How To Increase Website Traffic from Zero?

How To Increase Website Traffic from Zero

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After creating a website, the first thing that people look is to gain traffic. Traffic does not come overnight, rather it requires consistent efforts on various avenues.

Traffic is directly related to your ranking in the SERPs. If you have a higher ranking, you will get higher traffic. So, efforts are diverted to get to the top of the search results, as 90% of the traffic goes to the top-ranked page.

Following are some of the parameters that must be optimized to attract traffic.  

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1. Create Great Content

Create Great Content

Content is the first thing that people will read and if you can create great content then it will be a bonus and will give you a high ranking.

Create content that is relevant to your niche so that Google can crawl and index it in the proper repository. Create mesmerizing, plagiarism-free and well-written content.

You can use AI-generated content, but it would not rank higher, so create it yourself with a focus on personal experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, as these four attributes are highly required by the search engines in the content.

Moreover, keep updating your content at regular intervals so that people keep on coming back to your website.

2. Earn/Purchase Backlinks

Backlinks pass the authority to the referred domains. So, more links mean the more authoritative a website is and vice versa.

More backlinks will earn a high ranking and a greater amount of traffic. Creating backlinks is the most difficult task in SEO as it requires enormous efforts to earn them.

One can also buy backlinks, which is illegal and Google will penalize the website once found. There is a grey area in which you can purchase these links. As long as your links are relevant and coming from the relevant domains, it is very hard to get caught. This article can help you in purchasing links.

Moreover, build a network of internal links, where that look natural and organic to keep visitors engaged and enhance the user experience.

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3. Target Referring Domains

It is not only the number of links that matters but the relevancy and authority of referring domains are more important. A relevant high domain authority website will pass more link juice than a low DA site.

So focus on relevant sites and try to earn backlinks. If you are buying links so be mindful that they should come from relevant domains. So, backlinks from high DA-relevant sites will give you a high flux of traffic.

4. Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest posting on different sites allows you to divert traffic from that domain to your domain. You can guest post on different sites of different niches, but the most relevant will give you high and convertible traffic.

Guest posting is also a win-win situation for both, the website will get high-quality content and you can get a handsome amount of traffic. Create high-quality content and then outreach the relevant domains for publishing and gaining traffic.

5. Target Keywords

Google Bots crawls the content to find the relevant keywords and then indexes it based on those keywords. So, you should use the keywords of your niche in your content, failing to do that will land you in the wrong group.

One can easily find the relevant keyword of your field using SEO tools. Find the most relevant keywords and use them in your content. It is also recommended that do not overuse them so that they look stuffed, as it will harm your hard-earned ranking.

6. Long Tail Keywords

Most of the keywords consist of one or two keywords, but some keywords consist of three to five words, which are called long tail keywords. For example, a keyword is “formal shoes” and its relevant long tail keyword can the “Leather formal shoes” or “formal shoes made of leather”

Most of the content optimization is done for the short keywords, ignoring a big chunk of long-tail keywords. So, for new business, it is essential to address the long tail as well to attract traffic.

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7. Use Social Media

Social media influences our life one or the other way and SEO is no exception. Social media has opened many opportunities for new entrants to gain traffic.

It is very easy to get famous and viral on social media to gain traffic. So, create social media pages even before the website to create vibes for the upcoming product.

Keep your pages active, and keep posting your deals, offerings, new launches, sales, and testimonies on these pages. Social media can give you a hefty amount of traffic if you use it wisely and effectively.

8. On and Off Page SEO

On and Off Page SEO

Optimize your content both on and off-page in a way that Google can index it rightly and earn a high ranking as well. So optimize your content with the relevant keywords and internal network of links.

Your website design and theme should be mesmerizing and light, easily navigateable, call to action button must be visible and working. URLs should be optimized, contact information should be working. Meta description and security protocols should also be well-optimized. Moreover, create your brand awareness both online and offline on different forums to attract more traffic.

9. Add Images and Videos

Images and videos and very important in your content. Try to create good HD images and videos and add descriptions in the HTML coding as well so that they also appear in the listing of images and videos as well.

We live in the era of shorts and reels, where publicity is done through videos that are less than a minute. So, while creating videos to attract an audience, be relevant, catchy, and informational.

10. Voice  Search Function

Voice commands are now widely used for search purposes.  So add a voice search plugin to your website so that the voice search function can be used.  This is another way to attract more traffic to your platform.

11. Run Ads

Run Ads

Ads should be part of your plan and budget when you start a business. It is very hard to gain traffic at the launch, as you do not have backlinks at that moment.

So, run ads on Google, social media, print media, and television to gain traffic. You may lower the ads, which can attract a handsome amount of traffic, as it could be heavy on your pocket. Ads give you quick and immediate results if planned wisely.

12. Run a prelaunch campaign

Create hype for your product before the launch through social media, print media, television, billboards, newspapers, etc.

Try to create 3 steps prelaunch campaign by offering, convertible leads, an easy signup procedure, and creating shareable content. This will give a real boost to your traffic even before the launch.

Monzo a banking app is a real-life successful prelaunch campaign that has already got more than 5 million users and a big chunk of them were committed even before the actual launch.

Run a prelaunch campaign

13. Thinks out of the Box

If you want to be successful, you have to think differently and out of the box from your competitors. It is the word of innovative ideas and innovative ideas will only be successful if they are well thought out. A new idea will always make people curious and will lure them to your website.

