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Future of SEO with AI

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Stephen Hawking once said;

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.”

AI has revolutionized every aspect of life, spanning industry to academic research, simple home-use products to heavy machinery, and a simple search option to product recognition and SEO is no exception.

The picture below shows Tesla’s use of AI in the auto industry, which is no less than a revolutionary approach.

Tesla's use of AI

SEO is based on data: the data of keywords, data on the product being searched, data on the period of search, data on how much people can spend in a particular region and many more. So, data is more powerful than any other parameter in search engine optimization (SEO).

Al and machine use the old data and predict the new trends. In the present era, you can not escape from AI;  whether you are a laborer or a tech CEO, everyone uses AI in one way or another.

The dynamics of SEO are already in the evolving stage, and the inception of AI will change the whole game in the near future. The SEO strategies are based on trends, user behavior and potential customers’ inclinations. Al has the power to collect this data, analyze it and predict future trends. As a matter of fact, AI has already paved its way into the SEO, and a handful of tools are available in the SEO industry that are based on AI.

In this article, we will discuss the different features of SEO, which AI can largely impact.

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Search Options

Search Options

In an advanced country like the USA, you enter the home and ask Google Assist to switch on lights and AC, and they are switched on while you are sipping coffee. So, these voice command recognition systems have changed the dynamics of the whole search facility of top search engines.

People find using voice commands easier than writing a sentence in the search bar. Since the birth of Siri and Cortana, your visual assistants, the whole industry has been directed towards voice commands.

More recently, Google’s RankBrain has been introduced based on machine learning and AI. This feature has enabled Google to better understand the user’s input and show more relevant results.

Search bars show more relevant results now than five years ago. Thanks to AI and machine learning, which have incorporated the users’ experience and inputs to modify the search engines to show more relevant and reliable results.

Visual Contents

Have you ever tried Google’s Lens, pointing the camera towards an object, taking a picture and asking for the results? If the picture is good enough to be recognizable, Google will let you know its details, relevant information and similar products.

 So, if you are running an online store, get high-quality pictures, index them, and they will appear in the search results. This is a must-go feature in digital stores now.

The picture below shows the results of Google’s search using Lens, taking a picture of a computer mouse. The Lens has shown the relevant results. So, indexing your picture to include it in the search is necessary.

Visual Contents

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Content Generation

ChatGPT is famous among the newbies for content generation, and rightly so. This powerful tool can help you to write content on almost every topic with ample information. This has changed the dynamics of the whole content writing field.

 Students use this to write research proposals, and experienced writers use it for the latest information. It can help you in writing codes in every language. These AI-powered tools have taken over many jobs in content generation.

It is also recommended to proofread the content thoroughly before publishing it, as it has been observed that it often cites unrelated references and information.

The picture below shows the result of ChatGPT when I asked him to write 100 words on on-page SEO. It is a beautifully crafted paragraph with no grammatical mistakes.

Result of ChatGPT

Like ChatGPT, there are many other AI-based content generators like Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing chat, Jasper. ai, Claud and many more. Below is the output of Google’s Brad from the same search. The content from such platforms is genuine and well-written. This has revolutionized the whole content generation field, as an article is available in no time and with literally no effort at all.

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Output of Google's Brad

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

One of the hardest jobs in SEO is to optimize the on-page SEO with internal and external relevant links, proper heading, meta tags, no follow-and-follow links and many others.

AI-based tools and algorithms are the best way to analyze the page and suggest changes. AI can play a big role in creating relevant content with proper keyword stuffing and hyperlinking. It can also help to make the page more mobile and user-friendly and improve the user experience.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

AI is equally important in the off-page SEO. It can help you to analyze your competitors’ strategies and targets. It can give the knowledge of the nature of backlinks and targeted websites. It can also suggest potential sites for link building.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is an essential part of every search engine and website search. With the induction of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google’s assistant, 50% of the visitors use voice commands for the search.

So, AI-powered tools can understand the national language in different accents and tune and give them relevant information. It works both ways: users are more at ease in search, as they do not have to learn a foreign language, and the search engine also provides more relevant targeted results.

This has already revolutionized the search option, and more relevant information is being provided based on the relevant keywords and in less time than the conventional search.

The Picture is from Google. One can see the voice and camera lens options and the search bar.

