

Why Content Writing is Important

1. Brings Traffic

If your content is relevant and highly optimized then it will attract visitors, enhancing traffic. High traffic brings in more business. Create content that positions at the top positions. This will get you high traffic.

2. Brings Backlinks

You should create awesome content that everyone likes to link. More backlinks means more authority, more authority means high ranking and high ranking means more traffic.

So, the relevant, updated, genuine content, endorsed by the stats and infographics will give your backlinks. Google gives high value to authoritative content, and backlinks are one of the parameters that show authority. So, create content that people like to refer to.

3. Improves Keywords Search

Every niche has its keywords that can easily be found using SEO tools. Google looks for these keywords and then indexes them. 

So, your content should be keyword-oriented. These keywords should be used in the content where they look natural and organic. Do not just stuff your content with the keywords, as Google is against the stuffing and penalizes it.

4. Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords

It is easy to address the long tail keywords in the content. Long tail keywords consist of three to five words, and it is more specific than a single word. For example, “famous coffee shop near me” will give you better results than the “Coffee shop.”

These long-tailed keywords are designed for targeted information or a website. Stats suggest that 70% of searches are via the long tail keywords.

These kinds of keywords should be part of your content, as they are less competitive, and they also reflect the exact search intent. So, focus on these keywords as well, along with the short keywords, for better ranking and optimization.

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5.   Easy Crawling and Indexing

If your content is by Google’s guidelines, then it will be easy for the bots to crawl and index.  Google bots crawl each page of your website and then index it with the help of keywords, and relevant as well as updated content.

So, if your content is well-optimized, it will be easily and rightly indexed to be presented when someone searches the relevant information. If your content is easily indexable, it will be able to get a better ranking.

6.   Focuses on Keywords

As mentioned before, good content focuses on the keywords for easy crawling and better indexing. Keywords are easily found using SEO tools. 

So, finding the relevant keywords is the first step in your content writing. A wrong selection of keywords will land you in the wrong indexing, leading to the wrong customer. So, good content focuses on the relevant keywords and mentions them where appropriate.

The Following picture is from the Biq SEO tool, which shows the keywords and their volume and other information.

Focuses on Keywords

7.   Enhances User Experience

As Maya Angelou said, “Write so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart”.

User experience is one of the SEO parameters that have high value. A better user experience means a lower bounce rate and a lower bounce rate will increase your ranking.

SEO-optimized content keeps the visitor interested and engaged. Capitative and informative content provides all the information that a visitor looking for, enhancing the user experience.

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8.   Addresses Google’s E-E-A-T

Google looks for four attributes in the content that are EEAT – experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Content that has all four features will be ranked high in the SERPs.

So, SEO-optimized content consists of personal experiences and expertise in the related field. It should be authoritative and trustworthy so that your peers are comfortable in linking to it. Once you have all four EEAT attributes in your content, it will be highly likely to rank higher.

9.   Enhances Customers’ Interactions

Customer interaction is very important in SEO to enhance your brand awareness and advertisement. Content is written with the intent that it should address all the queries of the customers and give more business.

Moreover, frequently asked questions and comments section are two other options that further enhance the customers’ interaction, leading to better ranking.

10. Save Money

Awesome content is the one that people like to read, share, and link. So, it is highly likely that it will have high visibility, which reduces the cost of advertisement.

So, investing money in the SEO writer will give you good content along with many other benefits. So, you do not have to opt for Google or social media ads, requesting influencers and celebrities for paid reviews, and many more.  So, SEO-optimized content can save you a couple of bucks.

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11. Improves Brand Awareness

Improves Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important in SEO, as it creates more genuine customers. So, your content gives every detail of your brand, which helps the visitor to reach the purchase decision easily and quickly.

Content is one of the best ways of marketing that lures new customers and leads.  So, making well-optimized content will put you higher in the ranking, attracting new customers.

12. Long Term Effects

In contrast to Google Ads or Social Media ads, which only attract customers while running or displaying, content marketing lasts for a very long time.

Content remains there, educating, informing, and luring customers to your brand, product, and services. So, the life span of content could last for years, depending on the niche. So, it will keep attracting new customers and visitors, enhancing traffic and business.

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13. Boosts Social Media

Any SEO strategy without taking social media on board will not work in the present era. People are more prone to scroll through social media than websites. That’s the reason every brand has its social media presence.

Written content is equally important in social media. So, when producing your content, keep in mind the social media users. This way one can attract business from social media.

Social media is designed in a way to share and spread information easily. So, SEO-optimized content boosts your business on social media as well.

14. Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate dictates the visitor retention at your website.  So, SEO writers incorporate experience, expertise, stats, recent information, infographics, short videos, and many others to capture the attention of visitors.

Optimized content also incorporates internal links for further information that forces the reader to visit other pages, reducing the bounce rate.  

15. Boosts Ranking

Boosts Ranking

The whole fight in SEO is to get a better ranking in the Search engine result pages. Better ranking means more customers or visitors and more visitors means more business.

An SEO writer is trained to produce content that is genuine, authentic, mesmerizing, and keyword-oriented. This will be easily crawled and indexed and will give you more backlinks from the authoritative domains, boosting your ranking.

Moreover, such content is shared across social media and other platforms, boosting traffic to your platform and increasing your ranking.

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As someone said, “Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content”. Content is the most effective, cheap, and easy way to market your product, brand, and services. So, content created with purpose will be momentous and victorious.

Following are some of the reasons why SEO-optimized content is important in SEO;

  • It attracts more traffic to your website.
  • It gives you backlinks from the authoritative domains.
  • It enhances user experience and interactions, reducing the bounce-back rate.
  • It gives more informative, authoritative, and trustworthy content to readers.
  • It enhances your social media leads, giving you more business.
  • It enhances your brand awareness organically and saves you money on other advertising options.
  • Lastly, it improves your ranking and gives you high visibility and business.

So, if writing is combined with the context, then it will give you good content. Produce content that should have all the spices that Google looks for to get a higher ranking and more visibility.  

Content writing and its optimization require some novel trades that are rare to find. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that can help you create SEO-optimized content. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Frequently asked questions.

Is content important in SEO?

Is content important in SEO

Yes, content is king in the SEO. It is the content that makes the visitor make a purchase decision. It is the content that helps Google to index and decide the ranking.

What are the attributes of SEO-optimized content?

SEO-optimized content is full of experiences, expertise, trustworthy, and authoritative. It gives you all the related and updated information that a visitor is looking for.

Does content bring in backlinks and save money?

Yes, people would like to refer to the content that is SEO optimized and give you all the information. This will give you visibility naturally reducing the cost for paid promotions.

Does SEO-optimized Content increase the user experience?

Yes, such content has attributes that could engage visitors, thus increasing the user experience.

Can Dlinx help you to optimize the content?

Yes, Dlinx is an SEO agency that has a team of experts in content writing, helping you to gain visibility and ranking.

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