What are the common SEO mistakes to avoid?

What are the common SEO mistakes to avoid

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SEO is the most talked word in the digital industry nowadays, as it can make your business grow and flourish beyond physical boundaries.

Google counts more than 200 parameters to rank a site in the SERPs. SEO is the industry that optimizes all of these parameters in such a way that it gives online visibility and popularity.  This visibility and popularity lure customers and give rise to the business.

SEO is a specialized job and requires deep, insightful knowledge of the niche, market trends, specialized SEO tools, on and off-page optimization, and many more.

Since it is a specialized job, so should be run by experts in the fields otherwise, you might not be able to get the results you are anticipating.

So, it is better to know the most common mistakes that SEO personnel can make to rectify them. This article will cover the 25 most common mistakes in SEO and how to fix them.

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1. Ignoring Content

Ignoring Content

Content is the king of SEO. Ignoring content’s optimization will not bring you any good. Search engines critically look at the content, its relevancy, and authenticity for proper indexing.  So, if your content is not trustworthy, relevant, and updated, then it will not give you a higher ranking.

To fix this issue, emphasize the content by making it relevant, informative, plagiarism-free, and up-to-date, embedded with stats and infographics.

2. Ignoring Keywords

Ignoring Internal Links

Every niche has its keywords.  Google bots crawl the content and look for the keywords. Based on these keywords, it indexes its pages in the proper repository.

These keywords should have been used in the content for proper indexing. For example, running an activewear store and using words like exercise suits might not be indexed in the proper repository.

The best way to fix this issue is to find the keyword of your niche using SEO tools. These tools will give a detailed report of keywords and use them in your content for proper indexing.

It is also worth mentioning that do not stuff your content with these keywords, as Google penalizes such activity. Moreover, keep them short and relevant and use them where they look organic.  Similarly, also use relevant anchor text in your content.

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3. Ignoring Backlinks

Backlinks are like peer review, where peers and other relevant platforms refer your businesses in their content, passing the links juice for a higher ranking. Google gives a high value to these backlinks. More backlinks will bring more juice and higher ranking as well.

Earning organic backlinks is a time-consuming task and requires some laborious efforts. So, people often opt to buy backlinks using black hat strategies, which is illegal and penalizeable.

The best way to fix this is to earn backlinks by offering and publicizing your platform and content. You can also find the relevant broken links on other platforms and offer a replacement with your relevant content. Try to create awesome content that people lure to give you backlinks. You can use outreaching through different medias to earn backlinks.

4. Ignoring Referring Domains

It’s not only the number of backlinks but also the DA or DR of the referring domains that play a key role in a website’s ranking. A higher-ranked platform will pass more link juice than a lower-ranked website. So, if you have a referring domain of DR 90, it will give you more traffic and ranking than 100 of DR 20 websites.

So, the best way is to target the higher-ranked website for the backlinks while keep working on mid-ranged and lower-ranked websites.

Getting backlinks from higher-ranked websites is difficult, so you need consistent efforts to get links. It is also recommended to look for their broken links and try to reach them through the comments section.

5. Ignoring Internal Links

A network of internal links is also a good way to increase the number of backlinks. Try to use them where they look organic and natural. Do not try to stuff them, as Google might penalize them.

Create a good network of internal links so your visitors remain engaged at your website, reducing the bounce rate. It also helps to enhance the user experience on your website.

The picture below is from one of our articles that shows the internal link to another blog.

What Google Say About Speed

6. Ignoring Search intent

Search intent is the reason that a user queries to the search engine. For example, if someone searches “Quick cappuccino recipe” or “How to make a cappuccino quickly” and you offer a recipe that makes coffee in 30 minutes, it will not work for you.

So, it would be best to consider the possible reason for the search and optimize your content accordingly.

7. Ignoring Negative Reviews

Ignoring Negative Reviews

Ignoring negative reviews is another way to lose your customers. Whenever someone wants to buy a product online, they will look for reviews, especially negative ones.

So, do not ignore these reviews; try to console your customers who had a bad experience by offering compensation. This compensation will help you retain your customers and bring in new ones.

