How to Write a Perfect Guest Posting Pitch?

How to Write a Perfect Guest Posting Pitch

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Guest bloggers send requests to a website host for writing content on their site. It benefits both the quest and the host. Also, there are many benefits to writing blogs related to the intent of your host. 

Guest post pitch is a way to enhance awareness with your blogs, you get more traffic on the website, and when you create quality content, your writing content has more chance to be ranked on Google. You also built a strong relationship with your audience and the editors; in return, you get backlinks that strengthen search engine authority

This article will explain all possible simple steps to write the best guest post pitch. Follow these steps, write a pitch according to it, and tell us in the comment session about your experience. 

1. Hit the Target Blog

Hit the Target Blog

Finding your blog audience is the first step toward a successful guest post pitch. Always remember this point; only two are the biggest factors that will give you the advantage. One is the audience who will read your blog, and the second is your brand. 

Give your audience your best, provide them with the content they feel motivated, and wait for your posts. You must meet the best content writer criteria for sending a post pitch because publications always seek these gems. 

New bloggers are always motivated and eager to work; most find a chance to write guest posts.  So, mutual benefits lead to you being a successful blogger. 

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2. Research Only Related Blog

Research Only Related Blog

Are you serious about writing blogs for someone else website? Then you should search for blogs that are related to your niche. Your target blog will accept your pitch. So save your time and write and send an appropriate pitch to the target host.

The editor will also be interested only in pitches they find for their benefit. They always get many emails and offers on social media accounts, and people want to write for them. But only those pitches they find beneficial are under their niches and blog type. 

3. Enlist Topic Ideas

Enlist Topic Ideas

You may notice that the website you are interested in writing your blogs may not cover the intent you can provide them. So, don’t stick to that point. Just think about the broad topic and offer to the host you can write. 

Well, it’s upto the host which kind of topic will be the best to write; you just need to offer a maximum of 4 to 6 options of topics. Prioritize enlisting trending topic name ideas with titles; you can also add some visuals. 

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4. Make a Link With Your Target Blog

Make a Link With Your Target Blog

When you send a post pitch to your host, you must act like you know them. You should gather all the possible information through their social media accounts.

The host account lets you know their name, location, city, and hobby. So, while writing an email, you should add these points and address your host with your name. 

Your link with your publishers is very important if you want to get a chance to improve your writing skills

5. Start Writing Guest Post Pitch

Start Writing Guest Post Pitch

Many tips suggest you need a fancy subject line that may be full of long paragraph-type lines. But an expert editor only prefers the simplest subject line.

You can decorate your subject line with the following information:

  • Add relevant and informational lines you are going to write about it.
  • Write the topic or niche you want to write about if the editor chooses you.
  • Give a message and prove your value with this.
  • It’s better to call the editor by name.
  • You can also ask questions if you are confused about anything.

While writing all this, don’t lengthen your subject line. Keep it short and simple, and write it simply. 

After the subject line, write the body of the email. However, the subject line is to grab the attention. When editors find your subject line relevant, they prefer to read the whole email. So that is the reason to make the whole email according to the host’s expectations. 

It is not difficult to write the best post pitch; just add the following points and dont miss any of them:

  • Start from your introduction; also mention what you are working for.
  • Write the reason for writing the email only to that host.
  • Also, enlist the topic you want to suggest.
  • Provide a sample of your previous work. Prove your expertise.
  • Best to link your website as well as social media accounts.
  • And, then end with GOODBYE… 

All these points will complete your pitch post and are enough to prove your capabilities. 

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6. Remove Grammar Mistakes

Remove Grammar Mistakes

Enhance the quality of your pitch by removing all the spelling and grammar mistakes. That is why it is suggested that I write it once and edit it twice. 

You must edit or rewrite it if you find your pitch post incomplete. And you also need to do this because it’s the only way to present your writing skills. 

Editors will know that you are the only one who can write content, and when he finds spelling or grammar mistakes, they can reject your email. 

Sometimes the subject line can save you if you have created the best impression on the editor. 

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7. Submit Your Post Pitch To the Host

Submit Your Post Pitch To the Host

When you have completed your email, send it to the host for approval.  Make sure before sending you have formatted it. A clear format makes your email attractive and readable. 

Don’t forget to thank the host, who will read your pitch. After sending your email, don’t expect a reply within a day or two. It might take time to read by the host. Your host may like open emails at the weekend or month’s end.  

Tips To Make Guest Post Pitch More Effective

Tips To Make Guest Post Pitch More Effective

While writing a guest posting pitch, don’t forget to follow these tips:

  • Make sure that your topic is the best fit for the blogs. 
  • Always choose a topic name, including keywords, with the help of Ahrefs, Moz Explorer, or Keyword Planner
  • You should attach a piece of content as a sample in your pitch.
  • Only send your pitch to that blog whose blogs are related to yours. Sending pitches to irrelevant blogs will create no effect.
  • Add visuals to gain the attention of the editor. It makes your content more appealing. 
  • Try to personalize your content as much as possible. 
  • The short pitch is always sweet to read don’t input unwanted stuff.

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Final Words:

Writing a guest posting pitch can be beneficial for you and your host. Always send your email to your target blog, and when your offer is approved, you can write content for them and drag more traffic to your website. If you are looking for engaging blog writing services or ghostwriting services, you should consider Dlinx Outreach. We are a team of experienced digital marketers and content writers who help hundreds of businesses increase their organic traffic.

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