How To Promote Your Business Locally?

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What will happen if you do not open your mailbox for a week? It will be filled with a menu, discount coupons from a pizza shop, a brochure of the new grocery store, upcoming events at a mall, and many more such advertisements.

In the present era, converting from local to global is quite easy, especially with the abundant availability of high-speed internet around the globe. In converting from local to Global, somewhere we forgot to focus on our local customers.

Local customers are as important as global customers, in fact, more important than international customers, as they are emotionally attached to the local businesses.

With more and more business analysts, marketers are now also trying to attract the local community. They use different strategies both on and offline to attract the local community.

We often receive emails, SMS, and WhatsApp from our local brands, advertising their deals, discounts, and upcoming events. Similarly, local brand advertisements on social media pages and newspapers often appear. This is part of the different strategies to promote local businesses.

Whether running a local or a global business, you need to get business from your local customers to get maximum output. The following are some of the tips that could help you promote your business locally.

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Promoting Online

It is necessary to have online visibility of your business to attract more and more customers. Following are some of the tips to promote your business online.

1.  Make a Website

The first thing that one should do is to make a website. Your website is your first interface with your customers. Make your website attractive, easy to navigate, and interactive, as ¾ of customers pass judgment about a company based on its website design.

The layout, meta-tagging, navigation, URLs, security, and content should be SEO-optimized for better visibility and Google Ranking. Your website should display the local services, deals, and discount offers.

The picture shows the beautifully designed website of a local New York restaurant.

Local New York restaurant

2. Advertise Your Business for Free on Google

Create a free Google business profile and get free visibility in your local area. So, whenever a person searches for a keyword related to your business near your location, Google will show your business.

Do not forget to add your contact details, maps and services you are offering in that profile. Add photos, especially your shopfront, to help the customers locate your place.

Moreover, add your phone number, opening and closing hours, holidays, logos, and email address in that profile to help the visitors reach you.

The picture showed the top two businesses when I searched for a salon in downtown London.

Salon in downtown London

3. Write Blogs

You can write blogs on your website about the different aspects of your business, luring the customers to make a final purchase, or you can also write guest posts on other websites to divert traffic from that forum to your site.

While writing the blog, make sure to create the backlink to your website with the right anchor text and the right number of keywords. Make sure that those blogs are well-read by the local community.

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4. Offer Deals and Discounts for Online Customers.

You may also offer deals and discounts for your online customers to attract more traffic to your site and get a better ranking. Make sure to promote and advertise these offerings at different possible forums.

5. Promote your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms and offers many facilities to promote your business. You may also run the ads on Facebook using the Geotagging facility to attract your local community. These paid ads on Facebook have the highest ROI along with the Google ads.

Stats suggest that 93% of businesses have an active page on Facebook, and 86% use Facebook ads for advertisement.  Ensure your Facebook page is active and covers all the local events with photos and videos.

6. Promote your Business on Other Social Media Apps

It is not only Facebook that is key to local businesses, but the role of other social media apps can not be overlooked, as statistics suggest that there are more than 55 million companies on Linked In, 200 million on Instagram, and over 30 million on Snapchat.

It is worth mentioning that some social media apps are more important in a particular region than others, as Facebook is more famous in Asia. In contrast, LinkedIn is widely used in Europe and America. So, focus more on social media, which is locally famous.

7.   Run Google Ads

Run Google Ads

Digital ads are also a good way to attain popularity, as statistics suggest that these can increase brand awareness by 80%. These ads have a very high ROI. So run these ads on your local pages and attract customers. 

8.   Get into Local listings

Local listings and directories or Yellow Pages are good ways to promote your business locally.  Try to get into this even if you have to pay some amount. This will improve your visibility.

The easiest way to find these listings is to analyze your competitor’s backlink profile. This will help you find local listings and directories.

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9. Email Marketing

Try to collect the data of your local customers’ email addresses and reach them with new information like upcoming launches, new collections, local events, functions, and meet-ups.  It is also recommended to keep increasing your database of email addresses.

10. Involve Local Influencers

Involve Local Influencers

Try to get in touch with the local influencers. These influencers include local singers, charity workers, renowned teachers, media personalities, war heroes, and many more.

Try to involve them in your events. Send them your products, ask them to review them, and then post them online. People give high value to their local heroes and influencers; if a recommendation comes from them, it will improve your sales.

11. Provide Great Customer Service 

Customers should be of prime importance, and good customer care services help to retain old customers, and old customers bring in new customers.

Try to answer the queries of the customers and resolve their grievances.  Adds deals like points at the purchase, gift hampers at the purchase of a sudden amount, and other deals. These kinds of services keep customers interested and motivated in your business.

Advertise Your Business Locally

Advertise Your Business Locally

Ads are very effective in promotion. The following are some of the ways that can help increase visibility in the local community.