8. Ignoring Redirects

Whenever you try to revamp your website or shift the hosting services, it creates broken URLs. You must apply the redirects so your past customers have a seamless experience.

Redirects like 301 and 404 are necessary to retain your customers while shifting your URLs. If you have taken down content, try replacing them with relevant and better content.

9. Ignoring Page Speed

Page speed is critical; any time greater than 2 seconds to load a website is considered slow. So, a slow site will not retain a visitor but move it to other similar sites.

So, keep your website with fewer heavy items like heavy images and videos. Moreover, keep your coding simple and add only required plugins. Shared hosting can also be a reason. So, all of these factors slow down your website.

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10. Ignoring Website Layout

Website layout is the first thing that a visitor will note. If your layout is improper and visitors have to move here and there to find the content, you will lose your traffic.

Try to keep your layout simple yet elegant. All the relevant links should be displayed at a prominent location. Your drop-down menu should have access to all main pages. The picture below shows the layout of BBC, which has an awesome layout.

Ignoring Website Layout

11. Ignoring Social Media Leads

Social media is the king of advertisement. The best part of social media is the information can go viral within a few hours. On average, businesses allocate around 15% of their marketing budget to social media.

Social media gives you a big opportunity to get close to your customers more easily and readily. You can upload your catalogs, new products/arrivals, deals, discounts, and other related information. So make social media pages and keep them active to get publicity and traffic to your website.

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12. Ignoring Competitive Analysis

The present era is very competitive, so you can not survive without knowing your competitor’s next move.

SEO tools can help you a big deal, giving you a detailed report about your competitors, traffic, backlinks, referring domains, spam score, and many more. This analysis will help you to tailor your strategy to outperform your competitors.

13. Ignoring Google Crawling and Indexing

Ignoring Google Crawling and Indexing

Google bots crawl your pages and then index them to show them when someone searches with the relevant keywords.

So, to index properly, try to help Google with the proper keywords, use HD pictures and videos, and build your sitemap.

14. Ignoring White Hat Strategies

All the illegal means to trick the ranking process are part of the black hat strategies like buying links, plagiarising content, copy-pasting content, PBNs, etc.

All such activities are illegal and penalized if caught. So, do not try the shortcut, work on your content, earn backlinks naturally, and do not use PBNs. All these things will take time and effort but ultimately give you better and long-lasting results.

15. Ignoring URLs

URLs are the first thing that Google indexes.  Your URL should convey information about your niche and the content.

Keep your URL short, relevant, precise, keyword-oriented, and free of date, number, and character for better indexing and easy sharing.

16. Ignoring Meta Description

A meta description is the description or summary of a page that helps google to understand the content and index a page. This description facilitates the search engine for better indexing and increasing your ranking.

This description is added through the HTML coding. Following is an example to implement the meta description.

<meta name=”description” content=” This webpage describes the 25 common mistakes in SEO and how to fix them.”>

17. Ignoring Navigation

Better website navigation enhances the user experience and helps visitors to move between the page and the website seamlessly.

Design a good navigation bar to help visitors move to the main menu. It should also have links for the important content. It is also a good option to add the hyperlink to the main and Contact Us pages. 

18. Ignoring Broken Links

Ignoring Broken Links

Broken links take you nowhere and can frustrate the visitors. Links often get broken due to the replacement of old content and moving the hosting services.

SEO tools can help you find broken links and then replace them with similar but updated content.

19. Ignoring Contact Form

There are many different ways to interact with your visitors and a contact form is one of them. First, add the contact form to your page, but do not ask for too much information so that visitors may get irritated.

Add only 2 to 3 necessary fields in your contact form. Do not ask too many personal questions in the contact form. Keep it simple and small. It is also important to answer the queries within 24 hours. Taking too much time to respond gives a negative feeling to your customers.

A good contact form may look like below.

Ignoring Contact Form

20. Ignoring Mobile Friendliness

Mobile is very important in our daily life, and everyone uses it for search and purchase. More than 50% of the traffic on the website comes from mobile users.  Nowadays, people are more convient is using mobile for search and purchase than a desktop.