14. Community Pages

Community pages and forums are another way to gain traffic. Try to post on the relevant pages and websites about your businesses to attract your people.

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15. Advertise on Billboards and Newspapers

In the digital world, the importance of print media has tremendously reduced, but they have not been wiped out from the advertising compaigns.

Since billboards and newspapers are also digitalized so use them for your promotion and gain traffic. Try to publish in the most read newsable and at the most busy highway billboards.

16. Social Gatherings

Social Gatherings

Social gatherings are a good way to advertise and gain traffic. Arrange functions like prelaunch and invite influencers and media celebrities to attract people.

You can also arrange some seminars, webinars, live sessions, and meetups for the promotion of your business. This is well proven way to enhance traffic and get visibility.

It is also good to sponsor community and charity functions to promote your brand. You can also sponsor local events like football matches, annual college functions and parent-teacher meetings. 

17. Activate Family and Friends

Family and friends are emotionally attached to you and your product, so they can be an asset for you to get promotion and traffic.

Ask them to share your platform on their social media walls, WhatsApp groups, stories, and statuses, and also keep motivating the people in their circle to visit your platform.  This could be a very handy and cheap way to get traffic.

18. Email Outreach

Try to collect a large data of Email addresses, to whom you can outreach. Send them newsletters, information, offerings, deals, and other promotions.

Be precise and short, be relevant, and add relevant images to convey the message. Your email should lure people to click on the attached link.

The picture below is from the Willer; a famous tourist bus operator in Japan, promoting their package.

Email Outreach

19. Influencer Outreach

Influencers and celebrities can make and break the opinions of their followers. Try to engage them in your campaigns to use their followers for your businesses.

Ask them to make short review videos and share them on their social media pages with the link. This way you can get a huge amount of traffic, as people give high value to their opinions.

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20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great and workable marketing tactic. In this way, affiliates promote your brand on their pages with a unique link, which keeps track of the traffic from their pages.

Offer affiliates a good share to keep them interested and keen to work with you. Moreover, keep record of their performance for better results.

21. Competitive Analysis

Knowing your competitors each move is vital to capture the market. SEO tools can be handy in the competitive analysis.

This analysis also provides you an opportunity to get backlinks, as if someone gives a backlink to your competitor then it can also give it to you as well if outreached properly.

It also helps you to know their marketing strategies and help you to anchor your marketing policy for better results and gaining traffic.

22. Keep Auditing Your Site

It is necessary to keep auditing your site for better results. Check your website vitals for better optimization. Auditing also helps you to find the broken links that must be replaced.

It also helps you to find the spammy links that are detrimental to your ranking and must be reported. It also gives information on loading time, bounce rate, and other website vitals for improvement.

It also gives the information about the pages that are outperforming. So, you can create more similar content to gain traffic.

23. Add Reviews and Testimonies

Reviews and testimonies are very important to attract people to your platform. This helps people to make and purchase decisions and people give high value to star ratings and good reviews.

Do not simply ignore bad reviews, rather try to address their grudges with a quick replacement. This will keep them interested in the future as well.

24. Mobile First Desing

Keep your website design mobile first so that people have a seamless experience at your website. It is well known now that more than 50% of the traffic on a website is coming from smartphone users.

So, create a mobile-first design so that people do not have to zoom in and out to read text, see images, and watch videos. This will enhance user experience and will give you high ranking and traffic.

25. Local Businesses Profile

If you are running a local business then it is essential to make a local business profile on the Google business. This will give you visibility in the ranking whenever someone searches the relevant keyword near your location.

Add a milestone picture, map, contact information, and business hours so that people have clear information about your business. This is free and you can get a huge boost in your traffic and business with this profile.

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Key Takeaways

Traffic is the real asset for a website, as high traffic gives you high business. All the SEO efforts are dedicated to increasing the traffic to a website. Following are some of the key takeaways from the above article.

  • Create keyword-oriented and SEO-optimized content for quick crawling and indexing.
  • Try to get backlinks from high authority relevant domains.
  • Try to reach your target audience through Emails, community pages, relevant forums and sms.
  • Social media presence should be enhanced for cheap advertising.
  • Use billboards, newspapers and television for promotion.
  • Run ads on Google and social media for quick traffic.
  • Add reviews and testimonials to gain traffic.
  • Make your domain mobile-first for a better user experience.
  • Activate the voice command on your platform and index your pictures and videos.
  • Create a local business profile for better visibility.

Gaining traffic requires some targeted efforts and better optimization of your website. It requires an SEO expert to optimize on and off-page to attract traffic. Dlinx Outreach is an experienced SEO agency that can help you gain traffic through their customized strategies. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important parameters for traffic generation?

Content, backlinks and on and off-page SEO are the most important parameters to gain traffic.

Should we run ads or just focus on the SEO to gain traffic?

A hybrid approach is the best to gain traffic. One should run ads on different media along with the efforts on SEO optimization. If are starting a business then it is better to run ads to get initial momentum in traffic.

How important is outreach to gain traffic?

Outreach through Email, SMS and influencers is a good way to gain organic traffic.

How important is site auditing to gain traffic?

Auditing helps you to analyze your SEO strategies for better results. It will also tell you the spam score to find the spammy links.

Can Dlinx help to gain traffic?

Dlinx is an SEO agency that has plenty of experience in the SEO and it can help you gain traffic.

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