50 Cheapest Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website

Cheapest Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website

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The digital world is not as simple as one might think. People believe that as soon as they create a website, it will suddenly start hitting traffic out of the blue and they will be famous overnight. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Driving traffic to your website needs time and some hard-learned skills. Once you have created your website, you must make sure that Google spiders have crawled your website and indexed it.

Once it is indexed it will start appearing in the search engine result pages. But the story does not end here. You need to appear at least in the top three spots to get high traffic. Getting to the top is not a piece of cake. It requires enormous, laborious, directed, focused, and well-thought-out efforts that must also be in accordance with the search engine guidelines.

This article will let you know how small considerations can help you to drive traffic to your website. The following are the fifty cheapest ways to drive traffic to a website.

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1. Content


There is no doubt about it that content is the king of SEO. You need to provide your visitor, with something mesmerizing and awesome to read. If your content is not well-written, focused, genuine, to the point, updated, and relevant, then it will never attract traffic.

So, create content that immediately captures the attention of the reader and makes it read more.  Awesome content is genuine, related, keyword-oriented, fluent, and SEO-optimized.

2. Earn Backlinks

The quality and quantity of backlinks show the credibility of your website. These backlinks pass link juice, which could earn you a good ranking and traffic. So, earn backlinks from the well-reputed high DA sites of your niche. This will make your website more credible.

Earning backlinks is a time-consuming process, So, people often opt for purchasing backlinks. Although this is a black hat strategy, which is illegal. But there exists a grey area, where you can purchase them. As long as your backlinks look natural and organic, you are good to go. 

3. Social Media Leads

Social media is a household item and is an integral part of the SEO. Every smartphone holder has one or more social media accounts and spends hours reading posts and watching reels and shorts. So, it is necessary to be active on social media to lead traffic to your website.

Social media publicity does not require enormous efforts. All you have to do is create pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media and make them active. Keep posting your deals, new offers, reviews, and testimonies to attract people and earn traffic.

It is also pertinent to mention that try to find the famous social media of your niche and focus more on that to earn traffic.

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to earn backlinks and traffic to your website. All you have to do is to create content that is capitative and relevant and must have a link back to your website.

Then approach the webmaster of your intended website and ask him to post. This might take some time but if your blog is good and as per their standard then eventually you will succeed. This is a win-win situation for both. The website gets the content, and you get a backlink and traffic

5. Optimized Keywords

Optimized Keywords

When Google crawls your website, it scans your content and indexes it based on the keywords. Find the relevant keywords of your niche using SEO tools and use them in your content for relevant indexing and better positioning in the SERPs. A well keyword-oriented content will give you proper indexing and high traffic.

6. E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is very effective in earning traffic. All you have to do is to create data of email addresses of your past, current, and potential customers and keep sending emails of updates, deals, discount offers, and newsletters.

Be polite, relevant, and to the point in your email outreach. Use catchy graphics rather than long paragraphs to attract. This will give a handsome amount of traffic with minimal effort.

7. Internal Links

Internal links help your visitors to read more relevant content on your website. So, it keeps your visitor engaged and reduces the bounce rate, which in turn increases your ranking and a higher ranking earns you more traffic.

8. Use Catchy Design

The first thing that strikes your mind on a website is its color scheme. Moreover use proper fonts, headings, and subheadings for quick understanding. An attractive design will pull high traffic and ranking.

9. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation enhances user experience, and a good user experience gives you a high ranking. Make sure your website layout is properly placed for easy navigation. Use sidebars and back and forward buttons for convenience.

10. Keep your Website Updated

Keep your Website Updated

Old and obsolete content will not attract traffic. An updated content is necessary to attract traffic. People are always on the lookout for informative content, provide them, and earn traffic.  So keep updating and removing old content to enhance traffic.

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11. Keep Changing

Monotonous is injurious to a business, that is the reason big stores keep changing their rack positioning and brands always launch new marketing campaigns at the start of every new season.  So, the website should also be refreshed from time to time to give it a new look. That’s way you keep your visitors engaged and interested in your content.

12. Create Sitemap

Sitemap is the way to tell Google bots about the content of your website. It helps the bots to index fast and fast indexing helps you to appear higher in the SERPs and give you traffic as well.

13. Use a Fast Hosting

Hosting service affects your website’s vitals like loading time. A fast, near, and unshared hosting server will reduce the loading time and the bounce-back rate, thus increasing the traffic to your website.

14. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to share pictures of your brand to earn publicity and backlinks. Load high-quality pictures to get indexed and earn some traffic.

15. Reddit and Quora

Reddit and Quora

Online forums like Reddit and Quora are great platforms for discussion. Involve is the relevant discussion page and do not forget to put your link in it.