So, make your website mobile-friendly by incorporating the mobile-first design. Since 2015 Google has been penalizing sites that are mobile-friendly. Make sure your text, images, and videos are optimized for the mobile to enhance the user experience.

21. Ignoring Local SEO

Being a local business does not mean you should not consider SEO. Local businesses also need SEO to attract customers and increase their online visibility.

Try to create your Google business profile and add information like name, contact information, business hours, images, and map to get local visibility. This will add you to the listing whenever someone searches a related keyword with the location.

The following picture shows the local businesses when I searched “Good salon near Miami airport”. You can read a detailed topic on how to promote your business locally.

Ignoring Local SEO

22. Ignoring Images and Videos

Images and videos enhance the impact of your content.  Nowadays people are more prone to scrolling images and watching reels and shorts for information.

So, try to embed good high-HD pictures and videos to endorse your content. Keep them light as well to not affect the loading time.

23. Ignoring Sitemap

Sitemap is the way to tell the Google bots about the pages and information of the websites. It is a way to facilitate Google to easily crawl and index the pages of a website.

There are different ways to incorporate the sitemap. One can use XML files, robots.txt, RSS feeds, and atom feeds. The sitemap can be found by simply typing the following text into your address map.





Try to add a sitemap of your website in any of the above-mentioned ways. The picture below is our website’s sitemap, and you can see the details of the URL and the last modified date.

24. Ignoring E-E-A-T Signals

E-E-A-T stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google gives a high value to all these four factors.

So, your content quality should reflect your first-hand experience and expertise in that field. Furthermore, your content should be accurate, accessible, and valid to add authoritativeness. Similarly, Your content should be backed or backlinked by your peers and other platforms.

25. Ignoring SEO Tools

Ignoring SEO Tools

SEO deals with a lot of data and it is not easy to process that data easily. Similarly, it would help you in analyzing the backlinks, referring domains, spam score, ranking, traffic and many other parameters.

It is not possible to find these parameters manually. So, one needs to get help from SEO tools to extract different data. This data will help you find the shortcomings in your strategies, competitors’ strategies, your spam score, and many more. This can help you in a big deal to devise a good strategy for higher ranking.

Try to buy tools that can help you to take corrective action. This article can help you to find the right tool for your job.  It is also recommended to schedule your analysis to keep a record of your progress.

Key Takeaway

SEO is a vast field that requires laborious efforts to get visibility and publicity. So, if you are not able to rank higher, despite making efforts in the SEO, then there is a high chance that you’re committing some basic mistakes.  Following is the summary of such mistakes that could ruin your effort, time and money.

  • Try to create great content and this content should be relevant, informative, simple, precise, organic, genuine, keyword-oriented, and embedded with images and videos
  • Try to get as many links as possible from the authoritative websites. Do not try to buy links as it might reduce your ranking.
  • Make your website super fast, with relevant URLs and meta descriptions.
  • Make your website layout attractive, easily navigatable, and mobile-friendly.
  • Incorporate a sitemap, contact form, and local SEO into your website.
  • Use SEO tools to find out your shortcomings and anchor your strategy on the recent trends in the market.

SEO is not everyone’s job, it requires expertise in multiple fields. Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency that has a team of experts that can help you to anchor your SEO strategies, free of mistakes. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three most important parameters in SEO that should not be overlooked?

Content, backlinks, and keywords are the most important parameters that should not be overlooked at any cast.

How important is mobile friendliness?

Since 2015, Google has started to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly. So, it is mandatory to design your site as mobile first.

How important is local SEO?

Local SEO is very important to enhance your visibility in the local listing. Try to create your local business profile to get more visibility.

What are the most famous SEO tools?

Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush are the most important SEO tools that can help you in many ways.

Can Dlinx help you to rectify your SEO mistakes?

Dlinx is an SEO agency that has a team of SEO experts. So, it can help to find mistakes in your SEO strategy and rectify them.

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