12. Sponsor the local Event.

In your communal life, you attend events like parent-teacher meetings at the school and colleges or a local football, rugby or baseball tournament. These events require sponsorship, and this is a good opportunity to put your banner at the event by sponsoring it.

The local community widely watches these events, even at the local TV stations that broadcast them. So, this is a cheap way to promote your brand.

13. Send Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are effective ways to promote your business. You may ask your local hawker to put these flyers in the mailboxes of the local community.

Try to make these brochures attractive and informative. Display the necessary information about your businesses and deals, and do not forget to add discount coupons with these brochures.

14. Use Billboards

Use Billboards

Billboards are made to advertise on the main roads and buildings of the city. You can rent out billboards to promote your business.

Nowadays, city governments have also installed electronic billboards along the roads. Similarly, electric boards are also installed around the playing areas of different grounds like football and cricket. So, it can be utilized to promote your business.

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15. Ads in Local Newspaper

Although print media is not very famous nowadays, there are still people of old schools and thoughts. So, printing ads in the local newspapers is still effective and can give you a handsome amount of business.

Since most newspapers also have an online version, so ads work both online and offline.

The picture below is from the local newspaper of London City A.M. that shows the ad.

Ads in Local Newspaper

Market your Business Locally

Most offline promotions are based on interactions with local customers at different events. Please do not waste a single opportunity to promote your business, whether sending brochures or pamphlets or supporting a charity event.

These things will improve your SEO and give you high business. Following are some of the tips to promote your business offline. Offline activities also help you to gain traffic and increase your online visibility.

Following are some of the ways to market your business locally.

16. Attending Local Function

The city government and other local organizations arrange different functions to celebrate events. Participate in these functions and try to interact with the local community.

In such functions, management allows stalls to display different items. Try to capture the local community’s attention with the different and catchy stalls. Your stalls should lure visitors, allowing you to promote your business.

17. Involve in Charity Events

Charity events are a good source of winning the sentiment of the local community. Participate and donate in such events to show that you respect humanity. This attracts the local community to your business. Do not forget to put your banners in such events.

18. Participate in Local Business Contest

People are interested in numbers and like to grade things and brands for better understanding. So, participate in the local business content and try hard to win them. This will give the local community an idea of how valuable your business is.

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19. Join the Local Chamber of Commerce

Join the Local Chamber of Commerce

The local chamber of commerce is a good place to develop connections with the local government and local businessmen. This helps to build your brand’s reputation among the local business community.

The local chamber of commerce also organizes events to promote local businesses, opening the door for you to promote your business.

20. Join Volunteer Community Works

As I said, local businesses should not leave any event to promote their business. There are many opportunities where you can volunteer yourself for community work.

You may volunteer to work in an old home or flood or earthquake-affected areas to get in touch with the local community and win the sentiments of people.

21. Promote Your Business Locally for Free.

There are many ways to promote your business for free, like attending events and speaking at them.  You can also develop partnerships with other businesses; for example, you can put their business brochures in your office and vice versa. This is a win-win situation for both.  Try to be active on your social media pages for quick promotion.

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Businesses require customers no matter where they come from.  With the inception of SEO and internet availability, more and more businesses are turning from local to Global.

 Whether you are a local or global businessman, you should also focus on your local customers, as they are emotionally, mentally, and physically attached to your business.

So, one needs to develop a strategy for both online and offline forums to attract the local community. Following is the summary of the tips that we presented above to lure the local community into your business.

  • Develop a website and add related and keyword-oriented content to get a high ranking.
  • Try to develop active social media pages to spread quick information.
  • Be active and post on the famous social media pages of the local community.
  • Run ads, especially on Facebook and Google, as both have a high rate of return.
  • Try to send emails to your loyal customers and also try to get involved with local celebrities for promotion.
  • Attend and sponsor local functions, community works, and charity functions to develop connections and promote your business.
  • Print your ads on social media and also use billboards to promote your business.
  • Send flyers, brochures, and discount coupons to the local community.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce and get yourself listed in the local listings and directories.
  • Provide great customer care services and try to address their grievances.

Customers should be given due importance, whether they are local or international. Try to keep in touch with your local community and develop relations with them to get more business.

Dlinx Outreach’s Introduction

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are local customers important?

Yes, local customers are very important as they give you a handsome amount of business.

Should we run ads to lure the local community?

Yes, we should run paid ads for the promotion. Moreover, Facebook and Google ads are the best for high ROI.

Offline or Online promotion; which one is more important?

Both offline and online promotions are important and should be part of the strategy to attract customers.

How important is customer care in attracting customers?

Customer care is a very important factor in keeping your customers engaged and making them visit repeatedly.

How could Dlinx help you design a strategy for engaging local customers?

Dlinx is an SEO agency and it has vast experience in SEO and marketing. It can help to customize a strategy that can engage your local community.

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