16. Ask for Reviews

Reviews and testimonies increase your authenticity and credibility, and the credibility earns you more traffic. Ask your customers, especially regular ones to make a short review and post it on their social media pages and also send it to you as well.

It is also good practice to use the star rating and review right underneath your product. It will help the new customers to make a purchase decision.

17. Engage Affiliates

Try to engage affiliates to earn traffic. Offer them a good amount of share in every purchase they induce through their marketing. It is a well-proven tactic to earn traffic and business in the digital world.

18. Fast Loading Speed

All of us close a page that is taking time to load. So, slow loading is detrimental to your traffic. Factors, like images, videos, color schemes, etc., can increase your loading time. Google reduces your ranking if your website is slow. Optimize your website’s parameters so that it should not take more than 2 seconds to load.

19. User Experience

Google looks for the bounce rate and resident time to judge the user experience on a platform. A good user experience will enhance your ranking and increase your ranking.

20. Meta Description

Meta Description

Add a meta description like a summary of your website page that appears in the SERPs under your website name. Moreover, headings, subheadings and images must also be properly coded for better indexing.

21. E-brochures and Pamphlets

E-brochures and pamphlets are also easy ways to grab the attention of your potential customers. Make a catchy brochure will the active link to your website to earn traffic.

22. Launch an E-Book

Launching a free informative E-book is a good way to earn a handful of traffic. Make sure it is easily and freely downloadable from your website and do not forget to put a link back to your website for further information. This increases your traffic and earns you a high ranking as well.

23. Newspaper Ads

Newspapers are a good source of advertisement and earn traffic. With the digital launching of newspapers, it has become even more important to get ads in newspapers. One can also use the classified page of the newspaper to earn more traffic.

24. Television Ads

Just like newspapers, television ads are still a good source of marketing and publicity. Make a short, meaningful, and attractive ad and run it in prime time to earn a good amount of traffic.

25. Images and Videos

Images and Videos

Images and videos convey the meaning rapidly, as compared to long paragraphs. Try to get your images and videos indexed to appear in the search of images and videos. This will help you to get more visibility and traffic.

26. Online Directories

Online directories and listings are good sources to earn traffic, as people often consult them for different reasons. It can induce genuine and convertible traffic.

27. Influencers’ Outreach

People follow their famous personalities, bloggers, and influencers. Outreach them can help you to drive their followers to your followers. Ask these famous personalities to review your products and record a video. Also, engage these personalities in different functions to promote your product.

28. Blogging

Create a blog for information related to your niche on your website. People will visit your platform not only for the purchase but also for the information. You may start a series of blogs to keep engaging your customers. Try to live your blog at the fixed time of the week or the day so that people do not have to wait.

29. SMS Marketing

Since we are living in the world of smartphones, SMS is also a good source to generate traffic. Do not send long text messages, rather be precise and short, and do not forget to add a live link to your website.

30. WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messages apps in the world. It is quite common now to create groups and communities of friends, families, and like-minded people for quick sharing of information. You can also create these groups for the quick sharing of information and generating traffic.

31. YouTube Channel

YouTube is the most famous video social media platform. The big plus is it is owned by the mighty Google, so it can easily be indexed to appear in the SERPs in videos. Create a channel on YouTube. Keep posting videos related to your product. Keep them short and informative. You may also create YouTube shorts for quick sharing and generating traffic.

32. Appear in Podcasts

People are more interested in the podcasts rather than appearing on the television. So try to reach famous podcasts and advertise your brand. This way you can reach the audience of those podcasts, which could be hard to reach otherwise. So, you can generate a handsome amount of traffic.

33. Offer Attractive Deals and Discounts

Try to offer attractive deals and discounts to attract people. Psychologically, people are more prone to buy an item if you offer some discount. Offer discount deals and make sure you publicize them enough to attract people.  

34. Local Business Profile

Create a Google local businesses profile to appear on the listing in the SERPs, whenever someone searches a keyword related to your niche near your location. Add catchy pictures of milestones, working hours, and contact information for better user experience.

35. Ask For Referrals

Ask For Referrals

Ask for referrals from other businesses in your locality and in return you can refer them. For example, if you are running a grocery store, then you can put your brochure at the local barber shop. So people can read them while waiting for a haircut and you can offer the same in return. So, this is a win-win situation for both sides.

36. Comment on Famous Pages/Blogs

Comment on famous pages and blogs with the link to your website to generate traffic. Since such pages have massive and diversified traffic, so it is a cheap way to divert them to your page.

37. Friends and Family

Ask your friends and family to publicize your website. People often overlook this aspect of publicity, but it is very effective. Ask them to share your platform in their WhatsApp group and their other social media pages.