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Picture from Google

Chat Box

Chatbox is an essential feature of every digital store. These stores used to hire a person to sit on the computer all the time and answer the queries round the clock. The response time is often delayed, and visitors are fed up and leave the store.

The AI has taken over this Chatbox, providing the necessary information in no time. Their algorithms are designed based on user experience and also self-improve with time. So, users’ experience improves, and their retention time and conversion also increases.

No More Black Hat

No More Black Hat

Black hat is a link-building strategy where people use spammy, irrelevant, cheap sites to get paid backlinks. Google does not favor these backlinks; one may get penalized for using them.

Google has to keep on changing its algorithm to catch all such fishy stuff. The inception of AI and machine learning has taken the load off to Google, as these self-learn and improvise to catch all possible ways to create links using Black Hat strategies.

With AI in their algorithm, the web crawlers are much at ease to catch illegitimate activities and penalize them. AI will play a vital role in curbing all such activities.

Improved Ranking

Improved Ranking

AI-based algorithms will help to rank websites on more reliable and legitimate data. As said earlier, AI algorithms are smart enough to catch all links generated by the Black Hat strategies and decount them. 

Once AI is incorporated, tricking the web crawlers would be very hard. So, people searching for shortcuts or using money to earn backlinks will be penalized more easily than ever. This will make sure that hard-earned business gets the top position in the search engine result pages.

Self-Improvement and Learning

One of AI’s biggest advantages is improving its algorithms based on the user’s experience. This self-learning process is helpful for SEO to optimize its strategies with the recent trends.

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Link Building

Links are one of the key parameters in the ranking process and generating them to pass the link juice is a specialized job. More details on these link-building processes can be found in this blog.

SEO agencies have a lot of data on websites ranking of different niches and locations. Gathering this data is a hectic and time-consuming job. Al is beneficial in this regard; information gathering and data generation about the different websites of different niches would be much easier, and link building in the relevant platforms would be much easier.

AI-Based SEO Tools

AI-Based SEO Tools

Before summarizing this blog, let me give you a brief overview of AI-based SEO tools. As mentioned, AI has taken over all fields and SEO is no exception. Plenty of options are available on AI-based SEO tools; I would explain the five here.

Pro Rank Tracker: These tools give you real-time ranking and detailed ranking analysis for improvement.

Scalenut: These tools report a deep insight into your marketing and build and optimize your marketing strategy.

Page Speed Insights: This AI-based software optimizes your SEO to enhance your page speed, an essential aspect of your ranking.

Nitro Pack: This AI-based SEO tool optimizes your loading speed by optimizing images and coding.

Surfer: It outlines your content, discovers the relevant topic for content generation, and optimizes the keyword volume and internal content structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO under threat with AI?

No, definitely not. AI will improve SEO and will help it to devise its strategies more effectively.

Is AI the future in SEO?

Yes, AI is the future. You have already seen auto-driven cars based on AI and content creation using ChatGPT and many more. So, one cannot defy the importance of AI in the modern world.

Can AI enhance on-page and Off-page SEO?

Yes, they can enhance both on and off-page SEO by suggesting the right links, relevant content and keywords.

ChatGPT content can be published.

One can use it for reference, but most publishers consider it plagiarized. But it can be used for self-improvement and reference.

Is Dlinx  a Good SEO agency?

Dlinx has vast experience in SEO and can help you build a reputation in the digital world.

Does Dlinx Outreach have some experience?

Dlinx Outreach is an experienced SEO agency with plenty of digital marketing experience.



AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies.

Sam Altman

The evolution process in the digital world is much faster than any other profession. AI and machine learning have changed and improved the whole dynamics of the business world, and SEO is no exception.

One can greatly benefit from AI by improving its link-building business strategies. Human interaction can also be vastly improved with the AI-based chat box. It would also be hard to trick Google’s algorithm for ranking calculations and search engine result pages.

It is also worth mentioning here that inclusion of AI can add extra pressure on the competitors. Since data analysis would be much easier with AI, the gap between the marketing would be reduced. Hence, one needs to be at its toe for the better business.

In short, AI is full of opportunities, which leads to a handful of possibilities and these possibilities will open new doors for the business and SEO experts. Augmenting SEO and AI for better results and optimization is an expert’s job. Dlinx Outreach is an experienced agency with vast experience in the SEO. Feel free to contact us for further discussion and quotation.

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