38.  Ads

Although ads can be costly, you still one should spend some pennies on them to earn traffic. Run ads on Google like pay-per-click, social media, and on television. These ads can be customized to enhance their effectiveness.

39. Optimize your URL

Choosing a short, catchy, and relevant URL makes it easily memorable and shareable. So, things that can be easily shared and remembered can generate traffic and business.

40. Join Local Chamber of Commerce

Join Local Chamber of Commerce

Joining a local business community is a good way to increase your brand awareness. Attend their function and try to build relationships with other businesses to get famous and generate traffic.

41. Attend Social Gathering

Offline efforts are also equally important to generate traffic. Attend social gatherings to promote your brand. Distribute your brochures and newsletter for publicity in such gatherings. This is a good way to enhance networking and brand awareness.

42. Sponsor Sharity Event

To create an emotional attachment with your brand, sponsoring a charity event is very effective. Charity will increase your brand awareness and will generate traffic.

43. Sponsor Local Function

Do not overlook your local community to generate traffic. Sponsoring a local football match, a parent-teacher meeting of the local college, or a local marathon is a good way to generate traffic and build an emotional attachment.

44. Webinar and Seminar

Webinars and seminars are also good ways to spread awareness about your brand. These are more effective in the B2B type of businesses.

45. Live Q&A Sessions

Live Q&A Sessions

Try to address the questions of your customers in a live session. Also, respond immediately to their grievances to retain them for the long term. These sessions increase your retention and brand awareness.

46. Billboards

Billboards on famous roads and places can be used for the advertisement. Now there are also digital boards at the famous Chowks. So try to capitalize on them by running ads to attract people to your platform.

47. Use SEO Tools

It is impossible to manage data manually in the current digital world for analysis. So, you are required to use SEO tools to audit and analyze your traffic.

These SEO tools can help you to find the keywords related to your niche. It can also look for your backlinks and their effectiveness. It can also warn you of spammy links to avoid penalization.  So, using SEO tools is not a luxury, but rather a requirement.

48. Competitors’ Analysis

One also needs to see the strategies of its competitors to find opportunities to divert some traffic. You need to be one step ahead of your competitors if you want to earn some traffic. Keep analyzing and be ready to change with the trends of markets and competitor’s strategies.

49. Keep Analyzing

It is necessary to analyze your strategies and audit to devise and anchor your policies and strategies. Your analysis will help you to find whether your strategies pulling some traffic or not. SEO tools can be greatly beneficial in this analysis.

50. Hire SEO Specialist

Hire SEO Specialist

If you want to appear higher on the SERPs, you need to optimize your website as per SEO guidelines. SEO optimization is not a simple task, it requires expertise in backlinks generation, content optimization, keyword optimization, and many others. So, it is recommended to hire an SEO expert or outsource it to an SEO agency to help you gain traffic.


Generating traffic is a difficult task, but the right strategy and some well-directed efforts can earn you a good amount of traffic. Following is the summary of the above-mentioned ways to generate traffic easily and cheaply.

  • Generate content that must be mesmerizing, relevant, keyword-oriented, and SEO-optimized.
  • Earn backlinks from authoritative websites to earn some credibility.
  • Run ads on social media, television, and print media.
  • Use SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing to tap your potential customers to visit your platform.
  • Create a series of blogs and also guest posts on other websites.
  • Create both hard and soft forms of brochures and newsletters for publicity.
  • Try to build your network by joining charity events, local functions and the chamber of commerce. It is also good to sponsor local events for publicity.
  • Optimize your on-page SEO and off-page SEO to appear higher on SERPs and earn more traffic.
  • Use the SEO tool to analyze your strategy and audit your website to anchor your SEO strategy.

If you want to earn quick traffic, you need to hire an SEO agency, that must have expertise in every trade of SEO.

Dlinx Outreach is a team of experts that can help you gain organic and convertible traffic. Our customized strategies and well-directed efforts can help you gain visibility, rank higher in SERPs, and gain traffic. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the top three ways to get traffic to your website?

Creating awesome content, earning backlinks, and utilizing social media are the three top ways to earn organic traffic.

Google ads or social media ads; which one is more important?

Both Google and social media ads are important in earning traffic, but social media have a large audience to attract.

What are the most important offline strategies to gain traffic?

Joining the chamber of commerce, attending social events, and sponsoring charity functions and local events are good ways to earn traffic.

How important is SEO for generating traffic?

Without SEO optimization, a website cannot rank higher, and low ranking means low traffic. So, optimize your platform to earn traffic.

Can Dlinx outreach help you to gain traffic?

Dlinx Outreach is an SEO agency, that anchors your strategies to get higher in the Google ranking and gain traffic.

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